Old Detroit Neighborhood needs a hand but still has pride

Time has a way of changing perspectives. For instance, my son Mike was telling me that the water in our old pool had came up to his chest, so he didn’t know why I bought a bigger one. I pointed out that he was 4 years old when the water was chest-level. Now that he’s growing, the water only reaches his belly.

Time goes on, people change. Places that you visited as a child don’t seem the same as an adult. I took my little sister through our old Detroit neighborhood the other day, so she could see how far it had fallen. Reminiscing about my bike rides from my home on Andover (8 and John R area) to the bike shop my dad ran on Davison and Dequindre, I told my sister about how beautiful the ride was down Dequindre. I remember the area won a beautification award, each house had a manicured lawn, landscaping, a lamp… and the trees next to the street were painted white, about 6 feet up. I told her I felt bad that she couldn’t see what I saw, due to the demise of the area.

I continued our tour, cutting over 8 Mile to Dequindre and headed south, expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised! That area still has pride… still has love. You can tell the residents really care. It appears that the couple of vacant home are being taken care of by the neighbors, as the yard still looks nice. It was a pleasant change of scenery from my old neighborhood which has all been forgotten. It was night when we drove through, all the lights were on, and the smell of someone’s lilac bush wafted into my car. Kudos to you guys, you remain a bright spot in our city!

Now, can we get someone to help them with their park? The street looks great! But the city park is overgrown and unusable. Let’s get this area its park back!
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Doniece Langdon

Doniece Langdon is a native Detroit, owner of Throttle Gals magazine and volunteers for the Belle Isle Aquarium.