Counter-protesters threaten violence at anti-Kid Rock rally tonight

Little Caesars Arena in Detroit. Photo by Steve Neavling.

Hundreds of protesters are expected to gather outside of the new tax-funded Little Caesars Arena this evening to rally against the kickoff of a six-concert Kid Rock blitz.

And now counter-protesters, including motorcyclists and militia members, are threatening violence and say they will create “a barrier wall” between demonstrators and fans of the Republican rocker. Some of the same people are accused of assaulting peaceful counter-protesters during a Donald Trump rally in Royal Oak in late July. They were part of the Michigan Militia and Bikers Against Radical Islam.

“We are organizing a ride. People are arriving to counter protest,” Londa Gatt, one of the motorcyclists accused of provoking violence in Royal Oak, wrote on Facebook, calling for a “barrier wall.”

She added in a different post: “We have to show the community that we will not stand for this type of behavior.”
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It should be noted that protesters have not threatened violence and said they plan to be peaceful.

Nevertheless, counter-protesters threatened violence on Facebook.

Bob Bennett posted, “Stay out of the road jerks. You wanna block traffic. Get run over. Your choice. Bit risky I think.”

“Don’t come to Detroit we will hurt you bad u n your Antifa bull shit we will kill you,” one Facebook commenter pledged.

Laura Barbour added in a separate post, “Kid Rock fans will kick the shit out of those idiots,” in response to unfounded rumors that Antifa was planning to show up.
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A Facebook post by Jim Bishop declared, “A lotta head banging going to happen tonight. I don’t think they are going to understand we don’t nee their bs until a bunch are seriously injured.”

Robert Steckelberg called for “ambulances and hearses” after someone suggested “meat wagons” should be on hand for protesters.

Another Facebook user asked about civil-rights leader Al Sharpton, “Why hasn’t somebody put a bullet in that little mouthy racist race baiting negro head yet?”

Kid Rock protesters have pledged to hold a peaceful rally against a divisive entertainer who has draped himself in the Confederate flag, ridiculed Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick and declared that all blue states are “Dumbfuckistan.”

Protesters said it’s insulting for the Ilitch family’s Olympia Entertainment to invite Kid Rock to kick off the opening of the new Little Caesars Arena, which will cost Detroit taxpayers more than $710 million by 2051 in a city that desperately needs new schools.
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The protest begins at 5:30 p.m. at Grand Circus Park and will proceed to Little Caesars Arena. The rally is expected to end around 8 p.m.

We will be covering the protest live on Facebook and Twitter.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.