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Downtown Detroit
Photo by Motor City Muckraker


When we launched Motor City Muckraker three years ago, our mission was to provide independent, objective news that isn’t covered by the local media.

That meant digging beneath the surface and uncovering mismanagement, corruption and abuse. It also meant highlighting Detroit’s forgotten voices and neighborhoods.
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What started out as a small online news site has blossomed into an influential, award-winning organization featuring the work of more than a dozen contributing writers and photographers. The content is free for you, but providing it is costly.

Since we aren’t beholden to advertisers like the corporate media, we are asking for your support so we can continue providing high-quality news that matters.

Support Motor City MuckrakerIn return for your one-time, monthly or annual donation, we will post personalized “support ads” on the site, as shown on the left. You may customize the message on the typewriter and include your name, organization, business or any other name you wish to choose. The message can say anything you want that isn’t offensive or threatening.
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Donations start at $5. For every $5, your ad will appear 500 times on Motor City Muckraker.

Cost Your ad shows up this many times
$5 500
$10 1,000
$15 1,500
$20 2,000
$25 2,500
$50 5,000
$75 7,500
$100 10,000
$150 15,000
$200 20,000
$250 25,000
$300 30,000
$400 40,000
$500 50,000

All transactions are secure and processed through PayPal.

We currently run local ads for metro Detroit businesses that we deem positive. They include the Redford Theatre, Human, a bike shop, photographers, an illustrator and the book Kwame Sutra. For more information on business ads, click here.

All donations will be used to improve Motor City Muckraker and hire freelance journalists.

Click here to donate.

We are forever grateful for your support. buy amitriptyline cheap no prescription

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