Ex-adviser: Mayor Fouts often used N-word, danced like a monkey

Mayor Jim Fouts, via Facebook

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts often used the N-word and even danced like a monkey in a conference room to imitate black people, according to his former political consultant, Joe DiSano.

“He was liberal in his use of the N-word,” DiSano told Motor City Muckraker on Tuesday.

Political consultant Joe DiSano

DiSano said he became “extremely uncomfortable” when Fouts began dancing like a monkey during a political strategy meeting in 2013 to imitate black people.

“At that point, I said, ‘I can’t work with you anymore,’” said DiSano, an expert in local and state politics.

According to DiSano, Fouts used the N-word to describe Detroiters, saying they would never vote for Mayor Mike Duggan because he is white.

DiSano’s remarks come one day after Motor City Muckraker revealed recordings in which Fouts called black people “chimps” and women “dried-up cunts.”

DiSano said he didn’t come forward initially because he didn’t think anyone would believe him. But he broke his silence after he heard Fouts on Monday compare himself to Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, saying he “will overcome.”

DiSano said Fouts’ behavior became more erratic and egregious with time.

“He has changed over the years,” DiSano said. “I saw none of this at the onset.”

Numerous local, state and federal officials have called for Fouts to resign since we published the audio recordings on Monday, but Fouts continues to deny he was the voice in the recordings, suggesting someone manufactured the audio to sound exactly like him.

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Fouts also has declined numerous offers to be examined by a voice expert to determine the legitimacy of the recordings. He also has refused to submit to a polygraph.

Public officials who represent Warren on the local, state and national level said they have no doubt that the recordings are legitimate.

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Journalist Bankole Thompson, a leading voice on civil rights, said business leaders and the Michigan Democratic Party need to demand that Fouts resign. Otherwise, he said, Fouts may never step down.

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“We need to hear from the Michigan Democratic Party about the alleged diabolical and sick comments of a Democratic mayor regarding blacks and women, as well as the business community which does business in Warren,” said Thompson, a Detroit News columnist and a radio host on 910AM Superstation. “Do these comments reflect the values of the Michigan Democratic Party and businesses invested in Warren? These two need to let Jim Fouts know their position.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.