President Obama doll spotted hanging from noose inside truck of Brighton-based business

Brighton noose

Update: Several hours after this story was posted, the owner fired the employee who was responsible. Click here for the update

A stuffed doll depicting President Obama was spotted hanging from a noose inside a truck for a Brighton-based moving and storage company.

The photo, which began circulating on social media Friday evening, shows a doll of the president in a blue suit hanging from a noose behind the front seats of a truck belonging to Taylor Moving & Storage.

The southeast Michigan company serves Howell, Milford, South Lyon, Farmington and other suburban Detroit communities.

The photo provoked outrage on Twitter and Facebook.

“The saddest thing is people think we have come so far,” read one Facebook post. “You better know without a great education (Whitney Houston said it best) We have Nothing.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Honest Truth

    This article is absolutely ridiculous and should be removed, Taylor Moving is one of the best companies you can find that truly cares about its customers and always always has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of all their customers. Just because one employee was a complete idiot this should not penalize and entire company, for anyone that has never made a mistake or done something they regret I would love to hear from them because we are all only human and this would have never been permitted if known about by the owner of the company. This is a honest good company that would never intend to do anything less than give fair and quality service to all and everyone. Anyone would be an idiot to chose another company over this one. The owner of this company is a great man, honest, and I believe in his most sincerest apologizes expressed here. Remove this garbage photo! The people sharing this are causing this person to receive death threats and more for something they themselves did no do, and the people threatening to kill over this are no better. This article should be removed before someone gets hurt

  • Jaye Turner

    When I saw this I had to get my phone and take the picture and then he spoke to me like it was all good, its sad that we are still dealing with this in 2014!

  • Mr. Starr

    Yes Mellisa Griggs, you are guaranteed the right in this country to express your political and social opinions but on your own time not while representing your employer. You also get the repercussions of such expressions.

  • bizwizkid

    Welcome to Howell and area.

    Wondering how many people saw this and laughed along with the driver?

    • Dust Buster

      i dont get it. i have been to howell and its ok. in fact i visited howell many times and never had any problems and i always got home safe.

      s. utash

  • Sizz

    Typical of White-on.

  • Melissa S. Griggs

    So some poor bastard who probably hasn’t gotten a raise since pre-08, is now unemployed over what’s basicly a first amendment display. I’m questioning WHO is creeping around d raking pictures in the cab of someone else’s truck? I fond a LOT wrong with this story and the doll hanging in the truck is NOT on the list. SMH

    • jr_m

      The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech – it doesn’t guarantee freedom from the consequences of that speech. If you put a hanging effigy of the President in your work vehicle, the Constitution doesn’t give you the right to keep your job; regardless of whether you’ve gotten a raise recently or not.

      • humanbeingtoo


      • Dust Buster

        but he could have drove around for a year with a snyder doll and nothing would have happened. why? because liberals have a lot of anger and hate and they dont tolerate or accept what they dont like. so a hundred liberals would see it and laugh and say thinks like snyder the hitler and other things.

        and also because a conservative wouldnt take a picture of a snyder doll hanging and get all emotional and take pics and DEMAND someone lose their job. i know some of you lefties will be butt hurt over this but it is true

        • donniblaze

          Liberals arent famous for nooses and death dolls and assassinations and the like. or have you been so busy being hateful you havent noticed? what a weak p.o.s. you are to make excuses for this kind of behavior. I detest Snyder to the max but i dont do things to symbolize his death nor do i wish for it.. Voting him out of office is enough for me. thats because im a REAL American.

          • Dust Buster


            Dust Buster

            a day ago

            Liberals arent famous for nooses and death dolls (but they are the national champions of murder and mayhem. every major murder city is run by and occupied by liberals and democrats) and assassinations
            and the like. or have you been so busy being hateful you havent noticed?
            what a weak p.o.s. you are to make excuses for this kind of behavior.( sounds like you are the one thats butt-hurt…. champ. i can assure you i am anything but weak . knowing your type and how they roll, you label someone you dont know as a p.o.s. while lecturing about something you saw, in a picture that someone took that affects you in no real manner accept to fan the flames of your fragile victim mentality…. well played as usual). I
            detest Snyder to the max but i dont do things to symbolize his death
            nor do i wish for it.. Voting him out of office is enough for me. thats
            because im a REAL American.( funny how someone that supports the fiscal, educational and geographical enslavement of millions of poor blacks and whites… by liberal politicians… and you think you are a REAL american……. lol)

      • MargaretEDavis

        You are so correct. While on duty or using a company vehicle you are representing that company and the have the right to fire you IF you do something contrary to their beliefs. This guy probably bragged to his fellow employees that he had that “black” guy in a noose and it got out. No body was sneaking around looking in his truck.

        • donniblaze

          let me help you become a better human being so you can stop living and thinking like an animal while feeling entitled. Always remember this:

          • Honest Truth

            It’s not a noose lets not be dramatic, and if you are someone thats never made a mistake or are perfect and do everything right then go right on ahead blaming a company that is not responsible for one persons actions

          • Dust Buster

            ones mans piece of kite string is a noose if they want it to be…. let them have their emotions. they dont have much else.

          • donniblaze

            emotions? dont you think youre a little too bitch like and living in fear to complain about someone elses emotions?

          • donniblaze

            you couldnt be serious. so which is it?seriously lying or seriously stupid?

          • Dust Buster

            well well look at you big marijuana dude lecturing and giving courses on how to become a better human. usually weed makes people slow and hungry and less aggressive. sometimes drugs have a different affect on certain people. im thinking you are like one of those crazy haired occupy wall street weedhead/anarchists that screams then yells, then cries, then gets all angry and poops on the hood of a police car….all while eating a messy burrito with your bare hands and no silverware.

            you just keep bashing the producers but you wont like the country when its filled with people like yourself. maybe someday you will put on some man pants. until then good luck with whatever it is you do

          • donniblaze

            I dont even smoke weed you asshole and and definitely dont do the drugs you and your pals do while pointing your filthy fingers and “partying”, …..that is what you call your drug use right? “partying” LMAO.

    • Dust Buster

      certain thoughts, ideas and words must be silenced and punished. only then will we have true tolerance and diversity.
      adolph malik von’rainbow
      president and ceo
      world diversity and thought police

      • donniblaze

        its not as easy as pipe dreaming about it. trying to silence some people has always been a shortcut to a permanent dirt nap

  • bebow

    Sick hatred.

  • Patrick Andrzejczyk

    I wish I could say I was surprised.