Gangs from Detroit bring violence, drugs to West Virginia communities

heroin bust in December

Mark Gaddy
Mark Gaddy, suspect in April 23 murder

Detroit gang members are terrorizing two West Virginia communities with violence and drugs.

More than 350 miles from home, Detroiters are selling pills, heroin, cocaine and marijuana at an alarming rate in Charleston and Huntington.

On Wednesday in Charleston, four Detroiters are in jail following two separate shootings in which one teenager was killed and a bystander was wounded.

Since December, authorities have arrested at least 15 Detroiters for selling large amounts of heroin.

Carlos Lamont Gray
Carlos Lamont Gray, suspect in shootout

In one day in March, police arrested seven Detroit men accused of selling heroin and prescription painkillers in Huntington, population 49,160.

In December, police raided a Huntington apartment and arrested two Detroiters who were found with $80,000 in heroin.

Of the five murders in Huntington in 2013, four were tied to Detroit.

Keival L. Kelly, charged with heroin delivery
Keival L. Kelly, charged with heroin delivery

Drug dealers from Detroit have set up shop in West Virginia for more than a decade. But authorities have reported a disturbing uptick of violence in recent months as members of the Seven Mile Bloods, Cash Out Crips and Hustle Boys bring drugs to two communities with a seemingly insatiable demand for heroin and painkillers.

“Their job is to go to whatever town or city they’re dispatched to and just sell drugs,” Lt. Cooper told WSAZ.

Keival L. Kelley
Steven Walker, charged with heroin delivery

West Virginia has enlisted the help of the FBI, which has led to stiff sentences in federal prison for drug dealers from Detroit.

In November 2013, Jeron Gaskin, 21, of Detroit was sentenced to 30 years in prison on three counts of drug trafficking.

“This drug trafficking conviction sends a strong message that these crimes will not be tolerated in our communities,” FBI Special Agent in Charge D. Foley said .

Residents expressed frustrations on social media:


Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Montani42

    I hope they give 30 years to life to every drug dealer they arrest in West Virginia and make that at hard labor, not sitting and watching TV. We have a lot of rock that needs breaking. They need to give 5 sentences to the customers too.

  • mr work

    ” Hint ” how you think we knew its money there yo own ppl come here an tell ppl an bring em there … i dont agree with it but dont try to single detroit ppl out like we so damn bad or we all gangs looking to sell in states cause if you knew detroiters you a know we dont leave unless someone make a sweet deal which your ppl who live there did then snitch to get out of jail lmao yeah i red how some was released …so its flip a detroit seller an you free huh .. sad way to live yo life snitching , sad way to trap ppl , sad to blaim us for your crackheads comming here showing us the money … im sorry they flooded yo state but i got fam there an i swear if i get one call bout a damn west v. Mf fucking with them cause they from detroit i bet my life i be on the first flight to whip yall asses i put that on my kids … fucking haters ! Try to check yo own cracked out ppl first before you point at detroit ppl you digg, an if u dont want detroit ppl there broadcast it an see how they do yo state then dumb asses ! Just a case of sad as police that cant do they job do fbi had to help smgdh ( check yo residence first ! Snitch as mfs !

    • craugh

      that may be your reasoning for going to west v. but don’t think those hill jacks are push overs. you think your hoods can be dangerous? just think about going on a mountain trying to push your weight around. youll be cut into small pieces for their personal amusement. you’ve been warned.

  • mr work

    Mf you cant just lock up detroit ppl an give 30 fucking years cause you want too ..its ppl from your state here selling so should we beat the hell out them or lock them up cause we dont like west v. Ppl ? No so get off that bs i will show as many as i can how west v. Is hating on detroit ppl who live there ! Fuck west v. I dont sell an just the way you looking down on detroiters is sad … get better police an you wont have to give us 30 years assholes ! Soft ass state !!!

  • Lorie Ann Jones

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  • Joseph Vaughan

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  • BuckSnort1967

    Mark Gaddy #672933 was released from the MDOC in April 2013. 3 felonies. I can find no ADULT record of the others, though I’ve no doubt they all have juvenile records.

    • Roy Ganty

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  • JC

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    • Roy Ganty

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  • joe cwiertniewicz

    I am from Detroit, residing in West Virginia,we are handling some of your drug=dealing murderer’s…you will not see those 5 back in Detroit for a while, 3 will never return..we do have a very good police dept for a small city and a lot of people who do not live by the “code’ of silence..maybe the other’s will get the message

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    Uhmmm… has anybody ever noticed that the dealers and King Pins ALL look the same???….

    Not one major suburbanite dealer -in 30 years of since Reagan…
    NOT ONE?????… really??

    Wait…there was John Delorean…..ok ok..
    Not two?? Really… Not even TWO?

    • Patrick Andrzejczyk
      • SnowStormsinDetroit

        It took you two seconds bc that’s about how long it takes to find the wrong information. I can actually do that much in one.

        My post ask about King Pins right? Seven or so 8balls of coke ain’t even close. I could invite friends over my place tonight and these poor kids would be COMPLETELY out of drugs by 7am.

        Not to mention the fact that you need to “search” for the answer kinda proves my point for me. Now after you google “white King Pin” realize that’s checkmate. 🙂

        • Patrick Andrzejczyk

          What your post says: “has anybody ever noticed that the dealers and King Pins ALL look the same???….Not one major suburbanite dealer -in 30 years of since Reagan…”

          The info I got is wrong? Maybe it’s wrong because it doesn’t support your ridiculous delusion that all dealers look alike and that drug dealers don’t exist outside 8 mile. And no, your post doesn’t ask about king pins exclusively. You actually use the word “dealer” twice as much as “king pin”.

          So, in addition to learning what words mean, you might want to lay off the coke and read your posts before telling others what it is you actually meant. I can read.

          • SnowStormsinDetroit

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    • Smartest OneHere

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  • “Imported from Detroit”… Worst case scenario.

  • Billy Blake

    Which picture is Keival L Kelly to me the pictures look like different men.

    • muckraker_steve

      Thanks, Billy. We corrected that.

      • I have emailed a few times in regards to this article. Can you tell me what was the outcome? Wondering what happened with Steven Walker.
        thank you J

  • bebow

    It’s unfortunate we lack the will to respond the same.