Police assault, bind clerk candidate for 3.5 hours in Detroit

Scotty Boman, a candidate for Detroit clerk, was assaulted by police and left alone in handcuffs and without water in a closet-sized room for more than three hours for trying to take photos of what he considered unethical signs posted by his challenger, incumbent Clerk Janice Winfrey, he said.

The math and physics professor at Wayne County Community College also was trying to hand out campaign literature more than 100 feet from a polling station at his college’s northwestern campus.

Boman, a libertarian who was later treated at a local hospital, said WCCCD officers slammed his head into a wall and handcuffed him “in a torturous position” shortly after 3 p.m.

“I lost control of my right arm,” Boman told me. “They kept me bound, isolated and without water for 3.5 hours, to intimidate me from attending a candidate forum.”

Boman said the officers laughed at him while he was stuck in handcuffs. By the time his camera was returned, incriminating video he took of the police was deleted.  The officers, he said, threatened to arrest him if he brought the camera back to the campus.

By the time Boman reached the candidate forum, it was nearly over.

Boman was treated at a local hospital, where he said he lacked enough control of his right hand to sign medical forms. He also was unable to shake hands after the forum.

His photos showed that Winfrey was using tax dollars to advertise her name on numerous city signs near voting polls.

Campus police declined to talk with me and referred questions to other campus officials, who have not yet returned calls for comment. Winfrey also couldn’t be reached for comment.

Check back for updates.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • SovereignMary

    Does this make you feel secure about living in Detroit? As a former Detroiter I would say – “Heck NO!”

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  • Toka313

    Bwahahahaa.. Umm, Scotty Boman is crazy if he thinks his campaign is that important to Winfrey.

  • P_Ivcec

    Congratulations Detroit, at this rate you will be your own little third world country in no time. Idiots.

  • Angelo S

    Sharon Hill

    Northville, MI
    Jun 8, 2012

    I think City Clerk Janice Winfrey is such a tacky acting woman. Came in contact with her once
    and it was like I was in a ghetto. She was cursing and yelling and neck
    rolling. I hear that she has a daughter that acts the same way. It is a
    shame. I think Fox News should investigate her and her office

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  • Adam Boone

    is he really named scotty boman?

  • Curt Pangracs

    Race-based hate crime, period.

  • Allen

    And they wonder why Detroit is bankrupt?

    • jagragg

      Even “morally bankrupt!”

  • Satan

    Welcome to the new america.

  • George Chase

    This couldn’t possibly be another black on white crime?

  • beerhammer

    Heads should roll… No tolerance for corruption.

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  • Johnny Buck

    Someone needs to put a 50 mile perimeter around Detroit and make it the North American Violent Game Preserve. Send all the violent criminals and assholes there to make it on there own. Sportsmen may get a hunting license, with no limit. However, no quarter will be given either, if you are crazy enough to go there. That would solve most of our societal problems.

  • Lucius Liu

    If you are going to be out and about with a phone, in hopes of documenting some malfeasance, get an app that sends and stores your video offsite. This way, it cannot be deleted by an overamped cop who feels he has the right to destroy your evidence.

  • Marvin Marcelo

    i can go 10 hours without water…

  • dirtydog1776

    Hasn’t recent history taught our society anything? He is white and potentially dangerous to black people, especially young black males, everywhere.

  • Gretz

    Detroit has the government it deserves. Which I why I left, and I’m never coming any where near it.

  • Andrew Spark

    As someone with experience in the area, it sounds like it could be a good section 1983 civil rights case.

  • dhomant

    More Detroit corruption!

  • Gregory Creswell

    Jack booted thugs must be fired, arrested, convicted and imprisoned ASAP.

    • Ravenwolf

      Lovely thought, & absolutely true….but is so NOT gonna happen…Police are ABOVE the law, or haven’t you heard? *sigh* It’s a sorry situation, but we live in a police state controlled by fascist thugs, NOT a free country anymore =((

    • PabloKOh

      …and promptly replaced by other jack booted thugs. Welcome to government and their monopoly on the use of violence. Google: voluntaryism.

  • 13redwitches

    Oh yes, plan to try to recover data!! Among other things… ; )

  • Rex

    I’m pretty sure there is an app that will send video and such out to an external database AS it’s being taken, and I’ve heard of other apps. that will, basically, hid the stuff the police don’t want you to have.

    • No One in Particular

      Bambuser, in the Google Playstore. It’s free.

  • Rob Dies

    And now these assholes are in Detroit. It’s on.

  • Patricia Dowling

    “Campus police declined to talk with me and referred questions to other campus officials, who have not yet returned calls for comment.” At first I thought this was Detroit police, but this statement made me think WCCC police. Whoever did it, I hope Boman has a good lawyer. This is criminal behavior, and exactly what I expect from Winfrey people.

  • Jeff Phillips

    Steve Neavling: Why didn’t you make the connection for your readers that Scott Boman was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the US Senate race last November?

    • KCTed

      Can’t mention the Libertarian Party, people might think there’s a real 3rd choice at polls. 😉

      • Toka313

        Libertarian would be about a 5th choice in Detroit.

  • Dtownal

    Wise up Detroit voters. Winfrey has shown her true colors with her votes against D.Etta Wilcoxson and for Duggan. The courts overturned her on both. It’s time for a change. Winfrey has been exposed.

  • Brenda S.

    What the hell? This needs to be on our local stations! Can we have ANY candidates for any spot, not play dirty?

  • Allen Puckett

    Yes he needs to go to a data recovery business.. formated does not mean deleted it just means the file name is deleted, but the data is still there unless written over.

  • Karin Friedemann

    That happened to Scottie?!!!

  • jon

    The old guard is eventually going to change and non racial and race card pundits will eventually be forced out!!!

  • Gango Banga

    Miss Winfrey up to shenanigans and thug cops need to go away.

  • AceAceBaby

    Okay, wait . . . we are supposed to believe that the Detroit cops are in a conspiracy to prevent this guy from running for the position of CLERK? Not so sure I believe this guy’s version of events.

    • Gango Banga

      It was Wayne State cops. There are a lot of young cops there that like to play tough guy.

      Do you think he made all this up as an excuse to not go to the candidate forum?

      • bdcanuck

        Wayne State is not Wayne County Community College.

      • They are WCCCD cops, and it looks like one woman was the instigator. She was on the look out from the start, and I think the others were just going along to get along. I will be posting her picture on my blog. It’s already on my FB wall.

      • AceAceBaby

        Not saying he made it all up. Saying that trying to claim this was some kind of conspiracy headed by someone who is a candidate for clerk, of all things, sounds a bit paranoid and/or desperate. It’s a pretty extraordinary claim, and it requires some extraordinary proof. What’s FAR more likely is that either (a) Mr. Bowman decided to disobey the lawful order of a police officer, and when they attempted to arrest him he decided to fight them; or (b) the cops were (like many cops I’ve dealt with are) egotistical bullies who didn’t like that he refused to do what they told him to (whether the order was lawful or not) and decided to beat up on him a bit because, well, they could. Either of those scenarios I can believe right away. But claiming this was some kind of a conspiracy kind of stretches credibility . . . and kinda makes Mr. Boman look a little paranoid and self-important.

        • Toka313

          This sounds more plausible. But I won’t make any assumption either way.

          Boman’s campaign doesn’t seem consequential enough to warrant dirty tricks. If anything, his campaign takes away voted from Wilcoxson(sp) not Winfrey.

  • Chris

    Hopefully they just formatted the media card and didn’t over-write any of it. It might actually be recoverable data, and if that’s the case.. I’d love to see what he was able to capture on the camera.

  • O..M…G!! Really? This is shameful behavior! What is wrong with Winfrey’s Office. He needs to sue! Disgusting!

  • grammadiamond

    HTF do they get away with doing sh*t like that??

    • Rex

      In short: By deleting the evidence from the phone, whining about “officer safety” if questioned later, and getting the full backing of fellow officers, their Union and Dept. management. With a little help from the courts in the form of “qualified immunity”.

      • Allen

        “qualified immunity” is a concept that needs to go the hell away. I’d like to see where in the Constitution the government is granted the authority to turn a blind eye to gross negligence in an officers responsibility to know the laws he is attempting to enforce?

        • Ravenwolf

          Ahhh, but our government has been conveniently re-writing the laws to allow themselves all the lee-way they need to do whatever they please…The police are now nothing less than the lapdogs of the government & are becoming more militarized, arrogant & out of control by the day…There is no longer “to protect & serve”, unless it applies to serving their mostly Republican masters!

          • P_Ivcec

            You hit the nail on the head until you said “mostly Republican”. BOTH parties are run by fascists who attend the same county clubs. You must be a typical “fascism is ok as long as it’s done in the name of unions” Democrat. You sir are half of what is wrong with the United States.

          • Bob Pegram

            If you think Detroit is run by Republicans, you are HALLUCINATING!

          • John Rodgers

            Except it’s a conservative candidate being attacked by the liberal (Democrat) establishment. Don’t be so partisan to realize Democrats are in charge of the Senate and the POTUS (2 of the 3 branches). The media has been suppressed and controlled by the liberal establishment. The IRS has been targeting conservative groups and the Bill of Rights are being attacked by the left (ex. Dianne Feinstein and Harry Reid attacking the second amendment) I think you have to reevaluate how many problems have been promoted and strengthened during the Obama and Democrat controlled administration before you make such false claims in your commentary. Oh and you are aware Detroit for 50 years has been a DEMOCRAT controlled failure.

          • Allen

            I was right there with you until you got stupid and said “mostly Republican masters”… If you think either side of the aisle is there to serve We, The People, these days, you’re delusional. What has the Left done to ensure our freedoms and liberties in recent years? You see them doing away with the Patriot Act, the TSA, or any of the other abusive agencies that came about since 9/11? As long as people keep up this party line BS and don’t see that the enemy is on BOTH sides of the aisle, we’re going to fight amongst ourselves and never remove these bastards from power, which is exactly what they want.

        • jagragg

          “Qualified Immunity” is NOT an absolute, In many 42 USC 1983 cases, that is the FIRST motion filed by “the government agency” in question. The duty of PROOF lays on the agency to show that the “qualified immunity” applies in any one case. I personally know a guy, that took down one of the state’s agencies, for $30,000. He lost at the District Court level, but upon appeal, the district court’s decision on “qualified immunity” was REVERSED.

  • Demeeko Ashawn Williams

    what assholes those guards are over there. i go to that campus
    such a shame

  • LameDuck

    please keep on this story

    • only living girl in detroit

      We won’t stop until someone is held accountable. Thanks for the message.

  • Cassandra InDetroit

    WTHeck was THAT all about?