More taxes, fees? Detroiters pay fortune for abysmal services; council mulls another tax hike

It’s not easy being a taxpayer in Detroit.

Property taxes are disproportionately high, yet city services are abysmal. The income tax rate is the highest in the state, but an obscenely high portion of the money is spent paying back debts from years past.

And today, as the city and its suburban communities decide at the ballot box whether to pay more taxes to support the Detroit Institute for Arts, the Detroit City Council will debate asking voters in November if they can muster another tax hike to offset the impact of budget cuts to the police department this year.

“Why the hell would I pay more taxes?” Janet Jefferson, 52, said outside her east side home, where streetlights no longer work, abandoned houses are open to trespass, police patrols are infrequent and a dead tree blocks her street because the city, she said, has done nothing to remove it for a week. “The police don’t come. The grass isn’t mowed. I don’t feel safe in my own home. And you want more of my money? No way.”

Demands by the state to cut tens of millions of dollars from the city’s already shrinking budget has forced Mayor Dave Bing to eliminate hundreds of police and fire jobs.

Council members are divided over asking taxpayers for more money. But they also know that fewer police means more murders and unsolved crimes.

Police Chief Ralph Godbee failed last week to convince the council to support the millage, which would raise about $56 million, because he had yet to submit a written plan that would guarantee that tax dollars are only used to hire new officers.

Council President Pro Tem, a vocal supporter of the DIA tax hike and a former Detroit deputy police chief, said he’s not yet on board with a tax increase for more cops.

“First, Detroiters are currently highly-taxed for city government operations,” Brown said. “Second, city services are not delivered efficiently. We do not maximize the current tax dollars. Let’s focus on restructuring DPD for greater service delivery and protection of citizens. Third, there was no written plan presented last week that outlined how the millage would be used.”

Also looming is a potential plan to charge fees to visit Belle Isle.

For Detroiters, these extra costs don’t add up to new services.


Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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