Grosse Pointe Park police required to undergo sensitivity training

Grosse Pointe Park police will soon undergo sensitivity training after an officer captured and circulated humiliating videos of a mentally ill black man singing and dancing.

The cell phone videos were circulated among officers, family and friends.

The unnamed officer who captured the videos has been removed from patrol duty until city officials decide how to discipline him. It’s unclear whether the officers who circulated the videos will face punishment.

The Motor City Muckraker first exposed the videos earlier this month, prompting a protest and calls for the officers’ resignations. Grosse Pointe Park responded quickly and hired media relations expert Greg Bowens, who lives in the Park, to respond to the allegations.

“My friends, my neighbors and residents are all appalled by what has occurred,” Bowens said on Fox 2′s Let It Rip on Thursday. “This is not a true representation of who we are in Grosse Pointe Park. We are working very hard at getting to the bottom of it.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • bebow

    Everyone involved, including those who received the material and failed to report it, should be immediately terminated. When those individuals have lost their source of income and professional prospects as a consequence of bad behavior and then endure a cascading series of additional related losses, they will become sensitized to the suffering of others less fortunate. The experience might prove sufficient to mentally break them, and they could wind up wandering the streets. Karma tends to work along those lines. Let’s see them laugh that off.

    • Dust Buster

      so losing a job as a cop leads to homelessness, substance abuse and mental disorders

      i see what you did there

  • EBounding

    If any other person did this in any other profession, they would be fired on the spot, even if it wasn’t during working hours. This is absurd.

    • Tom Jabron

      Cops protect there own. They think they are above the law and above everyone. Most of these idiots are on the force with just a high school education and a hate for certain people. These guys need to get off there high horse and remember WE the people are paying them! They work for us.

    • EBounding

      To those who downvoted this comment, I would be interested to hear why you think I’m wrong.

    • Dust Buster

      i appreciate your comments and support. saying and doing mean things must always have consequences. however lets cut the gentleman some slack until the facts come out.

      cordially yours

      alex baldwin, new york


    WTF is sensitivity training? “HI I am a G.P. Police Officer and I am very sensitive” lol … Bunch of BULLSHIT

    • Milson

      Its for dumb people.


        You know from experience?