Fire guts apartment building known for enormous Obama ad off I-75 in Detroit

Obama building

A suspicious fire early this morning ripped through an abandoned apartment building known for its bold Obama-for-President ad near Corktown in Detroit.

The fire gutted the Ramara Apartments building on Rosa Parks near Michigan and damaged the occupied Orena Apartments next door. As fire ripped through the building, the often-photographed brick wall facing I-75 began to crumble.

ObamaadThe message, painted in 2010, read: “OUT OF A JOB YET? – KEEP VOTING REPUBLICAN. BET $10,000. OBAMA & BIDEN.”

The building was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived shortly before 1 a.m.  It wasn’t immediately clear whether anyone was injured.

The 104-year-old building was popular on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

Some of the wall was still standing at 1:30 a.m., but the “OUT OF A JOB” section had fallen.

The fire rekindled at 4:54 a.m.

The owner of the 2628 Rosa Parks building is Rumzzy Mamodesene, who is three years delinquent on property taxes, according to Wayne County records.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • bdcanuck

    I remember when that wall told me to vote for Ed McNamera.

    • Dust Buster

      one of the mural artists is already working on the new one. they are painting over a pile of bricks and it says “those in the know, vote for ficano”

  • TommyUdo

    One of the most ironic signs/murals ever.

  • CJ

    Ignoring the below comments as i don’t want any part of their war, You got three problems that caused this fire. First and the big one, You have the delinquent owner who purchased the building with no intention to maintain and keep the building sealed up. Second you got the fire bugs and the punks who trash the interiors of these buildings for a quick buck and make them harder to sell and more expensive to renovate. and finally you have the city who is delinquent to punish the delinquent owner. Honestly i feel sorry for the people who live next door, who had to deal with this mess.

    • Dust Buster

      why doesnt this happen in the suburbs? honest question here

      • Mrcravens87

        Bloomfield Park??

        • javierjuanmanuel

          That is pontiac. Much of the same people as in detroit, only difference is oakland county prosecutes property crimes.

          I know of a guy, who robbed trains for 15 years in wayne county, caught a dozen times, never did any real time.

          Got busted once in troy or sterling heights, he got 15 years.

          You might ask, what is different about detroit, that it demands wayne county, and its own courts do not prosecute property crimes?

          Based on the question you asked, i do not think you will like the answer.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Its not the responsibility of any owner to have to fend off people 24/7 for years. He may be a delinquent, i do not know the details. But that idea that if i buy a empty mothballed, winterized place, i have some duty to do something with it, other then pay taxes, and keep mother nature from tearing it down.

      I have no burden to “do something” with it. It can take years to get financing, get builder lined up, get new zoning, etc. That is in good places in nice times. This is detroit, in times with hard to get credit.

      People do not tear buildings down in marine city, or troy, or livonia, or northville.

      • CJ

        Yeah but the problem here is he did NOTHING. He didn’t maintain the building and he didn’t seal the building. Their is no excuse for someone to just let their property go the way so many slumlords do.

  • Dust Buster

    the buildings owner, history of delinquency,the area its in,the voting history and work history of the residents around it…. so much irony and material that alannis morrisette wouldn’t even touch that one

    • Willy

      Yet another suburban hatemonger running their mouth without knowing what they’re talking about. STFU Troll.

      • Kyle MacDermaid

        It’s not trolling if you are stating facts about the situation.

        • Willy

          Excuse me, Losers. I was responding to the broad brush painting of “the area its (sic) in, the voting history, and work history of the residents around it” as grossly inappropriate and ignorant of the reality of North Corktown.

          The pathetic hatemongering troll above provided yet another predictable response in the ongoing racist meme that anyone that points out obvious racist ignorance must themselves be the racist. Guess what morons: YOU ARE THE IGNORANT. YOU ARE THE RACISTS.

          Please, hurry back to your Fox News and get another dose of ignorance and hate. Keep your head firmly planted in the sand and keep telling yourself the lie that it was ‘those blacks and Democrats’ that destroyed Detroit.

          Pathetic fools.

          • Kyle MacDermaid

            A move to insults typically means the argument is already lost. Calling someone a “loser” is basically saying you concede their point.

            Dust Buster said nothing about race at all, (other than predicting that you would throw that card out.) And guess what? He was right! He also accurately predicted you would respond with “no facts. no rebuking with a logical discourse.”

            You pretty much played into his hand here.

          • Willy


          • Kyle MacDermaid

            No. Logical. Rebuttal.

          • Dust Buster

            well i must say you didn’t disappoint. you followed the acorn/ed shulz/maddow/alynsky/obama playbook to a t !!!

            for the benefit of others i will provide the handy pocket reference guide you have so well from.

            when confronted with uncomfortable truths, facts or logic. do not attempt to engage your opponent. instead, create subterfuge. minimize them by name calling and or speaking louder or using caps.

            the race card is always the best and most often the first insult to hurl because many opponents have been ticketed enough by the rainbow bullies to shut up or back off when called racist. remember as a liberal or minority you own that word!!! use it and use it often

            the next phase of deflection and avoidance when presented with facts is to question where they gained their information from. accuse them of watching “rush”, “hannity” or fox news. its really trendy to call it “faux news” because you will be speaking french and that caries with it a strong facade of intelligence.

            the nuclear reaction when all else fails is to openly ask others in the forum to “ban” or “vote down” your opponent so they are silenced (this works well to pm the moderator and harass them to ban your opponent as well) on one hand you scream about rights like free food, contraception,housing etc. but its totally cool to take away the rights of others you dont agree with.

            this is called moral relativism and we will explore that later. now take this and keep it in your pocket. remember anything bad is snyder, bush or brooks patterson’s fault. also, never apologize and never admit you are wrong. keep the patchouli oil scent heavy and dont feel bad about shouting and making demands because remember the liberals creed


          • Willy

            Isn’t that charming? We all got a lesson from an ignorant internet troll about moral relativism today. Then he attempts to do exactly what he accuses, divert everyone’s attention from his obvious ignorance and the original accusation that the fault that a building burned in North Corktown today lies with:

            “the area its in, the voting history and work history of the residents around it”

            Which are merely codewords for “Detroit”, “Democrats”, and “Unemployed Blacks”. We all understood that the first time, ignoramus.

            I also love the “liberal touchstones” of alinsky/acorn/obama as part of this deranged troll’s attempt to paint himself as anything other than an IGNORANT RACIST HATEMONGER.

            You are pathetic. You cannot think for yourself. Please, crawl back under whatever bridge you crawled out from in Oakland County.

            …or by all means, provide another recitation of your stupidity to the internets. Better yet, go to Belleville to yell at that evil communist kenyan out to destroy America as he takes off in Air Force One. You’ll still be left on the ground yelling at the world, loser, and President Obama will be winging his way to Chicago on Air Force One.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            No arguing codes. “Which are merely codewords for “Detroit”, “Democrats”, and “Unemployed
            Blacks”. We all understood that the first time, ignoramus.”

            Unless we get to pick what it mean when you use suburbanite as a pejorative.

            Accurately describing a situation, and not being positive does not mean its racist or hate.

            I am latin, latin folks commit more crimes then asians and jews! Does that mean i hate latinos ? How about noticing blacks commit craaaazy disproportionate amount of crime, and wanting them to do better? Does that mean i hate my black family, friends, neighbors?

          • javierjuanmanuel

            He did not say anything ignorant. He was accurate, you do not like it.

            That does not make it untrue, hateful, ignorant etc.

            It makes you seem rather delusional.

            Even if your decoding was 100 % accurate, what part is wrong.

            It is black (or near by), poor, crime ridden, dem voting. They torch their own and neighboring areas for fun. So what part is inaccurate?

          • Willy

            This is like herding cats. It’s exhausting and futile. Last try:

            None of you can demonstrate any knowledge of the North Corktown neighborhood other than using tired generalizations and malicious suburban perceptions of Detroit. Get it?!

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Any knowledge? What hyperbole. Its trending more white, more young. Big deal.

            It is not some great place the people that live there want others to believe. Is it getting nicer? Sure. I know there are plenty of burned down places, boarded up stores etc, and you know what i hear. Its all built up, its completely gentrified, and its all full of educated, young professionals.

            No its not. There are people that are still living there from the 1980s, broke people.

            There are blacks.

            It is not built up. And the crazy thing? Its not even remotely nice yet, and people are going crazy with the prices for rent and home sale prices.

            So tell me what i do not know.

            You mean believe. You want others to believe and emote EXACTLY what you believe and more important feel.

            It has every problem that every other area of detroit has, among them, no schools, the businessmen had to mcome up with i think 250k-500k to get lights working out on the street in front of their business’s. I know jack whites car was stolen there about 1.5 years ago. I know the cops do not come, i know there are no nice parks. I know you cannot leave a bike on your porch, or a barbecue in the yard, it will be stolen.

            So please, tell me what we all have wrong about it.

            You could have been more brief by saying, you are awesome, you live there, its awesome because you live there na na na na na. It would have made more sense.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Detroit was supposed to be a black run utopia post civil rights era, that was the national spin. The only thing holding detroit back was all the evil white, christian male, capitalists.

            So why did it not pan out? It got worse every single year.

          • Please refrain from personal attacks and name-calling.

      • Dust Buster

        typical liberal/democrat/urbanofacist response. no facts. no rebuking with a logical discourse. just throw the race card, plug your ears and stomp your feet in the hopes you will silence the truth that makes you uncomfortable. good day mr coyote. i dont think i know you well enough to address you as wiley

      • javierjuanmanuel

        How do you know he is a suburban person? I know TONS of people in detroit that are not high on detroit, they are sick of it?

        If anything you sound like a hipster transplant, who just moved to the D, is a tireless defender, but someone who does nothing that matters. You save detroit by talking it up.

        If thats all it too, it would be great, i have read and listened to people like you for more than 20 years.

        Be specific what he does not know about? What is this intricate minute detail we must know about, but do not know.

        White guys from troy do not take long lunches from the bank to go torch buildings in detroit. That is a young detroiter thing, and by virtue of detroits demographics you can pretty much make it a young black thing.

        Even girls are doing it now, it used to be a boy thing. Young black females got busted torching a school last week.

        Not middle aged white people from grosse pointe.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        My assessment of long time detroiters is they are sick as hell of detroit. They are burnt out on it. They want to complain themselves.

        They really do not want to hear other peoples complaints though, they feel that weights them down, hurts the town more, etc.

        Its very perverse.