Thanksgiving blaze destroys 4th Heidelberg Project house in 2 months

House of War
The “House of War,” photographed 10 days ago, was destroyed this morning.

An arsonist struck another art-studded house at the world-renowned Heidelberg Project early this morning, destroying the fourth home in less than two months.

The fire shortly before 6 a.m. devoured the “War House,” just two weeks after its neighbor, the “House of Soul,” was destroyed in an intentionally set blaze.

“This fire was MUCH too close to our neighbors,” creator Tyree Guyton wrote on Facebook. “We’re stepping up patrols tonight.”

Fires also gutted the Penny House, and Obstruction of Justice House in the past two months.

The Heidelberg Project was created by Tyree Guyton after he lost three brothers on the streets. He wanted to brighten up the blight and call attention to the poverty and decay that still eat away at Detroit’s neighborhoods.

In the wake of the fires, supporters are holding a fundraiser to help rebuild.


Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Art Diamond

    Just leave them in their shit to wallow. Why try they want nothing better.

    • bebow

      You have no shame about wallowing in your own ignorance, do you?

  • buttkiss

    Clearly, the Heidelberg project is being targeted. The question is who is REALLY behind the attacks? Dan Gilbert? Kevin Orr? Who?

    • bebow

      It’s more likely neighborhood dopescrews angling for some privacy. Guyton said the suspected arsonist is known. He’s also very cagey about the suspect’s identity to avoid stirring the nest. I doubt Gilbert or Orr would get involved in something so stupid, knowing the punk will be tracked right back to the enabling ta-ta he’s still latched onto and start boo-hooing, flailing, pointing fingers, and naming names upon questioning. When Gilbert and Orr want something, they just take it or pay for it. Dopescrews sacrifice a juvenile.