Expert: Rivalry between rappers requires intervention within own culture

Carl S. TaylorWhat is going on with our young men in the rap game? The latest battle with a rapper in the Doughboyz is attacked?

This incident is being transmitted to the world via social networking. Authorities are building cases on these events. Going public with your accounts will be used later against you in court.

The larger picture is that this fratricide, genocide allows others to use Urbicide against Detroit and other urban cities.Urbicide is the destruction of a city character by outside forces. Who needs external forces when you are killing each other?

Leadership must call upon those respected in this culture. We need to have activists who understand the language, symbols of an outlaw culture. In our research we have aptly called this, “Third City.” A place where violence rules. A place where those in the underground are infused with an underworld rule nearing anarchy.

The warring factions in these misunderstandings are the tip of the iceberg. No amount of fancy public relations. Denial and twisting of crime statistics will never erase the massive number of misunderstood beings in urban America. Detroit has experienced an out-of-control mindset that cannot be halted without honesty. N-words, social theories, illusions, realize you cannot beat it up, cannot lock it up, cannot kill it.
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New game, new understanding. Not converting folks. Need a compromise. No hope does mean something. For some caught in the streets it might be too late? Insanity running amok.

Contain it? Does it seem calmer? Safer? This incident is amongst young rappers; what does it say for everyday citizens? Is it safe in Emerald City? Public safety, perhaps for awhile … this thing is loose, in Philly, Chiraq, down South, Flint, and Detroit is the mecca of this madness. This is much more than simply gangs.

It is a counterculture that has evolved for the past half century.

No it is not most Detroit folks. Yet, what was once a few forgotten folks has been fueled by the consistent punitive social policies that build prisons and cut food stamps. The manifestation of hopeless families, people and children is ugly. Excuses will not stem the tide.

Look for yourselves at the Doughboyz incident online. Is this the revolution expected not to be televized? Well, seems this evolution, revolution is being social networked via streamed video courtesy of the new technology. Again, our youth need to know somewhere the authorities are happy to assemble their evidence against this self-destructive behavior and reporting.

Carl S. Taylor

Carl S. Taylor is a professor of sociology and African-American and African Studies at Michigan State University. He also writes for

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