Fundraiser ends Sunday to take Motor City Muckraker to next level

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Since we launched Motor City Muckraker in May 2012, we have exposed numerous political scandals, dangerous school conditions, neglected neighborhoods, chronically broken fire hydrants, civil rights abuses and the far-reaching impact of chronic poverty.

The mainstream media has ignored most of those issues.

Editor and Publisher Steve Neavling, a former Detroit Free Press reporter, worked up to 80 hours a week – with no compensation – because of his sincere passion to provide meaningful, insightful news that often is ignored or glossed over by the establishment media.

Now we’re asking for your help to raise $25,000 so Motor City Muckraker can become stronger and operate long into the future. We plan to hire freelance reporters and videographers, launch a podcast and provide more in-depth news and investigations.

The fundraiser ends on Sunday, July 10. So far we have raised more than $15,000.

The time for independent watchdog journalism has never been more important. As newspapers and television media continue to shed reporters, many of Detroit’s most critical issues aren’t getting enough attention – unsafe and underfunded schools, lack of jobs, the nation’s highest infant mortality rate, massive water shutoffs, chronic poverty and a widening racial divide.

With no revenue, here’s a sampling of what Motor City Muckraker’s stories have led to:

Motor City Muckraker doesn’t just report on bad news. We also focus on architecture, the arts, revitalization and the unsung heroes of Detroit.

In addition to the fundraiser, we are seeking more revenue through journalism grants and sponsorships. We intend to use the fundraising money to keep Muckraker operating for years to come.

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