3 Grosse Pointe teens charged with felonies for downtown Detroit graffiti

Graffiti girls

Three Grosse Pointe Woods teenagers who were captured on surveillance spray-painting two downtown Detroit buildings were charged with felonies today in what police say is a new crackdown on graffiti.

Charged with malicious destruction of property were Esabella Mary Meteer, 18; Mackenzie Lynn Snitgen, 17; and Mary Elizabeth Harder, 17. They face up to five years in prison, if convicted.

They are accused of this vandalism.
They are accused of this vandalism.

The teens are expected to be arraigned today in 36th District Court.

We first featured images of the teens on June 27, leading to numerous positive tips.

The women were spotted spray-painting “Izzy,” “bitch,” “fuck,” and “Welcome to Detroit” on the alley side of the building.
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Graffiti has become ubiquitous in Detroit, scrawled on road signs, cars, houses, historic buildings, churches, parking meters and trees.

Exclusive: Meet some of Detroit’s most destructive graffiti vandals

In May, as police were forming a task force to tackle graffiti, two cops caught a graffiti vandal on Gratiot but let him go.
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Now police say they are going to aggressively pursue other graffiti vandals.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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