Councilman Cushingberry calls Fox 2 reporter a ‘Prick,’ says no sympathy for ‘white victim’


Councilman George Cushingberry refuses to talk with the media, but he and his staff have spent much of the day bullying Fox 2 reporter M.L. Elrick on Facebook today after he was shoved by police while trying to interview the councilman.

“Black officer vs White “Victim” routine does not fly in the City of Detroit,” read one Cushingberry post.

In another post, “We are not stuffing our jails with Black Males to make you happy.”

Cushingberry called Elrick a “prick” several times and accused the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter of assaulting one of the sergeants.

“Elrick assaulted a police officer. He must apologize to him at once!” read another post.

Cushingberry expressed anger today when Police Chief James Craig said he’s launching an internal investigation to determine whether excessive force was used. In the meantime, the head of council security was removed from his job today pending the probe, prompting Cushingberry to call for the officer’s return.

“We want Sgt. Mitchell back!”

So what does Council President Brenda Jones think of all of this?

She declined to comment earlier but later released this statement:

During last night’s Detroit City Council Community Meeting, there was an incident involving Fox2Detroit reporter M. L. Elrick and council’s executive protection unit. The exchange occurred while the unit was escorting President Pro-tem George Cushingberry to his seat after a late arrival. The reporter, while attempting to force an interview, blocked Councilman Cushingberry’s path and the unit responded by enforcing a protective space allowing the councilman to proceed to his seat.

Due to the nature of the reporter’s behavior, Sgt. Robert Mitchell, head of the unit, contacted his superiors and filed an incident report. DPD investigators were sent to the scene to gather evidence and interview witnesses. The reporter departed prior to their arrival. Councilmembers were informed during the meeting and later escorted to their vehicles without further incident.

The council appreciates the service of the trained professionals on the Executive Protection Unit who protect them everyday. The incident is under investigation.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • ursocalledgod

    bullying really? come on guy!

  • ursocalledgod

    Detroit council…smh I have no prob with what the officers did tho. you cant expect to block a councilmans path while he is being escorted by POLICE and something like this not happen. who are you? they dont care what awards youve won or who you work for. imagine what they would of done to just an average person. would of been A LOT worse. with that being said this council and its members are disgraceful to say the least.

  • Willy

    The ignorant racist clown show continues. Welcome to the new city council. Sigh.

  • Detroit Politics

    Forget Cushingberry. Fire Brenda Jones. She’s the one who made him second in command. Cushingberry will be Cushingberry and is apparently unable to control himself. But Jones knows exactly what she’s doing by elevating him, and she needs to go.

  • bebow

    Oh, hell no! Kevyn Orr needs to remove all clowns from the payroll immediately – the entire council. #1 We don’t have money to waste on the dum-dum. #2 These ongoing antics will prevent the city from ever restoring order and progressing financially, even if the man beats the books with a magic stick, because sane people with money in their pockets will run away from this nonsense, including the last decent residents. #3 At this point in time, there are no acceptable candidates living in the city to elect, and we won’t benefit from representation by the lesser evils.

  • Diana Addison Szurek

    get this guy off the city council he is another Kwame Kilpatrick don,t you see this do what he wants expects special priveledges talks down about white people taking us down the same road again will this city ever learn put together petition to get him out everyone will sign it do something

  • Pay_It_Forward

    Cushingberrys narcissistic mind is giving him a sense of superiority and self importance. He feels using the race card at every turn is an acceptable and preferred way to maintain his postion in the city council.His obvious disregard for the law and lack of qualifications for any political position will force the citizens to remove him from office.

  • Bob Connely

    An Executive Protection Unit for the Clown Council? Gimme a break! Cushy-berry is the only reason Detroit PD is down so many Officers, all assigned to Clown Council. If the fat lawyer wanna-be would conduct himself with even a modest amount of decorum, he wouldn’t have people trying to ask him questions. As for the President of Clown Council, it’s obvious she did not watch the video of the incident so that she could see that Cush-berry’s fat ass was never “blocked” by anyone. It’s no wonder Oprah went off the air: her show was nothing compared to the Clown Council Show.

    • specom2

      The phrase is “City Clowncil”. Get it right already. Not like you have to remember “Sissy Clowncil” like back when Charlie Poo was running it. Lol..

  • Gregory Watson

    Doesn’t the Detroit City Charter contain provisions by which an incumbent Council Member may be subjected to a RECALL election??? Challenger Richard Bowers held the long-time NW Detroit politician, Cushingberry, to a paltry 52 percent of the total vote cast back on November 5, 2013. I remain amused by the statement: “My opponent ran an interesting campaign and we want to salute Richard Bowers for his effort on his first run for office. The 11,642 who voted for Mr. Bowers will not be disappointed.” I suspect that some of the 13,259 who voted for Cushingberry are indeed quite disappointed in their decision.

    • Smartest OneHere

      lol…they sure are. I was Bowers voter and would love to see a recall get started…I would help on that in a heartbeat.

  • Carl

    truly racist and sad. Cushingberry will soon self destruct.

  • Samuel Hoadley

    I’m still amazed that the cushingberry facebook page where he says these things is actually him or is it?

    • Dust Buster

      oh its cush alright. look at the patterns and you can guess when he has a big ole blunt and a 5th of captain morgan next to his keyboard. he lacks that chip most normal people have that makes them think twice before they talk or type. he has no shame and no morals thats what has allowed him to steal from many elderly.

      granholm fired him for stealing from probate clients in estate…..he is a grave robber. to steal cars from a widow that her husband loved shows he is the lowest form of hood rat. its one thing to pull an insurance scam but to steal from widows then grin like you have a closed head injury and keep on doin how you do is all one needs to know about this azz-clown.

      if i recall he sued wayne state because he was too stupid to pass one of the exams. driving around with open rum, weed and smelling like stripper stank is something he does all the time. all his supporters just need to see ole high george with bloodshot eyes and listen to him make some funny jokes and they are all good with him

  • Dust Buster

    he is playing his constituents like a violin. he knows what works to gin up the usual suspects. they could have tazered and stomped elrick and he was say he deserved cause elrick disrespected the officer and may have made a racist comment

  • Visual Ronin

    Push the Cush out of office. He’s just another thug with a racist urban grudge.