Billionaire Matty Moroun lets workers nearly freeze in warehouse

Matty protestA company owned by billionaire Matty Moroun forced employees to work in sub-zero temperatures in a Wal-Mart warehouse in Indiana.

The freezing workers finally walked out in protest last month after temperatures reached negative 15 degrees, forcing the closure of the building, which was exposed to snow, ice and rain because of broken doors and a lack of heaters.

The employees work for Linc Logistics, a company controlled by Moroun when he purchased it for $335 million in 2012.

“People were getting written up for going to the bathroom and trying to warm their hands under their hand driers,” Sean Fulkerson of Warehouse Workers Organizing Committee, a labor group helping the workers, told

Angry that Moroun has done nothing to address the problems, local protesters today delivered a petition from Indiana workers to Linc’s headquarters in Warren, 12755 E. 9 Mile, calling for a heated warehouse. Included in the protest was an oversized Moroun puppet.

Neither Moroun nor his company returned calls for comment.

Moroun owns the Ambassador Bridge and the abandoned, neglected Michigan Central Station.

Coverage of last month’s walkout:

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Daniel David

    I’m confused… Does Matty Moroun directly manage this company? Does he own it? You said he owns a company that “controls” this company. What does that mean?

  • greg harned

    There is no OSHA rules about temperature. You cashed the paycheck. No problem there. I would be willing to bet that a large percentage wanted to call off when it was too cold, but they couldn’t because they would get wrote up because they burnt all of their time in January, lazy around the house watching TV. They left their coworkers to do their job, in the cold, because they really care less about their coworkers than their employer does. Solidarity? Only if there’s a paycheck at the end…

    If it’s cold, buy clothes suitable for work. I worked on a dock with no doors or heat for years. I was happy to have a job. Now, folks like this see a rich guy that goes to work everyday, and figure that since he’s rich he owes them his wealth. Such BS. You want it, better be prepared to earn it. I’m sure that if he agreed to give them a 50% raise, rank and file would suddenly forget about the temp. If you don’t like working there, get a different job. If the pay is what keeps you there, toughen up buttercup…

  • javierjuanmanuel

    To be fair, lots of trades work outside in the wind in the same temperature as these guys indoors. Landscapers, welders, high power linesmen, cable linemen, telephone linemen, emergency restoration crews, hell guys stand outside of car washes all day in that weather with a wet mist blowing towards them.

    It does not sound like a great job. But it does sound like a hit piece against maroun. Hell the federal government has tons of jobs like this, its called park ranger. fish and game, etc. People drive around in chest high snow on snow mobiles, and flying ultralight planes with no heat, damn near in the arctic circle.

    This mirrors how the city treated the train station like crap, and no one cared, then maroun treats it like crap AFTER someone else already let it go to pt, then its a crime.

    He does not seem like a super nice guy, though i have heard he paid cash for employees fmaily members surgeries, he does not seem as generous as illitch, penske, art van, the devos’s the van andels, mr davidson, the manoogians, mr monahan, or dan gilbert. This is not bad as tons of big utilities, and the federal government do this.

  • Dust Buster

    funny the guy in the pic protesting has a vote obama tshirt on. for some reason that seems very sad, ironic and humorous all at the same time. matty has to focus on his toy bridge. even though he is like 100 years old he still has the spirit of a spoiled rich kid that wont take no for an answer.

  • bebow

    I pity him. He’s so lost. It’s tragic.

    • whitewalker

      He makes Mr. Burns look like a model of enlightened Management,doesn’t he?

      • Jeff Scott

        I think he is ‘Mr. Burns’ with the name change to protect the not so innocent.