FBI investigating Detroit cops accused of stealing drug evidence, cash

Detroit police

The FBI has launched an investigation into the Detroit Police Department following allegations that its narcotics officers were improperly obtaining search warrants for raids and stealing evidence and money from drug houses and marijuana dispensaries, sources familiar with the probe told Motor City Muckraker.

Chief Craig
Chief Craig

The investigation, which has been ongoing for more than a month, is aimed at a recently disbanded narcotics unit. Six members of the unit were recently suspended with pay after surveillance video showed them removing a box during a drug raid and failing to log it as evidence, according to Police Chief James Craig.

But FBI agents are looking far beyond a single case. The unit is accused of improperly gaining search warrants for an untold number of houses and marijuana dispensaries, where money and drugs were seized and never logged. Many of the cases have not been prosecuted.

The Detroit Police Department, which is conducing an internal investigation, declined to discuss the case.

“We are not making any comments relative to this issue until the whole investigation is complete,” Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said.

The probe comes as the city is asking a court to end 11 years of federal oversight of the police department.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Galen Hardy

    The Police (DPD) kicked in a guys home that I know and took money and drugs then showed him a fake warrant. We looked the judges name up on it and couldn’t find it. Then he didn’t get taken to jail? Hell he had Coke, Weed and Raw but no gun. They just told him they would be in touch. They also took $1400.00 from his girlfriend. They run in with masks on just like the stick-up guys.

  • Michael McShane

    I am a Medical Marijuana patient, fully legit. My conditions are cancer and AIDs. This group of 6 came into Oakland County (Ferndale) in March and smashed down my door. The ringleader asked if I had a “Pot Card” and laughed when I told him I did. They never checked my drivers liscense to see who I was, nor did they ever produce a warrant. I plan on suing the city for these actions as my civil rights have been violated.

    • bebow

      Detroit police raided your house in Ferndale? Are you certain? Did you file a complaint?

      • anthony

        Uh why would DPD or even Wayne County Sheriff raid your house in Oakland County?

  • angel grimes

    … pull the police from black communities, areas now virtually indistinguishable from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Detroit, or Monrovia, Liberia.

    • Alex

      For the love of all that is holy, put some clothes on. And if you think Detroit is as bad as any of those places, you have obviously never set foot in any of them. Virtually ignorant.

  • A.L. Cadillac

    “Detroit asks for end of Federal Oversight of Police Department”

    Let us know how that works out for you.

  • bebow

    OH, HELL YES! I hope the feds will also be investigating who has been getting a cut to keep looking the other way.

  • Samuel Hoadley

    I heard that they would go into dope houses, take the drugs and money. Then they would leave with no arrests.

    • muckraker_steve

      That’s exactly what they are accused of doing.

      • Samuel Hoadley

        I first heard about it, 2 and 1/2 years ago or so. I guess the FBI is just now getting into it. I guess it was their own pension plan.

    • Icahbod Crane

      It’s called street justice! You see, if the cops rob them and do not arrest them it makes it look like the average dealer is a liar/ thief and he is dealt with using street justice by the king pins. It’s a win win. Better than tax payers paying the 3 hots and a cot or the never ending slaps on the wrist!