GP Park denies intentionally building a street-blocking shed in Detroit


Grosse Pointe Park did nothing wrong when it built a farmer’s market blocking a historic east-west route at the border of Detroit, a councilman said today.

Councilman Grano

Councilman Daniel Grano was responding to our report Tuesday that showed Grosse Pointe Park built a shed on Kercheval on property that belongs to Detroit because of an overlooked anomaly on the border, according to city and U.S. government maps. It’s the sixth road blocking off Detroit traffic along Alter.
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Grano said he “believes” Detroit officials signed off on the city’s border before the farmer’s market was built this summer.

“I believe Detroit surveyed this for us and construction occurred on our side of the border based on their surveying marks,” Grano said. “The city administration is looking into this matter further, and I am sure the city will do whatever is legally called for if it was incorrect in that assessment.”

Mayor Mike Duggan’s administration is withholding comment until the city is done investigating the issue.

Grano said he’s offended that some people believe the farmer’s market was built for racial reasons.

“Grosse Pointe Park, especially the neighborhoods around our new market square, is a very racially mixed community of which many of us are proud,” Grano said. “It is insulting for us to be continually portrayed as racists when we are not.”
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Grosse Pointe Park City Manager Dale Krajniak has not returned calls or e-mails for comment.

A photographer working on a project about Detroit’s boundaries tipped us off about a notch in the city’s border at Kercheval and Alter. City and other government maps, along with tax records, indicate that the border between the two cities juts a block east, encompassing the heart of Grosse Pointe’s project to build a farmer’s market on Kercheval.

Grosse Pointe Park’s charter doesn’t account for the notch in the border. There are similar anomalies near Charlevoix and E. Jefferson to accommodate large buildings.

Here is the border as defined by city and U.S. government maps:

GPP Detroit Border

Six roads are blocked along Alter at the border of Detroit:
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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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