Another elected Warren official has habit of making offensive, bizarre remarks

Warren Councilman Scott Stevens and Mayor Jim Fouts.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts isn’t the city’s only elected official with a habit of making offensive, bizarre remarks.

City Councilman Scott C. Stevens regularly uses social media to spread fear and wild conspiracy theories about President Obama and Muslims. He’s also criticized black people and civil rights icon John Lewis.

On Oct. 1, he tweeted that FBI Director James Comey should “eat some lead” because of his handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation. On the same day, Stevens also tweeted that a “bullseye” should be placed on Sen. John McCain and that President Obama is a Muslim trying to “exterminate Christians, non Muslims & disperse Muslims through the world. Creating Muslim caliphate.”
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In other tweets, he claimed Islam is spreading throughout Michigan cities and that the Mexican border should have “mine fields covered with crew served weapons & drones.” He also took aim at Black Lives Matter, saying black people don’t care about each other’s lives. On Tuesday, Stevens tweeted that Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon, “sold his soul to the party of the KKK.”

Journalist Chad Selweski first broke the story of Stephens’ social media comments.

When Motor City Muckraker asked Stevens, a Trump supporter, whether he believed his positions were shared by his constituents, he responded, “Yes, they do. Many not all.”
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On Monday, Motor City Muckraker published recordings of Mayor Fouts calling black people “chimps” and women “dried-up cunts.”

Here are some of Stevens’ tweets:

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.