Billionaire Dan Gilbert calls Motor City Muckraker ‘dirty scum’ over surveillance story

Dan Gilbert, via Facebook.
Dan Gilbert, via Facebook.

Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert was not happy late Sunday night when his teenage daughters asked about Motor City Muckraker story that showed the billionaire’s real estate team was erecting cameras and a transmitter without permission on buildings that don’t belong to him.

Before signing off, Gilbert offered a few more kind words.  

We challenged Gilbert to show an error in the story, but he didn’t respond and instead blocked us on Twitter.

Gilbert also directed his ire at Eric Lacy, a former MLive reporter who often covered entertainment in metro Detroit. Gilbert apparently didn’t think it was very manly of Lacy, who was celebrating his birthdayto tweet about Bruce Jenner, a former gold medalist who revealed that he is transgender. 

Lacy fired back with kindness.


Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Teddy

    Seems as though the chickens are coming home to roost for the sub prime lending leader of his very own downtown fiefdom. He’d rather scream libel and make people look the other way. I thought libel was when something is not true. It is indeed a fact that he is installing cameras on properties he does not own without prior consent. Maybe he needs to look up the word to fully understand it’s meaning. His cheerleaders also want us to look this other way by saying “but he has done too much good”. Good deeds don’t cancel out business owner rights. They would be screaming to high heaven had it been the government doing the same thing. Or the neighborhood good guy installing a camera on the side of their home.

  • banmar

    Now that he’s told his daughters to stay away from MCM, they’ll be on here like hawks, because there’s no one like kids (even older kids) who can smell a rat from a mile off.

  • falseprophet

    Maybe you should not do things that make your teenage daughter question your integrity.

  • Tom

    Qing of Quickenville

  • maggiemay

    Hey, if the shoe fits.

  • bebow

    Steve, anyone standing outside the gates of the Emerald City is “dirty scum.” Nothing could be more clear.

    Take no offense. We’re all considered “dirty scum” by the colonials, who rode up in here a minute ago and attempt to jump claim on our identity without having to do the “Detroit Tough” walk. It’s a little pitiful.

  • Harry Palmer

    Please, show some class, Mr Gilbert, the world doesn’t need another blowhard real estate developer (a la Trump)..

  • Jelly Belly

    He has one daughter, four sons. Perhaps you should do a little fact checking.

  • Publius

    Gilbert always goes on his Twitter and email rants late at night. You do the math.

    • Jack Ramsey

      Are you suggesting Downtown Dan is one toke over the line in the wee hours? Or that he gets some local vodka and shacks up at the Corktown data center with a Quicken co-ed and fires off social media dispatches as the occasions present themselves?

    • Guest

      I can’t stand him, but authentic twitter jabs from a billionaire are actually pretty cool. If he’s drunk or just bumped a few lines when he does it, so be it. Your physician and dentist are likely abusing narcotics and booze, too.

  • GoodNightLeftSide

    Maybe his daughters should ask him about this.

    • Who pulls out a ledger to show someone else? Rookie move, Dan! It’s like here some evidence of my entire illegal enterprise.

    • Seanumich

      You mean show him that he ran a SUCCESSFUL business in college? In fact, the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan BOTH make money off gambling that pays out worse than what Gilbert did when he was in college. I am pretty sure of the kid who called to complain had WON, he wouldnt have made a word. To characterize him as a “victim” is just stupid.
      This is the same as a purchaser of cocaine deciding they got bad cocaine so now they want their money back.

    • NikTheMick

      That was over 30 years ago. God forbid anyone busted by the cops try to aspire to greater things. We’ve had government officials do worse. And manure in a car for not paying a gambling debt? That’s seriously the nicest bookie I ever heard of. Anyone who goes through a bookie knows there are consequences for not paying up. The kids lucky he didn’t get a broken leg. Call that kid what he really is- a rat.

      • GoodNightLeftSide

        Do you swallow or does Dan pull out, NikTheMick?

        • NikTheMick

          You disagree with me so you resort to insults? The fact that you respond that way only proves you don’t have a very convincing argument….or you’re 12. Either way you need to work on your vernacular.

  • Steve Dibert

    Dan Gilbert, a man whose vanity is exceeded only by his own pettiness and who runs Quicken as if it were a rogue Scientology cult.

    • Jeff Keathley

      But he raised $1 billion in junk bonds lol