Ralph Godbee to Cass Tech QB Jayru Campbell: ‘We are here to love you’

Godbee, Ralph
Pastor Ralph Godbee

Cass Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell, who is verbally committed to play football at MSU, is accused of assaulting a security guard. 

An open message to Bro. Jayru Campbell:

In 1986 I was a very talented football player at Cass Technical High School. It was my senior year, and I was kicked out of school for being involved in two fights and skipping school. There was a rage inside of me because of a violation of my trust by an adult in authority in my life. I had to face the consequences of my conduct. I finished my high school class work at Henry Ford High School but was allowed to receive a Cass Tech Diploma. I never walked across the stage with my CT Classmates. That hurt me and cut like a knife.

I faced the consequences of my behavior. I was able to go on from that pivotal point in my life and join the Detroit Police Department, serve my community for 26 years and ultimately become it’s 40th Chief of Police. This didn’t happen in a vacuum, “the community,” my “village,” didn’t accept my behavior but it didn’t let it define the rest of my life either; they prayed for me and let me know that those were things I did, but that was not who I was, disappointed in me yes, but they expected greater from me.

Young man, we have no stones to cast at you. We hold you accountable for what was done, but we are here to love you back into a very promising career and future. This crossroad you now face can either be a “stumbling block” for you to trip over or a “Stepping stone” for you to stand on and see beyond the sensationalism of the moment.

As a community, particularly one of color, we don’t have any throwaway “men;” our prisons are littered disproportionately with black and brown men; we have failed as a village. Not only for Jayru, but this should be a wake up call for all of us to get more involved in our young brothers lives and not just when they can “make the league,” but because we can’t afford to let Satan gain one more inch in the lives of our people, particularly young men of color.

Instead of talking about him, let’s pray him back to life and also pray for the guard who was involved who probably has been forgotten in all of the hype. This child’s life isn’t our entertainment but a teachable moment for us all. Love you, little brother in the name of Jesus!

Pastor Ralph Godbee was Detroit’s 40th chief of police and is currently a pastor.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Rodney Stoneballs

    Sounds like this godbee guy just favors coloreds, exalting them, how anti christ of him.

  • Black Junior

    I’m usually not a Godbee supporter but I will support him on this 1… #keepjayru@casstech

    • Dust Buster

      how about the victim that could have gotten a concussion or put in a coma?

      • Black Junior

        Maybe if the security guard would’ve followed DPS policy& procedures he might’ve not gotten slammed on his head…..

        • MrSyn

          So students that don’t follow DPS policy and procedures can be slammed on their heads? Turnabout is fair play isn’t it?

          • Black Junior

            That security officer pulled his hands on that kid which is against DPS so what happened to him in my opinion is collateral damage

          • MrSyn

            Glad your opinion does not count. You also didn’t answer my first question: “Students that DON’T follow DPS policy and procedures can be slammed on their heads?”

          • Rodney Stoneballs

            I don’t know where you dreamt this delusion of the security officer “putting his hands on the student”, quite the opposite happened. The student shoved the security officer to the jeering students, who incited the incident and incriminated Jayru by recording him and the other security staff not lifting a finger to help the officer who was assaulted. It’s typical however, how the mindset to circle the wagons to protect the guilty is ramped up. Cass Tech is supposed to remove any student not abiding by it’s policies, this particular student has several infractions and should be sent on his way to another school. Mound School only took him for a few days, by the looks of it maybe he can play sports there

          • Black Junior

            Those two videos of this incident didn’t capture the whole incident. One of my close friend’s daughter attends Cass Tech & she was right there when this happened & she told myself & her mother that the security officer pulled that kids hair & pushed him twice….

        • Dust Buster

          dps policy section 14 rule 9 a security guard that is non black needs to appreciate and respect the rich tapestry that thug culture presents. as such, asking an athlete of color to follow rules is considered racism and harassment. while there is a policy about hooded sweatshirts,these policies are very flexible and should be waived when confronting a surly self-entitled athlete with anger issues. try to appreciate the athlete may have come from a single parent home. he may have been disrespected that morning and he is not in the mood to follow orders. one scenario could be the local mcdonalds wouldnt serve him a big breakfast after 11am so that level of disrespect harkens the athlete back to slavery and causes them to snap at authority figures.

          i guess you are right. until i looked up the dps procedure and policy manual i had no idea. so yes jayru was right after all.

  • ursocalledgod

    we cant let satan gain one more inch and lets pray him back to life..really? smh lets see how well that works out for ya. religion- comedy for the intelligent. reality for the ignorant.

  • bebow

    Jayru won’t benefit from being hurried past the moment he created by those seeking to save him from himself.

  • Bob Connely

    And, of course, not a word about the victim. I don’t know the Security Guard’s Race, nor do I care. If Reverenced Numbnuts was so all-fired concerned about other folks, he would have included a word for the injured Guard. Numbnuts is just trying to get himself ingratiated to the Ball-throwing Thug in case he makes it to the NFL and has some bucks to pass around.

    • Cinnabomber

      He did mention the victim. RIF. RIF to the end of the article.

  • Rob Dann

    the letter should have started out from one douchebag to another my brother!

  • MrSyn

    Isn’t this the chief that resigned because he was banging a subordinate? Seems he didn’t get that the rules applied to him.

    • Guest

      because sex is the same as assault

    • Dust Buster

      but of course its ok. many men of the cloth are some of the most corrupt people around. or should i say hypocritical not only was he hittin it with a subordinate he had a wife among other things. this is a chance to pump himself up. if it was all real he would have called jail-ru coach or mother and said he wanted to meet with him one on one and told him

  • Pay_It_Forward

    I read this and thought to myself, very well written. This young man is at a pivotal point in his life. First comes the sentence handed down from Kim Worthy, after that he must decide to go left into an emotional abyss or right, and rethink his life what he wants and how to achieve it. Thank you Pastor Godbee for writing something that may make sense to that young man.