Grosse Pointe teens who defaced downtown buildings likely to receive reduced charges

Teens accused of spray-painting downtown buildings.
Teens accused of spray-painting downtown buildings.

Don’t expect prosecutors to throw the book at three Grosse Pointe Woods teenagers who were caught on surveillance spray-painting two downtown Detroit buildings.

During a brief hearing Monday on felony charges of malicious destruction of property, the teens’ attorneys said they are working on a plea agreement with prosecutors.

“We are engaged in meaningful negotiations with the prosecutor in an attempt to resolve this matter,” one of the teen’s lawyers, Samuel Churikian, told the Wayne County Circuit judge, according to the Detroit News.

Isabella Mary Meteer, 18, Mackenzie Lynn Snitgen and Mary Elizabeth Harder, both 17, face up to five years in prison, but they may not spend a day in jail if defense attorneys get their way. According to sources familiar with the case, the teens hope to plead guilty in exchange for community service and no jail time. Their records also could be expunged if they meet conditions of probation.
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Grosse Pointe graffiit girls
The teens’ vandalism

The teens were caught on surveillance painting obscenities, one of their names and “Welcome to Detroit” on two buildings. Billionaire Dan Gibert, who owns dozens of downtown buildings, urged police to arrest the three teens after cops have been ignoring graffiti.

We first featured images of the teens on June 27, leading to numerous positive tips.

The teens were spotted spray-painting “Izzy,” “bitch,” “fuck,” and “Welcome to Detroit” on the alley side of the building. buy amoxil online over the counter

Graffiti has become ubiquitous in Detroit, scrawled on road signs, cars, houses, historic buildings, churches, parking meters and trees. Vandals are even defacing murals painted by children.

Exclusive: Meet some of Detroit’s most destructive graffiti vandals

In May, as police were forming a task force to tackle graffiti, two cops caught a graffiti vandal on Gratiot but let him go.

Now police say they are going to aggressively pursue other graffiti vandals.

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