Shinola clock in Detroit already defaced with graffiti

Via Redditor Magic6435
Via Redditor Magic6435

Detroit watchmaker Shinola erected four 13-foot-tall clocks around Detroit on Friday, and one of them has already been defaced by graffiti.

The clock in Midtown at Cass and West Canfield, near Shinola’s store, was tagged sometime between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

By Sunday morning, the graffiti was removed.

graffiti_1106The same graffiti writers also painted “Scae” and “Mince” on the window of a boutique, the Spiral Collective, a block south on Cass.

“Mince” is a common tag in Detroit, and “Scae” is a graffiti writer popular in Miami. “Scae” has been in Detroit for the past few days, according to his social media accounts.

Shinola erected four clocks around Detroit on Friday to promote its brand. The other clocks are at Cobo Center, Eastern Market and the College for Creative Studies.

The 38-inch-diameter clock has a black face with white letters and a stainless steel casing. It’s a large-scale replica of a Shinola pocket watch that will be available later this yaer.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Rèk¤Lə§

    Scae and Mice are the same artist. Not exactly a well-known artist in the graffiti community, but known well enough that he should be tagging that nonsense on anything other than a paid-for wall or a condemned structure.

  • antitag
  • Cassandra InDetroit

    Crazy. We can’t have nothing!

  • Neal Blaise Salogar

    Taggers are below the bottom of the barrel worthless scum. Unlike
    graffiti artists, there is absolutely no argument for any redeeming
    qualities of their actions. Like mindless dogs pissing on trees, they
    mark their tiny, insignificant presence w/ their pathetic little

    Personally, I think they should be shot on sight (I think I’m
    kidding). Just saw some tagging in the bathroom at Cliff Bells. Who in
    the f*** is old enough, and has the funds, to socialize at Bells, but is
    still as mentally stunted to carry around a sharpie for that purpose?
    Pathetic wastes of air.

  • DVR_Junkie

    If they know that “Scae” is from Miami and has been in Detroit according to his social media, then they know who it is. Arrest him & charge him.

  • EDG

    Publishing a pic of the graffiti doesn’t help, MCM

  • Dust Buster

    can someone beat the stuffing out of one or two of these lowlifes instead of using their skills to car jack or rob someone

  • bebow

    Public shaming of criminals is free and effective. It’s unfortunate we seem to have an aversion to using this handy lever, even in the worst cases. Being quick to produce the “mistake” and “bad decision” cards has only enabled the criminally inclined. Those are nice clocks, very sleek and elegant. We can’t yet have anything so nice in Detroit, because we’d still rather protect the feelings of criminals and allow them to run buck wild.

  • seatmandan

    Why the hell would someone from Miami come to Detroit in the middle of winter? trade sunny 80 degree weather for cold crappy snowy weather? He must be here for ANOTHER reason..

    • Dust Buster

      same kind of human flotsam that would deface a nice new clock with their sprayed on fecal matter

  • Enigma

    There needs to be some sort of network set up where these people can be anonymously reported. I live in the city and I’m sick of seeing this crap everywhere. The community knows who these people are, how about releasing their real names so those who live in the community can give them crap for thinking the city is their chalkboard.

    • seatmandan

      Large animal traps, such as a large bear foot-hold trap set up in strategic locations near things such as these clocks.

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    Only taggers think it’s art – the rest o the city is paying for their stupid.
    Arrest them and put them on clean up duty for the city for 1 year – no pay
    screw them.

  • Sick O’ Detroit

    They ruin everything

  • Scott

    Well, it’s certainly no Banksy.

    • EDG

      Detroit will do anything to be cool, and graffiti seems to be part of that. Can’t have anything nice, I guess.

      • Neal Blaise Salogar

        Yeah, we never had issues w/ tagging in SF, Chicago, or London. Smh.

        • EDG

          New landmarks get tagged immediately? No, taggers hit blank walls in London, NYC. Not gifts to the city.

          • Neal Blaise Salogar

            All I can say is, as a 16 year resident of SF, 3 in Chicago, and 1 in London, you’re simply wrong. I’ve seen commisioned murals get tagged w/in days. Most taggers seem to have at least the tiny bit of respect to avoid doing this, but all it takes is one dbag. My faves in SF were the a-holes who would “tag” store windows w/ acid, ending up w/ an illegible mess and expensive ruined windows.

  • Bob Connely

    Another example of how much pride and class some ass-hats have.

  • New Reaility

    Shoot ’em. Shoot ’em dead.

  • prymal

    Tell Scae to go back where he came from.

  • BAK11

    I heard that if you keep removing the graffiti they will eventually stop. Glad they are cleaning it quickly.

    • L Jerome Dmongo


    • EDG

      Stop publishing pics of it in the media, there’s a start.

  • Aurora Petrovich

    Stay Classy Detroit….