Gov. Snyder already reneges on promise to drink Flint water for a month

Photo by Steve Neavling.
Photo by Steve Neavling.

By Steve Neavling
Motor City Muckraker

On a rare visit to Flint, Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday pledged to drink the city’s tap water for a month to boost confidence that filtered water was safe to drink again.

But the beleaguered governor is already breaking that promise as he prepares to embark on a week-long European trip on Saturday. Snyder won’t be taking the water with him, his office confirmed Friday.

Responding to residents who told Snyder he should drink the water to prove it’s safe, he said he would.

“I’m gonna start drinking it tonight and do that for the next 30 days when I’m at work and at home,” Snyder said Monday.

The governor’s office said Snyder plans to resume drinking the water when he returns from the trade mission.

Snyder said he and his wife have jugs of Flint water at their home.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • maggiemay

    He didn’t renege, he left the country for business. Is he supposed to take a water supply with him? Get real.

  • MaryLF

    “When I’m at work and at home” – so he’s arranged not to be ‘at work and at home”, as much as possible. Nicely played, Mr. Weasel, nicely played.

  • Trexinmichigan

    This guy doesn’t know the truth. In his mind he did drink it foe a month.

  • Dongald Trumpenis

    Can’t expect Snyder to fulfill a promise when he’s got a lot of former nazi death camp sites in Europe to visit and have a few laughs in.

  • Dean Henry

    Let the ef-ing liar leave the country then do not allow him back in.