DDOT bus driver injured after striking a garbage truck and billboard

Photo by Michael
Photo by Michael Betzold

A speeding city bus rear-ended a garbage truck on East Jefferson and jumped the curb, plowing into a billboard support pole in a spectacular accident about 1:30 p.m. Friday.

EMS workers took the driver to the hospital. Her condition is unknown but she appeared conscious sitting behind the smashed front window.

The driver of the Rizzo truck said he was eastbound on Jefferson and attempting to turn right on Lillibridge when the bus plowed into him. About four or five passengers were on board the bus. None were seriously injured but one man said he hit his jaw on the seat in front of him.

The accident occurred near the entrance to the Parkway shopping plaza.

Michael Betzold

Michael Betzold is a former Free Press reporter and longtime area freelance journalist. He wrote Queen of Diamonds, a history of Tiger Stadium. He lives on Detroit’s east side.

  • imara hyman

    mmmmmm….I know a lot of bus drivers talk on the phone while driving. Reporting it doesn’t seem to get any results. They must be really desperate for drivers to let folks drive a vehicle filled with people while talking on the phone driving on a main thoroughfare…smh

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Union. The only thing they care about is a job for life, and pension that cannot be taken away.

      My fav was the driver busted on video, driving with a girl on his lap. A grown woman, and the 500 lb union boss saying its no big deal, forget it, leave the guy alone.