Mayoral candidate: Duggan thinks he’s better than Jesus

Tom BarrowTom Barrow, the perennial mayoral candidate who got Mike Duggan removed from the ballot, is now calling the former prosecutor “creepy” and “desperate” for deciding to launch a write-in campaign.

Those words might also be used to describe Barrow after he fired off a rhetoric-laced press release this afternoon, slamming Duggan’s decision today to relaunch his mayoral campaign.

“With this decision, Duggan thinks he is better than the City Charter, better than the four judges, better than two Michigan courts, better than an entire field of qualified candidates, and better than even the last Messiah 2000 years ago who rose from the dead,” Barrow said.

He added: “It’s creepy when a man tries to force himself on you against your will, and that is what Duggan is doing in his last desperate grasp to satisfy the political bloodlust of his supporters.”

The Michigan Court of Appeals removed the former Detroit Medical Center CEO from the ballot earlier this month, supporting Barrow’s claims that Duggan had not been a registered voter for a year by the time he filed for candidacy. If Duggan waited two more weeks to file, he would have been eligible.

Barrow, who spent 18 months in prison for tax evasion, went on to say Duggan’s campaign was for the “wealthy and arrogant.”

And for good measure, Barrow concluded Duggan is ineligible to participate in mayoral debates or forums “since only candidates appearing on the August 6 ballot are eligible to do so.”

Before Duggan was removed from the ballot, he and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon were the front-runners in early polls. Barrow, who polled very low, hoped to emerge as the next frontrunner in Duggan’s absence.

Fifteen people are running for mayor.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • M

    “wealthy and arrogrant”…I’d like to know where Mr. Barrow has found the wealth to fuel his arrogantly continuing to run for Mayor after losing so many times. We live in free country and he can continue to do that. For the same reason Mike Duggan can return to the city of his birth and run for mayor..

  • marianne

    Mr. Barrow, you stated “it’s creepy to have him force himself on the people” and although I do not support Duggan, I think the people are speaking for him, thus the write in campaign.

  • Tom Barrow

    Yours is an interesting post Steve as is how you slanted it instead of just reporting the fact of the release. I guess I am surprised because it is coming from you who until now, I have until now, viewed as objective but this makes clear that you have selected a side. I am just disappointed.
    Concomitantly, I am disappointed that you un-objectively randomly inserted my tax case in an obvious effort to demean me but make no counter balance mention of the U.S. Tax Court’s findings as every outlet has done where they attempted to be balanced. Lastly, you see no use of the word “Jesus” in our release yet you wrongfully attribute the use of the word to me. I guess I am disappointed Steve……just disappointed.

    • Sgt Batty

      let me see if I am clear here, you, sir have run for mayor multiple times and lost, been convicted of tax fraud, attempted numerous times to over turn said conviction and lost and now again are seeking the mayor’s post in Detroit. DETROIT. Seems the only thing that is consistent about your life is disappointment. I think you would agree, every day one wakes up in Detroit it is an inherent disappointment.

    • Please don’t ever, ever trivialize rape and sexual assault. That’s disgusting.

      Whether you like a write-in campaign or not, it is completely legal. Your comparing a write-in campaign to rape is the lowest, most disgusting common denominator. You should be better than this, Mr. Barrow.

    • Visual Ronin

      Mr Barrow:

      Please enlighten all of us. What are your motives in pursuing Mr. Duggan in this manner? Do you feel the need to tear down someone else who may or may not be a contender for the mayor of Detroit? Do you have a racial motive? What on earth could you do to persuade the people of the city to vote for you? When will you come to the realizations that your antics are actually hurting yourself and those around and not your intended targets?

    • DetroitArtSEEN

      If Duggan represents the wealthy and arrogant, looks like you’ve found your man to vote for Tom!
      the sidelines, your behavior demeans you and chips away at any
      credibility you might have earned. We aren’t interested in one more
      failed power grab Mr Barrow. Please find a comfortable seat in the private sector and be a good citizen.
      if you could clarify the name of “the last Messiah 2000 years ago who
      rose from the dead” I’m sure Steve would post a retraction. It seems to
      me that, although Christianity borrowed much of it’s lore, this
      particular figure you elude to is pretty specific. It’s as plain as the
      fleshy protuberance in the center of my face that I didn’t name…but
      everyone nose.

  • pam good

    What a hater. And talk about arrogant!!

  • Visual Ronin

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Tom Barrow has a snowball’s chance in hell to become the next mayor of Detroit. Everyone knows it and he knows it. Tom Barrow has an ulterior motive that any other news organization is afraid to investigate. If I didn’t know better – and I don’t – I would venture to postulate that Tom Barrow has a racial motive in mind. I also think Steve has an inkling to Tom’s ulterior motive but is waiting until the right time to illustrate it.

  • Tracey

    “Barrow, who spent 18 months in prison for tax evasion….”

    This. And let’s not forget at least a decade fighting in vain to get his convictions overturned. I think that speaks volumes about him, his trustworthiness, and his character. It’s something I’ll keep in mind on election day.