‘Day of Rage’ rally planned for Detroit & 35 other cities, but is it a hoax?

A group claiming to be Anonymous has declared a “Day of Rage” Friday in 36 cities, including Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor.

The rallies, announced on a five-minute-plus video, are intended to show solidarity with protesters who have taken to the streets nationwide following another spate of highly publicized shootings of black men by white police.

But some are speculating the rallies are a hoax, pointing out that a similar false rumor circulated in 2014. 

But law enforcement is taking no chance in many of the cities, and the Department of Defense on Tuesday issued a warning to its personnel to stay away from a “Day of Rage” rally outside the White House.

Detroit police were aware of the demonstration and will be monitoring, Sgt. Michael Woody said this morning.  

“We will be monitoring the situation and be on hand for any wrongdoers who decide to cause havoc,” Woody said. “In years past when the organizer have called for this action across the nation in every major city, nobody usually shows hope. We are hopeful that is the case again this year.”

Here is the schedule of events in Michigan:

  • Detroit: 7:00PM (HART PLAZA, One Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan 48226)
  • Lansing: 7:00PM (STATE CAPITOL BUILDING, Capitol Avenue at Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933)
  • Ann Arbor: 7:00PM (THE DIAG, Burns Park, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Tom

    Properly directed rage against the machine is necessary and has always been the source of societal progress.
    The American Revolution was rage against the machine.

  • Angela Steinke-Cwayna

    Meanwhile ISIS is grabbing popcorn.

  • Suburban_Inbreeding

    Its a hoax, people are purposely doing this to set off a civil war. The perpetraters are not American.

  • Chester Marx

    Make it a hoax, say it’s a hoax, and ignore. We need to come together, not mindlessly react to hate.

    • Third World Detroit

      Who would you like to come together with?

      What would that coming together look like?

  • Karen Winston

    I hope this is a hoax! Reform is necessary in all areas of opportunity. The time has come for people to stop pretending that all is fair and equitable for all people. These are frustrating days as the social media exposure of countless violations of Human Rights can not be lied away. However, even with the evidence, the perpetrators continue. We are afraid for our young black sons, and grandsons, and fathers. We are weary with years of patience, slow progress and denial of reality as it relates to inequality.

    • Diamanical Johnson

      Yes reform is necessary, but not the reform you are thinking of. Cultural reform is what you need. The inequality you experience is because of a repulsive culture that the civilized world wants no part of.
      Stop breeding like rats with boys (not men and IDGAF if you object to the use of the term BOY) Stop preaching that becoming educated is ‘acting white’ stop glamorizing thugs. Stop killing each other over Nikes, Air Jordans, being dissed, acting white, snitching, wearing wrong colors, being on wrong block, in wrong hood, with the wrong hoochie etc.
      Pull your fucking pants up, stop sucking your teeth, speak English, not Ebonics. Get over slavery, you don’t know any slaves and you don’t know anybody that knew any slaves or owned any slaves. Just stop it already.
      Dress sharp, look sharp and act sharp and you’ll go far, do the polar opposite because you “gotta keep it real yo” and you’ll only go as far as luck will take you.
      Just fucking stop it already the only thing you are a victim of is yourselves.
      Your biggest fear is 1000 times more likely to come from a black person than a cop, but you teach your kids to hate the cops, then they go and do stupid shit because you’ve brainwashed them with a false narrative devoid of any reason or fact. The irony comes when things go awry and you cop hating motherfuckers can’t dial 911 quick enough then raise hell if the response time isn’t quick enough.
      If you are a failure today in America it is because you choose to be, or you choose to do nothing and are willing to take whatever comes along with that.
      Just stop it already FFS.

      • SEB

        Do you even know the history of inequality in the US? When we build up our communities, racist people like you tear them down. Ever heard of redlining, Jim Crow? In my parents generation racism and anti-black policies were built into the government. Do you know about all the hard working black people who had their land, property and wealth stolen? Do you even know any black people? I mean really know them? First, no one in my family even remotely resembles those stereotypes you learned from TV and accepted as fact. Second, doing all of those things has never stopped any black person from being discriminated against. The failure of America today is people like you. Why do you hate us? Examine your hate and then you will know why blacks cannot move on.

        • WiserWords2

          Excellent comment. You have to understand, however, that racists have to repeat the same lies their ancestors taught them to justify enslaving, oppressing and discriminating against Black people.

      • WiserWords2

        Can you explain to us how a group subjected to either slavery or oppression, segregation and discrimination by whites, for 74% of their history in this country developed a whole new “culture”?

        It has only been 50 years since whites were forced to finally give Black Americans access to the same rights whites like you, have benefited from for generations.

        Cultures don’t develop in a vacuum. So, I have to assume you made your incredibly ignorant comment because you want to pretend over 400 years of whites practicing racism against Black Americans was benign. Generations of racism designed to shut Black Americans out of pursuing the American Dream, had no effect on the white perpetrators or the Black victims.

      • Karen Winston

        You are typically in Denial! Get over it??? Right….YOU and people like you are, and have always been my worst nightmare!!

      • Ryan Herberholz

        It’s your poisonous ignorance that enables racism to survive in this country, I’m not religious but I pray you have no children and never do, so another little piece of the legacy of hate will die with you. You speak of “false narrative devoid of reason or fact” that pretty much sums up your rant, you really should try educating yourself a bit although I fear your a bit too far gone.

      • Karen Winston

        Diamanical Johnson….My biggest fear is pieces of shit like you!! Born full of racist privilege that breeds hate. It’s uneducated white pieces of shit like you that don’t allow for an intelligent conversation about racial inequality.. Tell you what POS, you are drowning in lies taught to you by racist media that resemble you. Reform will be with or without you. HA! Now, get a job and get of food stamps!