Detroit officers seize goats, chickens from sobbing homeowner over ‘farm’ ordinance


When David and Sky Brown bought a house for $2,000 on Detroit’s west side in May, they never expected to have problems for having a few goats and chickens.

After all, much more serious issues plague their neighborhood near Brightmoor – arsons, violent crime, chronic abandonment, dead pit bulls dumped along the side of the road.

So when two Animal Control officers knocked on their door to seize their three baby pygmy goats and six chickens, they were astounded and distraught.

Silkies1“She told us she was taking all of our animals,” Sky told me. “I began to cry.”

The city has an ordinance prohibiting “farm” animals that aren’t “securely under restraint” by a trained professional.

The officers refused to let the couple move the animals to a safe place outside of the city, Sky said, so she begrudgingly obeyed orders to place her goats in crates in the back of a city truck as she sobbed.

“They are like our babies,” she told me, telling me their names – Idan, Raichel, and Sarai.

The officers rounded up the chickens with a net.

To the Browns’ surprise, even two Detroit police officers showed up.

goats1Sky said the Animal Control officers refused to say where the goats and chicken were being taken. According to the city’s ordinance, Animal Control is “authorized to sell, transfer, euthanize, or dispose” of unlawful farm animals.

“I’m so worried about them,” Sky said. “They’re probably cold and terrified.”

Animal Control couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

Check back for updates.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Lori Alayne Weber Miller

    How is this not theft? Goats keep down weeds and chickens keep down insects they are entirely beneficial. Who is the moron that wrote this stupid ass law?

  • Solo Magnetico

    Support Farm313 on indiegogo let’s get this fixed

  • Cujome

    Is this the the female Detroit animal control ofc.? My dog has been at Detroit animal control since 06/23/2014 because of the ofc.

  • Marian Pyszko

    another reason why Detroit has no future…..not even the Chinese want to live in Detroit…. has anyone driven through Mexican town lately? Looks more like Delray…. Detroit is like Haiti. Place is falling apart, starving people everywhere but the Haitian port authorities refuse to let food in because of the “required” inspections.. AKA bribes….

  • 1Joshua

    As Detroit is recolonized (remember what happened to the original people) and areas go back to the wilderness. perhaps open hunting of something other than people will be legalized. WSU’s Rich Gibson did some fine writing on the city in Counterpunch, sort of pointing to that future.

  • Fifi

    They have a home in an area no one wants to live in and have some children who are pet kids. yet, the city would rather steel them and let people continue to move out of detroit and leave the city another home. i hope that they are able to get the pet kids back. Not fair to focus on that an dlet so much blight go undone or untouched.

  • Paul Whitworth

    Pathetic. Don’t they have some important issues to deal with, or are they just trying to justify their wages?

  • SKH64

    If she needs a temporary home for them, we have 19 acres in Ortonville. We are no longer protected by the Michigan Right to Farm Act. They want to cities to decide but even our city has no clue how to house these farm animals. Her animals take very little room and would be very happy.

  • Blackwomannucleus

    I agree with most comments regarding lack of protection for our citizens in Detroit. There needs to be balance, while there are things called ordinances and zoning laws that should be common sense for those thinking that they can just set up shop for an urban farm without securing proper permits. As well as serving our residents when crimes are being committed.

  • amy

    …so…here is what we, as concerned citizens can do: I just called Mayor Duggan’s office (313-224-3400) and was transferred to the Office of the Chief Investigator for the city of Detroit. Their direct line is 313-596-2499. I spoke with Senior investigator White regarding my complaint over the city wasting 2 Detroit Police Officer’s time (ESPECIALLY in the Brightmoor district!) to help “police” the Animal Control’s taking of some Detroit citizen’s beloved pets, and mentioned they were chickens and pygmy goats. I spoke with Senior Investigator White, who was extremely polite & helpful in taking my complaint, promising to follow-up and taking my phone number and city of residence. She wanted to know the Brown’s address (which I do not have), but I did mention the incident took place in Brightmoor. Investigator Brown also gave me the number to voice my complaint against Animal Control, that number is 313-224-7128 and I am phoning there next. It is time to stand up & voice complaints properly. EVERYONE, PLEASE MAKE THESE PHONECALLS

    • LovesDaisies

      Good job, Amy!

  • Anonymous50538

    Agenda 21…coming to the rest of America. 🙁

  • javierjuanmanuel

    they should have been able to give them away to someone in the country, further out in the burbs where such animals were legal.

    There is a number of problems here, first being they think because detroit has a bunch of problems, they can do almost what ever they want, so long as it is not murder, car jacking etc. I guess you can do all sorts of petty things if you like it, even if it is already on the books as a violation of ordinances.

    People in detroit need to respect the very basic laws on the books, end of story. Detroit will not get better until there is basic order.

    That includes me as an animal lover, buying a house, and not having a farm pop up in the city with pigs, cows, sheep, and all sorts of stanky critters. Oddly people move from the city, to the country, and will complain about chain saws, atvs, gun shots, smell of animals etc.


  • SamMichigan

    I don’t live in Detroit and never have. In fact, even though it is only a little over an hour away for me, I avoid going anywhere near it if possible. People tell me it’s getting better when I state that Detroit sucks. Then I read articles like this. Yup….. Detroit sucks.

    • Larry Gray

      Were glad you don’t come close because we don’t want you here either, peace!

  • eastsidegiggler

    This is so fucked up and wrong.

  • Sarah Palin

    Who wants cow manure and roosters next door to them? that is why there is zoning laws

    • LovesDaisies

      Why there ARE zoning laws. Not IS zoning laws.

    • Ronald Diebel

      She had cows?

      • javierjuanmanuel

        she does not need cows, stop being obtuse. That is the logical conclusion if there are no zoning laws enforced. Pigmy goats are ok, cool, i can have 6 sheep. My neighbor can have 6 sheep, surely I can have one cow.

        Guy around the corner has one cow, surely I can have three cows.

        Wake up, thats how it works. Whatever people want themselves, they rationalize and emote, that its ok, since they like it.

        • Ronald Diebel

          I’m going to get me a water buffalo and name him Slippery Slope Javier.

  • Theodora Robb

    She lying they always tell them where those animals at.

  • bobfairlane

    The cops probably Halal Slaughtered the animals and ate them for dinner.

  • Lisa Rivera

    I’m so sorry this happened to you guys! We all need to keep fighting hard and stick together to get this ordinance changed!!


    So they couldn’t move them out of the city and they dont know where they animal control officers were taking them? Super Shitty!

  • tmda

    For what it is worth, I wrote my masters thesis on the revitalization of Detroit through the use of urban farming. I state that as a way to show that I have done research on the subject. I also grew up on a traditional (non-urban) farm, raising chickens and rabbits during that time. So I do have some insight.

    It would make sense that farm animals are not permitted within the City of Detroit, as subsection (a) of Section 6-1-3 of the city code states, that Steve has linked to above in his piece. Animals are an entirely different situation than plant farming. There needs to be stricter regulation in this area, due to animal waste issues, animal pathogen concerns, and other incidents that could become widespread within a city at a much more epidemic level than in an rural area.

    You may think that three goats and six chickens should not be concern (and I would concede that the two uniformed police officers were a bit much, unless there is a part of the story that has not come to light as to if they were needed there for some reason), but all it takes is one goat to start a city-wide epidemic of a disease in a population of people/animals that are not prepared to deal with said disease, or have the immune systems used to said disease.

    This does not even get into any possible nuisance issues with the animals, which were likely not present, as far as I can assume, but with goats, that could certainly be an issue as well.

    Regardless of the reasons why animals such as this should not be kept in an urban area, I do hope that there is a peaceful resolution to the issue, and the animals are kept in an area that is easy and convenient for the former owners to visit outside of the city limits.

    • bebow

      The dopeman and his minions are slaughtering people every day. What you say makes sense, but the issue is a question of priorities.

      • DownriverMichiganExposed

        I wonder how many hungry Detroiter’s there are? From the amount of donation request we receive from Gleaners. I would assert a lot.
        I guess our bodies are more adept to eating Round Up (Monsanto) poison verses a free ranging chicken and free range egg with some raw goats milk. Seems like you may have bought into the argument that Monsanto Lobbyist as well as the dairy industry have pushed for years. If you tell a lie enough it has to eventually become truth..
        . They know best..

      • tmda

        I would agree that the presence of the uniformed police officers was not necessary as this story is presented, but this is the job of the animal control officers. Should there just not be any animal control until the other problems are eliminated?

        I would contend, based on my study of municipal government and development, that these actions are just as important as wiping out drug lords. What’s the number one way to get people to take pride in their neighborhoods and cities?

        Clean it up. Provide order. Create a situation where the individuals have pride in where they live.

        While there are many neighborhoods that do this very well in Detroit, the city will not be able to wipe out it’s bigger problems until it’s foundation is stable with the elimination of the smaller ones, such as abandoned houses, trash being dumped in areas, grass as high as one’s waist, and animals not being regulated.

        When you do these little things, the people begin to take pride, or more pride, in where they live, regardless of where we are talking about. They like that it is orderly. They like that it is well-kept. And they want it to stay that way, and will start being active towards keeping it that way.

        Psychological/sociological/whatever logical I’m talking about here (political science guy here) growth is just as important as economic growth for a municipality. By taking the small steps, such as enforcing ordinances on allowable animal ownership, you allow for that to take hold.

        I apologize for being so verbose.

        • bebow

          Obviously, you have never lived anywhere near the dopeman and cannot imagine what is involved. I suppose you believe the dopeman and his minions confine themselves to selling a little weed. When you’re ready to conduct a reality based study, you can rent one of the slumlords’ shacks deep in an “unselected” neighborhood and move in to complete your education.

          • tmda

            In no way was I trying to mitigate the problems you are expressing, and I would agree that for police officers/enforcement, the issues you address should be their focus.

            However, should not the focus of the animal control officers be enforcing the city code on animal-related ordinances? Or should the city just not have an animal control division until the other problems are taken care of? Should enforcement of ordinances with specialized departments to attend to them (animal control, parking, zoning, etc.) be disbanded until some sort of qualifying line is passed?

            This is what I was trying to address by stating why I thought this was an important thing for the city to tackle. The most important issue on the docket? Most likely not. However, if it was an issue that could be dealt with, why should the city not do so?

            I was not trying to supplant the issue of crime with the issue of animal control and maintenance and upkeep of a municipality as the most paramount for the City of Detroit to tackle. If that was the impression my previous post made, I do apologize.

            I was merely trying to state that there are a variety of problems the city faces in its efforts to improve/revitalize, and by addressing what the city can, even if they seem like small issues, may have an effect in other areas as well. I feel this story is an example of that; again, the city did not execute at 100% perfection, as the uniformed officers should not have been there. A learning lesson for the next time, I suppose.

    • Ronald Diebel

      @tmda I am curious what diseases are a risk from goats and chickens. Has there ever a pandemic in an urban setting caused by goats and chickens? Are goats and chickens inherently more dangerous than dogs and cats?

      • Larry Gray

        Ebola. Just kidding… But on a serious note if Detroit averages 300 murders a year ( which is VERY generous) that means over the last 20 years more people have been murdered within Detroit city limits at 6,000 then people have died WORLDWIDE from Ebola in its history at around 5,000…. What’s the real epidemic here?!

        • Ronald Diebel

          What’s your point?

          • Larry Gray

            Clearly my point is showing how there are more pressing issues in our city then a goat disease.

          • Ronald Diebel

            Should we reassign the Animal Control officer to Homicide? I doubt she would be very effective.

          • Larry Gray

            Do we need 2 police officers to assist animal control? I have about 1,000 other things I can think of the top of my head that would be much more useful. Actually, they can assist animal control with removing the pitbulls from the vacant house on the corner of my Elliot which is used as a squatter house, they bark at all hours of the nigjt and have chased my neighbors. For some reason the police will not do anything though?

          • Larry Gray

            Maybe we should reconsider the budget And put the money towards higher priorities than catching chickens in nets?

      • javierjuanmanuel

        chickens are great for passing disease to humans, even better if there is a pig around. The chicken gives it to the pig easy, it transitions to human from the pig even better.

        Yes chickens are inherently more dangerous in terms of disease than cats or dogs.

        • Ronald Diebel

          Avian flu? I don’t think that is very common in America. Salmonella is a risk, but mainly to the urban farmers and not the general public.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            urban farmers farm right by where the general public walks, rides bikes, gets their mail, walks the dog etc. There is no a bubble over the urban farm, it is not isolated in a area miles from other people. Its on the way to kids schools, across the street from an apartment building with 400 people living in it etc.

          • Ronald Diebel

            True, but if done in moderation can urban farming be safe? A few chickens and a couple of goats, does not a pig farm make. I would prefer that the City find a reasonable compromise, instead of being so heavy handed.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            I would probably not object especially if they did not have roosters. Detroiters need to follow the laws on the books, the city needs to be cleaned up from blight.

            We do not need hippies with nasty yards chasing away squares.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            I did not say avian flu, but that is maybe the most recent and best example. Anything birds can transmit to humans, can be aided by a pig.

            For example just pigeons alone carry 60 diseases that humans can catch. By all means look it up, no need for a pig, just for them to shit on you or near you.

      • Susan Wood

        Bird flu.

      • tmda

        The chickens are really more of a culprit for transmission of disease than the goats, as birds are natural carriers of influenza. However, goats were the culprit of the Q fever epidemic in the Netherlands in 2007-2010.

        Generally, less risk of disease transmission comes from dogs and cats due to the domestication of the animals and the growth of the immune system over that long time period.

        I’m not trying to imply that the small amount of livestock present in this article would cause an enzootic/epidemic, but there is an increased risk. We haven’t even started to look at biological waste issues and the contamination of water, either.

        While I would agree that the police officers were a step too far (unless there is an aspect to this story that has not been brought up, but I digress), animal control officers are around for these express purposes.

        I hope I have helped to answer your question.

        • Ronald Diebel

          Thank you. That was informative.

          • tmda

            You are welcome. I am happy to help and share information when I can.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      did your thesis delve into how hard it is to make money even with ten million dollars in equipment and land you inherit.

      I know farmers, its boom and bust, always two years from being ruined.

      Did you get into how crazy it is people think they can making a living tending to some empty fields?

      I would say anything emotional like pets or taking a kid to juvie, you would want to cops, so one cops does not get clocked in the back of the head with a pipe by the enraged owner who thinks his goats are being sent to be slaughtered, kid sent to state home, etc. Same with domestic calls, you want two cops, half the woman that call on their spouse, they will attack the cop, who is cuffing their resisting spouse. They bust a lamp over a cops head, up to stab or shoot a cop for taking away the guy that just slapped the crap out of them.

      People are nuts. Noting wrong with two cops.

      • tmda

        My research was aimed more toward a general idea of that, even at an agricultural-based tax rate, which would be lower than a commercial or residential rate, it would be much better for the city to collect something instead of nothing in relation to tax revenue. Small community farm or larger commercial-aimed endeavors were both seen as favorable. However, it was limited to plant-based farming.

        Also looked at using all of that water and such in the Detroit River as great place to start technology and energy-based businesses in the realm of algae-based biofuels, which are much more efficient than corn-based ethanol. It would be a great boon if this region could not only make the cars of tomorrow, but what they run on as well.

        However, I’m getting off topic. Sorry about that.

  • Susan Wood

    This is the most brilliant law enforcement action in Detroit since the police raided a party at an art opening and impounded the cars of all the attendees for the fact that the gallery did not have a license to serve alcohol after midnight.

    • Ronald Diebel

      I remember that one. You’d have thought they were busting the Purple Gang.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      take the art out, and make it anything else, in particular if it was a money making venture, and maybe make it white christian, suburban businessmen, who were taking business from legal places to buy alcohol and you would be flipping your lid!

      Get the permit, or do not have booze. Geez how hard is that?

      I bet half the people their believe they are experts on everything, they all think they are intellectuals, and no one can fill out a basic city permit request.

      • Susan Wood

        Oh please. I don’t remember the exact technicality about the liquor license, but do you really think that a peaceful party required a paramilitary raid in riot gear? And it was all about the money: the cops saw a great opportunity for “civil forfeiture” of the guests’ cars. If you ever happen to get pulled over while carrying a large amount of cash, you’ll quickly find out how easily it can be confiscated on the grounds that the cop claims he can smell marijuana in your car and that therefore your cash must be drug money, and would you rather just hand it over or go to trial?

        You’re the one who’d better inform yourself.
        Read this if you want to know how a lot of police forces finance themselves these days:

        And while you’re at it, watch this:

        • javierjuanmanuel

          they do it to all sorts of people, the cops and the cop unions are out of control, they no knock raid wrong homes all the time. They shoot sometimes 2-3 dogs per day in peoples yards minding their own business doing nothing. They raid weddings, and guys gambling, and other things that break similar laws, so yes. This is about art to you, and people you identify with, you think you are above the law.

          • Susan Wood

            And you apparently think you can read minds, but you’ve got it dead wrong. I’m very concerned with the militarization of police, the no-knock raids, the apparently pointless murders of unarmed people like Michael Brown, and especially the practice of “civil forfeiture,” which amounts to legalized robbery of citizens by the police. I mentioned the raid on the art opening because it was a particularly ridiculous and egregious example of this phenomenon (people being handcuffed and their cars stolen because someone at the gallery made a clerical error?!?!) but apparently all you care about is excuses to call other people names without troubling to inform yourself what they really said.

      • Michael Smith

        I’ll bet you were the school hall monitor…..:)

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Hardly. I was a B+ student when I tried, many teachers I told basically screw off, I passed two semesters you cannot fail me (know the rules), I had a number of detentions, sent to pricipals a number of times, was in 4-5 fights. Not that it matters i was 14, not 44. Big difference.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          You sound like a kid who thinks bad stuff is fun if you can be bad and talk about it, but when you got your ass kicked, your mom came to school and advocated for you, and tried to get the other kid suspended. Mean while you have an anarchy patch on your backpack. Loser.

  • jadams14575

    I have never heard of a goat or chicken mauling a person. Better get rid of the wicked critters before it is they do.
    Common mayor get your priorities in order. You back stepped on graffit now is the time to do the same for goats and chickens.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      all cops swear to uphold all the laws. If i call or anyone calls to complain about anything on the books, they have to respond.

      So whats your next complaint?

      This sounds emotional and not logical from you, no logic at all.

  • I just want to know how I can help. Is there somebody I could contact to
    inquire about these animals? I work at a petting zoo and I am sure we could take them. This is wrong! This is something that could really hinder detroit’s growth. A lot of people are moving here with dreams of urban farming and self-sufficiency, these animals are harmless and very low maintenance.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      they probably are at the hell hole where they send all the dogs they find on the streets. DAC detroit animal control, by all means go save them, that place is a hell hole.

      • True, it’s the worst. They don’t often release animals to anyone but the owner, though (!!) since they’re in the animal collecting and killing business, not the adoption business. Maybe contact the Humane Society and see if they can get the animals released to them?

  • Tom

    It is amazing that a city that has failed its residents on so many fundamental levels can muster such an aggressive stance on a non-problem. (But don’t we have that great subsidized downtown!! yay) Were there any previously issued warnings? Did neighbors complain?

    This is a city that was called about dogs that would have shred a man alive, had not someone noticed, well after the attack was in progress. Somehow no action could be taken on a resident whose carelessness and disregard was an obvious danger. People had been chased by those same dogs called the city, which in turn was derelict in due diligence. The results a hapless victim who is merely trying to walk down a street.

  • DownriverMichiganExposed

    This is going on more and more since “Michigan Right to Farm” act has been altered by Big Agriculture . This law was changed with in the last year. Michigan Right to Farm act trumped city ordinances. Michigan Big Agriculture. Please take a few minutes to see what Michigan-DNR have done to small farm Mark Baker of Bakers Green Acres. They levied a 700 thousand dollar fine against him over his pigs. He has a Youtube channel as well as a website explaining what the State of Michigan has done to his farm and family the past couple of years. Michigan has a war on small farmers thanks to the lobbyist of Big Agriculture.


      You can thank Snyder and the republicans for that! Add into it the double down on banning Tesla and its all about MORE laws and MORE restrictions in Michigan. VOTE HIM OUT!

      • DownriverMichiganExposed

        I would love to blame this all on the (R). However, the (D) are just as guilty. There is enough blame to go around.

        • JGSRELP

          You know, I really hate that response. It is not true. There was no Bill created by Big Ag signed into law by a dem governor. Mi was not a right to work state, Unemployment benifits were not cut, Detroit wasnt cut off from revenue sharing, unions werent under attack under a Democrat.

          Its wholly untrue that dems are equal to the blame as republicans. This is not only for Mi but at the federal level. Stop with the false equivalencies please.

          • DownriverMichiganExposed

            JGRESLP- You are pretty funny. You still think there is a difference between (R) and (D) they are both bought and paid for by the same lobbyist.
            Regarding Unions- I can only speak about the one I provide funding for the (IAFF) if they(union bosses) were doing their job of actually representing their members and not their own interest, they should have no fear. However, that is not the case. The guys on top only are worried about the guys on top-power and privledge. Fire Fighters are doing more with less staff in very difficult situations. But, the bosses just increased their wages by several thousands of dollars. Is that representing the little guy? NO, it’s looking out for themselves. Why are the cities and the people hurting in Michigan (unemployment benefits) Well, Jenny did not have a clue on how to run a state. People out of work, stop paying taxes, less public services which mean firefighters getting hurt. So, why you are still debating the (R) and (D) please review all of their campaign contributions and you will find they are all bought and paid for by the same people…

          • DownriverMichiganExposed

            Regarding “Its wholly untrue that dems are equal to the blame as republicans. This is not only for Mi but at the federal level. Stop with the false equivalencies please”
            Tell me again about how Kwame (D) did such a great job for the City of Detroit- Or Charles Pugh (D), Monica Conyers (D), Robert Ficano (D) it not about their political affiliation. We are electing people with no moral compass and are only concerned with the lining of their pocketbook and power.

          • JGSRELP


            Here’s one of the people Im talking about. This is the type of hypocritical republicans that we do not have a match for in Michigan dems. You named bad people that were Ds, Im not disputing those people. But to equate the two sides equally is wrong.

            I disagree with you on that still.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        they did not ban tesla. HA. They said they have to have a dealer network like EVERY single other car maker.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      but he is a white rural businessman, not an urban democratic crunchy granola hipster democrat. I have not see Mark Baker in any of the news papers, only on right leaning michigan based websites like hunting and fishing, boating, and 4×4 sites.

      • DownriverMichiganExposed

        I had never heard of Mark Baker of Bakers Green Acres until I watched a cooking video on Youtube and the lady mentioned him… Shame on the media, they choose not to do their job. But, you are right he doesn’t fit into the category you described. His documentary is very informative ” “Hogwash- The Movie” worth the donation. The video on Youtube with the assistant attorney general ” Hal or Howard” after two years and the Bakers finally almost got their day in court. Hals behavior is a direct reflection of what this government think of the citizens they were elected to represent. I say fire them all. .Reboot the system!

  • Visual Ronin

    More than likely, the farm animals will be taken to a special habitat in Manchester that has been designed to take care of seized farm animals, exotic animals and large animals. It is called Sasha Farm.

  • tb556

    They never expected to have problems and I’m sure they never looked at the city’s ordinances.

  • mledetroit

    This is, so far, only the Browns’ version of the story, but it does appear to be a ridiculous misuse of petty authority on the part of the Animal Control officers. They would have done their/our city a favor by either allowing the Browns to remove the animals themselves or by educating the Browns on how to comply with the ordinance and checking back later. Also missing so far — I’ll be looking for updates — is how and why Animal Control showed up in the first place (aren’t they still looking for the 50 wild dogs?). A neighbor must have complained.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      They cannot comply, you cannot have goats legally. But I agree this lady seems genuinely upset, if the letter or a animal control officer said get rid of them or they will be seized and likely destroyed, i believe she would have found a new home for them.

      She should have been given the dignity to not see her animals put down and hand them over to do it.

      The counter to this, is if she REALLY cared she would have looked into this matter at the most basic level. The ordinances are online.

  • Larry Gray

    Nice to see the new city administration tackling all the petty and harmless issues first. Great use of our limited resources.

    • Larry Gray

      Mayor Duggan, there is an abandoned city owned school by my residence that I have called and reported drug dealings, squatters, and even gun shots coming from the inside, yet it sits wide open still 2 years later so that you can send 2 city police officers to assist animal control to remove a harmless couples harmless pets? Disgusting, I’m on the verge of packing up and leaving myself seeing how your priorities are just as backwards as the last 3 administrations, graffiti and goats? Get real…

      • bebow

        The DPD can see goats and chickens, but it can’t see the dopeman and his gaggle of imported prostitutes. The right amount of cash might render those farm animals invisible, too.

        • Larry Gray

          Right, there are NEVER police in BRIGHTMOOR, and the one time they actually come into BRIGHTMOOR, it’s to seize goats!?! OF ALL THE SHIT HAPPENING IN ONE OF TBE WORST NEIGHBORHOODS IN AMERICA, ITS TO SEIZE GOATS…. WTF IS GOING ON CRAIG? DUGGAN?

          • javierjuanmanuel

            well it makes for an easier day than wrassling crackheads or junkies with needles in their pockets. Hippie farmers do not shoot back.

            But it is still the law. You might also ask, if they cannot get people to park right, not litter, take out their trash, mow their laws, keep the house painted, shovel the sidewalk and other simple things, how do they tackle multi billion dollar international drug cartels, money laundering, prostitution, counterfitting, insurance fraud, welfare fraud etc on a grand scale?

            Whats easier whats more basic?

          • Daniel Schultz

            It isn’t a law. It was a farm ORDINANCE signed by executive order this summer.

      • John Meesseman

        Maybe you should call and say you saw some goats wandering around that school… I’m sure they’d have that place cleaned out before day’s end.

        • Larry Gray

          Touché haha

      • Larry Gray

        Final thoughts DUGGAN, I literally watched a man walk out of this abandoned school I’ve mentioned and rob a women at gun point, who just happened to be walking by. I called the police because I didn’t want to get between this man and his gun, they drove by an hour later, DROVE BY. Never got out to look for him, never came to my door to ask me what happened, NOTHING. I know you think us people aren’t worth a breathe of life out here on the outskirts because, if we were, wouldn’t we move somewhere safer??? NO, THIS IS MY GOD DAMN HOME, IVE BEEN HERE MY WHOLE LIFE. SERVE YOUR PEOPLE. NO ONE CARES ABOUT GRAFFITI, NO ONE CARES ABOUT GOATS, PROTECT ME AND MY NEIGHBORS WHEN OUR LIVES ARE ON THE LINE, THIS IS NOT A JOKE DUGGAN, PUT YOUR GOD DAMN MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.

        • Jane Dough


        • javierjuanmanuel

          they cannot protect you. That is impossible. They cannot even keep people off the white house lawn, stop them from landing planes on the lawn which has happened twice in the last 20 years, they fly in the no fly zone, people have shot at the white house from the street, and there was just an armed fellon on the elevator right by the president.

          Cops investigate crimes, poorly i might add, they wait for solutions to fall in their lap or a jail house snitch to come forward.

          You can try to protect youself. Good luck. You will die waiting for cops, in detroit or not, to “protect you”.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        not harmless, many farm animals carry disease, their yard is not set up to handle waste, no one wants to hear chickens make noise, or goats make noise or shit up the air for 500 yards in every direction.

        Its all quality of life stuff. Every city has this. They all instituted this stuff close to 100 years ago or longer.

        Get out of the late 1800s, we are almost 20 years into the new millennium

    • javierjuanmanuel

      this is a problem. If i just bought a house in the city, I want the laws of that city enforced, I may not like living next to farm animals for the smell or noise they make.

      Why is this not obvious to you ?

      Also how do they keep waste in their yard when it rains?

      Should i have mud slides of feces rolling into my yard of farm animal waste ?

      That hardly seems right.

      • Larry Gray

        If you just bought a house in the city and you’re more worried about goats then being robbed or murdered, then you Must be one of those transplants from west Bloomfield who moved to midtown. Disease? There’s a petting zoo 30 minutes west in plymouth with goats, I’m sure they have found a cure to this mysterious goat disease that no one can identify…

        Quality of life? This is Detroit, I’ve been here my whole life and cops will not come when someone is being robbed or shot at, but your issues with noise are clearly more important….


        • javierjuanmanuel

          I did not say more worried. Its not binary, this is not all or none, there is gradation of right and wrong.

          We even divide murder into three categories, surely you can understand goats are bad, and drug dealers are bad, and hitmen are bad, and chop shops are bad. Just because there was 400 murders last year, does not mean you can do anything so long as its not murder, because look ! Look at all those murders.

          You can rationalize anything that way. You can pimp girls, thats less bad than murder. Torching a house, thats almost victimless crime if there is no one inside compared to murder.

          You are a real dope.

          • Larry Gray

            Spare the childish name calling. you’re just arguing to argue, no one cares.

      • Daniel Schultz

        You are just slightly mental.

        It isn’t a law. It is government by fiat. An executive order presented by a state department with no vote or public foreknowledge.
        Why don’t you learn how things work sometime.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      its not harmless, thats the whole point!

    • Trexinmichigan

      Low hanging fruit they call it.

    • catherinecc

      The unelected administration in Detroit needs people to be poor, desperately trying to survive and powerless.

      Creating a situation where people are self sufficient is seen as someone who will disrupt the (utterly broken) social order and is therefore the greatest crime.