5 disturbing revelations from Gov. Snyder’s e-mails about Flint water crisis

3. Curious gaps in e-mails show lack of communication or an intentional omission. 

Snyder pledged to release all of his e-mails related to the Flint water crisis Wednesday following calls for more transparency.

But there are large, curious gaps in those e-mails. From early June 2015 to mid-September 2015, there are no e-mails, even though two independent tests were published during that time, showing elevated levels of lead and other health hazards.

Of the 274 pages of documents released, only seven e-mails were written by Snyder, and they are brief and provide little insight into his position on the issue.

Michigan is only one of two states that make the governor exempt from the Freedom of Information Act, so there’s no way to confirm he released all of the e-mails.

Some of the e-mails are redacted, including the first one released Wednesday.

Key Snyder aide, Richard Baird.
Key Snyder aide, Richard Baird

Also missing from the e-mails is¬†Richard Baird, a controversial top aide to Snyder who has played a heavy role in the state intervention of Flint and other cities. While he is CC’d in some communications, he apparently wrote no e-mails to the governor about the water crisis in 2014 and 2015.

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