Mayor Duggan’s nonprofit fund collects nearly $275,000

Mayor Mike Duggan
Mayor Mike Duggan

This is part of a new series intended to provide more government transparency. 

Mayor Mike Duggan has collected nearly $275,000 for his nonprofit Detroit Progress Fund since February 2014.

Duggan said the fund is intended to help him pay for city-related travel, supplies and other expenses that are not funded by taxpayers.

Although Duggan is not required to disclose the donations, he volunteered to in the spirit of transparency.

Here is a searchable database of all 97 donors.

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Donor Donations in dollars
Blue Cross 10000
Evan Weiner 10000
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters 10000
Alfred R. Glancy 8200
Ignition Media Group 8000
Capitol Realtors 6000
Detroit Regional Chamber 5500
1212 Griswold 5000
Alrae Holding Company 5000
Beacon Hill Properties 5000
Clena Health Care Management 5000
Continental Services 5000
Detroit Medical Center 5000
Document Management Solutions 5000
John and Marlene Bell 5000
John Stroh 5000
Joseph O’Conner 5000
Kalpa Systems 5000
M&J LLC 5000
Maize & Blue PAC 5000
Meijer 5000
Professional Account Management 5000
Quantum Group 5000
Randy Kinder 5000
Soave Enterprises 5000
Somnio Global L3C 5000
Total Outdoor 5000
Atlas Construction 3500
Mohammad Qazi 3200
Conway Mackenzie 3000
Delta Air lines 3000
Detroit Salt Co. 3000
Heart & Vascular Institute 3000
ITC Transmission 3000
JAVMO 3000
Lambert Edwards & Associates 3000
MCM Management Corp 3000
Mechanical Contractors IP fund 3000
Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Assoc 3000
Princeton Enterprises 3000
Schostak Brothers & Co. 3000
Rizzo Services/Joe Munem 2894.85
HAP 2500
Jonah Bruck Bundle 2500
NAIAS 2500
Siemaens 2500
Strategic Staffing Solutions 2500
ADC Inc. 2000
Ann Alfano 2000
Atlas Holding 2000
Dante Becall 2000
Detroit Landholdings 2000
Mack-Alter 2000
Meridian Health Plan of Michigan 2000
Zausmer, Kaufman, August & Caldwell 2000
Detroit Tigers 1890
Dexter Doris 1500
Fritz Enterprises 1500
Huron Valley Steel Corportation 1500
Stansley Industries 1500
Atlas Oil PAC 1000
Chaldean Chamber PAC 1000
CMA of West New York 1000
DAJ Consulting 1000
Denise Knoblock 1000
Erica Ward Gerson 1000
Frank Tore 1000
Ghafari Associates 1000
Heritage Vision Plans 1000
INTB Holdings LTD LLC 1000
John Levy 1000
Lormax Stern Detroit Development 1000
Marsha Bruhn 1000
Means Group 1000
Moroun Nursing Home 1000
Pierce, Monroe & Associates 1000
Preservation Management 1000
Ron Moran 1000
Sheila Cockrel 1000
Terrence Thomas 1000
The OAS Group 1000
Triton Investment Co. 1000
University Health Management 1000
Wayne Doran 1000
White Construction 1000
David Fink 972
Charles Lucas 965
Big Dog Solutions Group 500
Hennessey Engineers 500
Jenkins Construction 500
Strike Group 500
SynBella LLC 500
William Summer 500
Alan Heimkamp 300
Ford Building Corp 300
Patricia Kukula 100

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Trexinmichigan

    So,nothings changed. Snyder does it, Duggan does it. All spin. I never thought my dog would have more integrity then a public servent. But, here we are folks,my dog wins.

  • javierjuanmanuel

    is that even true that the city does not pay for his travel and a per diem?

    Doesnt the city for example send school board, city council, council aids, department leaders, and all sorts of people all over the country on supposed learning expos, to resorts and vacation hot spots like hawaii.

    I have noticed they never go to rapid city iowa, or bismark north dakota, or other mid west rust belt cities in the winter. So weird it has to be to vacation spots for a convention or speech that could be live streamed from the speakers office in baltimore or philly, to hundreds of interested parties around the country.

    Its almost like the city sends hundreds of people ever year on 20k vacations, where they fake “learn stuff”, to save us money.

    Learn it on the internet you azzholes.

  • Donald E. Hodge

    City related travel, Meaning?

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Bullshit conferences.

      • Donald E. Hodge

        Do ya think $ 275.000 will cover it?

        • javierjuanmanuel

          I would rather he submit receipts, this just looks bad, it looks like pay for play. Cut him a check for a couple grand and your calls are answered, your stuff is hot tracked.

          If its legit, the city pays it, its that simple.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Bullshit conferences.