Hidden video: Warren Mayor Fouts dating young secretary

Stealth video of 71-year-old Warren Mayor Jim Fouts shows him holding hands with his 25-year-old secretary after the pair slipped out of city hall for a trip to Chicago.

A private investigator captured the video as the apparent couple went to dinner, strolled down Michigan Avenue and held hands.

Suspicions of an affair were intensified in December when Fouts gave his secretary, Amanda Mika, an 11% pay raise while cutting employee health care options.

To critics of Fouts, the video is payback. In 2011, a top mayoral aide hired a private investigator to follow Fouts’ opponents.

“Here’s what happened when the tables were turned,” the video boasts.


Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Jay Dawg

    Theres nothing like a pretty young woman to perk up your vitals , what the hell why not …. as long he’s able to distinguish the ethical problems that might arise… not just his um arising.. lol

  • airboss4311

    I can hear it all now. “I never had sex with that woman.” History may not repeat but sometimes it sure rhymes.

  • Ballsy Terri

    I can’t blame him; look at that mug. She’s young, attractive, elastic and i’m sure she makes him feel good; inside and out.
    As far as the workplace relationship goes, name someplace that it doesn’t happen.

    • dwight mannsburden

      If someone gets financially compensated with company/tax money for duties unrelated to work, it’s a firing offense.

      A relationship is one thing, I seriously doubt there’s any meeting of the minds in this transaction.

  • AccountableCitizen

    So two adults took a trip together and at one point held hands? That’s the story? That’s what you “caught” them doing? I don’t live in Warren and I don’t know this guy, but seriously – if that’s all you have all the money spent trying to bust him for something was wasted…

    • Frank Vogt

      Accountable…the story is she went from $10.00 per hour to $70,000.00 per year after she started dating him. Also McFouts has denied any involvement with her for over three years. He is a liar and using taxpayer money trying to get laid. THAT’S THE STORY!

      • dwight mannsburden

        if that is true, bring out the lawyers. Misappropriation of taxes, anyone?

  • Gary

    The creepy old guy has pissed off too many people

  • Dust Buster

    so we have lewinsky lite in warren. i actually pity that girl. she looks like a college intern volunteering at a group home taking one of the geezers for a trip. walking around while his hunched over carcass follows her like a lost puppy. but once daddy buys her a gift she then holds his frail hand.but think of this after the lights went out ( im sure he wanted them on) she had to do vile things with that old wretch. she probably took a bath in bleach to get the old spice and hair tonic stink off of her. but hey im sure when her friends tease her about pics holding grampas hand she reminds them off the gifts and hook-ups she gets.

  • Stan

    Two facts I take away from this- Mayor Fouts is not homosexual. Amanda Mika is a necrophiliac.

  • rudalf

    Good to see the video here. Full about dating young secretary. I do not know why people do these type of cheating. India dating

  • MrSyn

    That’s one of my favorite Apple stores. I’d comment on the rest of the video, but I am suffering from projectile vomiting.