3 Grosse Pointe teens busted for spray painting downtown Detroit building

Graffiti girls

Three teens captured on surveillance spray painting a downtown Detroit building owned by billionaire Dan Gilbert have been identified and could turn themselves in as early as today, police said.

The suspects are from Grosse Pointe, and two are 17 years old and one is 18 years old.

Photo via Twitter

Cameras captured the teens painting on the side of the 1001 Woodward building, and owner Dan Gilbert sent out an urgent message trying to track down the “fancy ladies” and “clowns.” We published photos of the vandals, leading to numerous tips revealing the names of the teens.

Update: Police announce new crackdown on graffiti

The teens, whose full identities will be published after they are charged, were spotted spray painting “Izzy,” “bitch,” “fuck,” and “Welcome to Detroit” on the alley side of the building.

They have disabled their social media accounts.

The proliferation of graffiti has prompted police to step up enforcement as a growing number of suburban vandals are painting on occupied buildings, churches, billboards, road signs, light poles, houses and cars.

Exclusive: Meet some of Detroit’s most destructive graffiti vandals

In a letter to employees, security and police, Gilbert said he was tired of the graffiti.

“Unfortunately, once in a great while, degenerates who don’t ‘get it’ crawl out of their deep dark holes and try to ruin it for the rest of us who take pride in and deeply care about our city,” Gilbert wrote.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • sdsds

    didn’t even arrest any real writers….lulz

  • Jbree

    What these girls did was wrong. Absolutely. But everyone sitting here bashing one another is stupid. It’s not like these girls sat there and said ” who can we go disrespect?” They were probably just being teenage girls and not thinking about what they were doing. We were all kids once who screwed up one way or another. The girls are getting their fair punishment. It’s not like they need grown adults who have no influence on the way they’ve been raised to continue on bashing them and making it like they’ve murdered someone.

  • falseprophet

    I for one am glad that these spray painters are off the street. I feel much safer now. If they had to fore go the arrest of some car jackers or murderers to catch these vile building defacers then so be it. I would rather live in a graffiti free place than a violent one. Thank Dan GIlbert for using your media clout and power to pressure the police to arrest these three scamps. Finally I can rest with a sound piece of mind.

  • Gunnut2600

    White people destroying Detroit?!? Will the sun also come up tomorrow?

  • Thomas C. Pedroni

    Steve, I like the exposure of the GP vandals, but I wish you had not given Gilbert a free pass. His statements about “deeply caring” for Detroit, and “degeneracy” need to be deconstructed in equal measure.

    • muckraker_steve

      That’s fair. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Justin

    I don’t condone the actions of these girls; however, at some point Dan Gilbert needs to stop being such a whiny fucking bitch about everything. What kind of grown man name calls 17 year old girls? It’s more fucking pathetic than his piss poor excuse for a basketball team!

  • Hilary J Macatangay

    I can’t wait to see what their homes in Grosse Point look like. Spoiled Brats!! Although I have no issue with true artistic graffiti that is allowed by permit. I like this article because it blows apart my notion of what kind of “degenerate” would do this. Sort of like how Columbine was a bit of a surprise after I had attended an inner city HS complete with bullet holes in the ceiling.

  • Blue Ivy

    I know a guy who would love to install better cameras for Mr. Gilbert.

  • Marian Pyszko

    Im still on the lookout for “EHC” “HEAD” I am told this person is also a female and does not use any supports to climb across. Turn the screws on these 3 young ladies and get them to talk.

    EHC will soon have an “accident” and fall into on coming traffic 🙂


  • MSTP

    Heffas don’t even live in the city coming downtown * where I live* spraying up the city.. STOP IT WITH THE BLACKS ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING…. make these young goons… work free for a year going around the city taking the graffiti off the unwanted business.

    • Ballsy Terri

      But don’t snitch on the drug dealers and gangsters who are killing your children, and making you the most ridiculous punch line heard in the last 50 years.

  • 1Joshua

    Great reporting, Steve. Appreciated.

  • the people

    Steve neavling I bet you won’t show your face down in Detroit. Because you know people want your head. I hope you rot in hell for messing up those peoples lives.

    • Emily

      Whose lives?

      • the people

        The graffiti artist!!

        • Emily

          Dan Gilbert published this email internally within Quicken Loans, and it was Quicken Loans employees that identified the girls. Also, they broke the law AND were stupid enough to tweet pictures of them breaking the law, so… tough to have sympathy for them.

          • the people

            Not I’m not talking about him I’m talking about Steve neavling. He trick graffiti artists into interviews without telling them he works for the FBI and then given the identities and addresses of these Graff artists so they can get in trouble.

          • Neal Blaise Salogar

            Tell you what, give me your address so I can put some “art” on your house.

          • Dust Buster

            yeah the fbi’s special unit for graffiti control. fbi doesnt give 2 shits about taggin until its a mosque or something. dont try so hard to be an asshat

        • Neal Blaise Salogar

          The fact that you consider someone who scrawls “fuck” on a building an “artist” shows you to be a complete moron. And taggers are lil’ bitches no one is scared of.

        • Ballsy Terri

          I take you’re one of the chubbys in the video… ?

          • the people

            No not at all

    • muckraker_steve

      Pretty sure I didn’t ruin anyone’s lives. I also live in Detroit and am not hiding from anyone.

      • the people

        Yeah OK dude!! Your a snitch and you know it

        • Neal Blaise Salogar

          Your an anonymous punk bitch. Feel free to use your real name, coward.

        • Dust Buster

          ohhhhhhhhhh throwin down the gauntlet….puttin out paper on a blog owner for rattin out some skanks with spray paint…. you must be a real hardcore og straight from the burbs… i bet you once went to a rap concert in mt clemens and yelled fuck yea real loud.

          and he didnt ruin anyone’s life. any 3 of those chicks could shoot up the road in 10 minutes and get hired at the traffic light in no time

      • Michael K Kuentz

        Whose lives has Steve messed up? He is a journalist and he reports on what he determines is news. That is what journalists do. I’ve seen Steve covering news around town and I haven’t seen any target on his back. He’s just doing his job.

  • Sully

    I’ll bet they were lashing out because their parents bought them the wrong color Mercedes. #GrossePointeProblems.

  • Guest

    Ill bet they were lashing out because their parents bought them the wrong colored Mercedes. #GrossePointeProblems.

  • Lord Barrington

    Spoiled, arrogant brats from an area where most kids have cars before they can drive? Crazy

  • sam joadski

    everyone at quicken blows dan gilbert like hes a god. quicken is the shadiest company out there and all employees are as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

    • Dust Buster

      do you have enough krylon in your backpack to go paint all that on one of his buildings?

    • Neal Blaise Salogar

      And this is germane to the story how?

  • Michael K Kuentz

    because it is cool and sexy to be teen-age girl taggers from Grosse Pointe who would rather tag dumb shit on walls than do something more creative with any talent they might possess.

    • Rich Kolasa

      3 months in jail with no cable, cell phones, make-up or hairstyling..>AFTER THEY CLEAN EVERY MOLECULE THEY SPRAYED. That will take care of the problem fast.

      • DonRitchie

        3 months in jail? Were you dropped on your head as a kid? Do you really think jail time is justified? Ruin these kids’ lives? Set them back in school for year? How does that make society better?

        • Jerry Brian

          It makes society better because it identifies the trash that hides among decent people. Once we know who cares so little for others that they deface property of other people we can build a better society of people who actually have some respect for others.

          Self centered garbage like those three is a rot from within a decent community. Excise it and improve society overall.

          Simple DonRItchie, even to where you can understand.

          • DonRitchie

            You can pay three months room and board, then. I think we can teach the same message with a fine and some community service.

          • Jerry Brian

            Gladly, but I get to choose how they are housed and fed. It would be like the old days, real hard time.

  • Wicker_Park

    Ah, nothing like loser writers and editors stoking area race relations with this bullshit. OMG they’re white and from a tony enclave!!!! See EVIL WHITE PEOPLE are destroying Detroit. The real subtext is that they’re influenced by ghetto rap culture (e.g., Izzy) that promotes this ridiculous behavior. Weren’t like 5 people killed last week in Detroit and THIS is your lede? Helpless gutter.

    • Brentano Yanni

      I don’t think you get it, and you probably don’t read MCM on a regular basis either or go to the city. Our city is COVERED in this bullshit. I don’t really care about Dan Gilbert’s investments in downtown. He just has the means ($) to protect his shit. Go up Van Dyke, or out Warren… neighborhoods are under siege w this grafitti. As far as I know (someone correct me if I’m wrong) this graffiti is not an expression of the frustration or angst of young Detroiters- it’s is an expression of suburban youth who somehow have gas money and spray paint money enough to come and cover our city w paint on a nightly basis. If u wanna see how Detroiters feel about this google an article from this blog about how a couple ‘artists’ got mobbed on Chene by frustrated residents. One more thing- I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these ‘artists’ set fires too (intentionally or not)

      • Wicker_Park

        Yes, all of the tagging over the last 30 years in Detroit is via suburban white girls trying to be Miley Cyrus and Izzy. Driving into the D on a “nightly basis” to tag shit up. Lol just stop.

        Your city has been “under siege” for 60 years. It’s only front page news when white girls are on camera doing it, and editors can stoke the race tension and conspiracies of their readers.

        • bdcanuck

          When Detroit got hip for young whites to come to, Detroit got worse in certain categories. One of those is graffiti. We never had this much graffiti, and it was rarely on stop signs and occupied houses and businesses.

          • Wicker_Park

            It looks like an atomic bomb went off in Detroit and you’re riled up about three dumb girls who tagged some of lord Gilbert’s properties? Really?

          • Neal Blaise Salogar

            Says the moron who never comes to Detroit. There are plenty of beautiful areas along w/ the neglected. Ever been to some areas on the Southside of Chicago “Wicker Park?”

        • hyperbolicbutterfly

          Can we talk about how only white girls from the suburbs who are taught they have no accountability would record themselves tagging, do it on an occupied building covered with security cameras, and walk to and from the crime scene with their faces easily visible to all the security in the area?

          • Wicker_Park

            Half of the black people in Detroit can’t fucking read and you’re obsessed with three white girls with spray paint. For real.

          • Ballsy Terri

            While crude, your post is spot on!

    • BlossomX

      So, it’s not the poor white girls fault? It’s rap’s fault for making them do this?? Wow, you’re pretty darn stupid!

    • guest5

      izzy is her name, not something influenced by rap culture wtf

  • sha

    Who cares. Lets find Theresa Dekeyzer instead. A missing warren woman who needs Everyones help!!

    • AD555

      In answer to your question, obviously the people who read/responded to this article care about this article. We don’t have a limited amount of “care” in us. I can care about this AND a missing women, ya know.

    • bdcanuck

      Ummmmmmmmm go fuck yourself! We care about this about as much as you would care if I came and ruined your neighborhood. If I could magically make DeKeyzer reappear by not reading or commenting on this article, I would, but it don’t really work that way, does it?

      • sha

        Why are you so mean? You have to use vulgur language? Geeze… writing on a wall isnt as important as human life. Theres better news out there thats all. Have a nice day guy.

        • bdcanuck

          You’re still telling us that what we care about is insignificant. So again… go fuck yourself.

          • sha

            Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?

          • DonRitchie

            I kissed your mama with THIS mouth! Muahahahhahahaha

  • Sherman Cahal

    Thank you!

  • Tracey

    Interesting how wanton stupidity knows no bounds and respects no borders.

  • Bingalls

    Their parents are probably angry that they vandalized a rich guy’s building.

  • AD555

    This makes me irrationally angry, in part because my own neighborhood (in GP) was “tagged” by graffiti just this past weekend. And in light of all the recent bickering about race relation issues around here, I’m even more fired up because it’s very plain (to me at least) that aholes are aholes are aholes. It doesn’t matter who they are, or where they came from. If you’re doing crap like THIS, you’re an ahole. If you’ve raised a kid who would do something like this, you’re probably an ahole too. It’s time for everyone to relearn what respect for others means, apparently.

    • Troy Tisdale


      • tracy

        you hit the nail on the head. its actually sad that these teens are lashing out like this. They are clearly very insecure and troubled.

    • Stephen Cregar

      Ok so u r saying all the people that do art and this graffiti is a type of art so i find it disrespectful that u r calling people assholes. As and if u r to scard to swear then something is wrong with u. Nothing is wrong with that. Yes they shouldn’t do it on a builing or anything but paper or canvas. But if u know the art world. The WORLD is your canvas.

      • Rich Kolasa

        Type in proper English, you stupid half-wit!

      • Kyla Cools

        Graffiti can be beautiful and true art; however, what these girls did was not art. It was immature, illegal, stupid, and disgusting. Just because they have foul mouths and minds doesn’t give them a right to vandalize a building with cuss words. They can say whatever words they want, but they have no right to put it on a building they don’t own. I hope they’re charged to the fullest extent possible so other suburban miscreants know the city is taking this seriously.

      • Dust Buster

        jeebus h please tell me you have a rare testicular condition that will render you sterile. seriously it must be nice to be young and at the same time so bereft of logic and common sense. i would like to offer you some of my property as your “canvas” lets see what type of absract art i can make out of you when you are done. go spray paint your moms garage with bitch and fuck and see how that goes over

      • AD555

        Just no.

      • bdcanuck

        Booo this man! Booooooooo!

      • Emily

        I agree that graffiti is a type of art — when it’s commissioned. If not, it’s vandalism.

      • Neal Blaise Salogar

        Are you for real? You clearly can’t see the difference between art and mindless tagging. Scrawling “fuck” on the side of a building is NOT art. If it were, then I’m frigging Picasso, since I spray painted my address on my garbage can last week. I’ll tell you what. Give me your address. I’ll come by and recreate these little bitches “art work” on your front door since you’re such a fan.
        Also, is illiteracy part of your artistic expression?

      • BamaUndergrad

        No, the WORLD isn’t YOUR canvas. It’s everyone’s canvas, and maybeee everyone doesn’t want to see mindless profanity meaninglessly scrawled on it.

    • tracy

      I agree – these three brats are as you put it “aholes”. But to say that their parents must be too, means either a. you are not a parent yourself or b. you have never dealt with or known a child going through hard times. What if one of these girls parents has cancer and they are lashing out because they feel depressed? Or what if their parents are going through a divorce? Shame on you.

      • AD555

        I said ‘probably’. They are ‘probably’ ahole parents… there are always exceptions.

      • hyperbolicbutterfly

        Here’s the thing though. If a parent is going through a trauma like cancer or divorce, GOOD parents make sure their child sees someone to make sure they’re okay. When my parents were divorced, I saw a few psychiatrists and therapists to make sure I was coping. That’s what GOOD parents do.

        These kids were raised by people who have no respect for others or their property. They were taught that their needs and wants outweigh the needs and wants of everyone else. They were taught they could do what they want. They were taught they don’t have to be held accountable for their actions.