Charles Pugh received nude video of high school senior for $160

Charles PughFormer Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh paid $160 for a nude video of a high school senior and pledged to help the teen get through college if he continued to masturbate in front of a camera, police reports show.

In a text message in early June, Pugh was elated about the video.

“Dude that was THE BEST fucking movie ANYBODY has EVER made for me!!! … You will NEVER be broke lol #EVER.”

Pugh continued: “Dude, your body is fucking AMAZING. I just wanna give u more money to watch you walk around naked lol.”

But Pugh’s brazen behavior caught up with him on June 4 when he received a heart-stopping text from the teen: “Everything between us has to stop my mom knows what is up and is going to report you, dnt text back.”
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Here is a sampling of the texts:

“I wanna see your body. Front and back. So the video has to show everything. lol. #EVERYTHING.”

“Strip down, then set up the cam, then walk around a little bit…Lemme know and I’ll bring your cash when I get the iPod. Please erase these messages bro.”

“Truth is: I’ve had a crush on u all year!! I just couldn’t say or do anything about it until now.”

“Dude, if anyone finds out about this: I’m dead. So please keep this between us.”

“I pay MORE for solos lol. $125 for solos and $150 if u shoot the vid over here…”

“what we talk about is private. Becuz if I can really trust u then I really wanna help u ALOT. (thru college and everything). You’ll always have money in your pocket.”
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After the mother caught on, Pugh texted:

“Tell your mom to call me. We can work something out. This is crazy. I just wanted to help you :-(”

“I’ll do anything bro. This will bring down everything. I’ve work to do and how I want to help this city. PLEASE. I just wanted to help.”

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Pugh vanished less than two weeks later, never returning to his council seat.

Since then, he’s refused to cooperate with police.

Last week, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper announced she would not be filing charges against Pugh because the videos were recorded in Wayne County. Her office was handling the case because the teen claimed Pugh touched him near his genitals while the two were shopping for clothes in Madison Heights. Without physical evidence, Cooper said it would be difficult to prosecute the former council president. buy symbicort generic no prescription

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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