Popular WCCCD professor faces jail for trespassing on own campus

BomanScotty Boman, a popular math and physics teacher at Wayne County Community College, was snapping photos of suspicious election signs on campus in July when police arrested him.

He said several officers tackled him to the ground and left him in handcuffs and without water in a closet-sized room for more than three hours.

Now Bowman faces up to 30 days in jail – if prosecutors can convince a jury next month that he was trespassing on July 30 for taking pictures on campus.

The incident happened after Boman, who was running for city clerk at the time, finished teaching a class on the Northwest Campus on July 30. He spotted signs bearing the incumbent clerk’s name next to a polling station and began taking pictures.

That’s when he said he was tackled by police and placed in a cramped room for more than three hours.

University officials contend Boman was taking photos of students without their permission.

“What Mr. Boman was not allowed to do was photograph students on campus without their permission,” WCCCD spokeswoman Tina Bassett told the Examiner. “Students complained to the campus security officers that Mr. Boman was photographing them. They asked him to stop. He was escorted from the area after he refused to accommodate the students’ requests to not be photographed.”

According to the Examiner, Boman rejected a plea deal that would have resulted in dropped charge in exchange for him conceding that the arrest was justified.

Boman said he couldn’t comment for this story until after the trial.

The trial is scheduled for Jan. 29 at 36th District Court in Detroit.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • wraft

    What time on Jan 29 is the trial?

    • It was postponed. The trial ended on March 11. We are appealing this and the sentencing date is in June.

  • Linda Moore

    What I meant was his Steward was with us!

  • Linda Moore

    And here we go… I can testify to the fact that when he went back a week later there were NO students anywhere, yet we were escorted out by campus police, along with his Union Steward!

    • Yup! Concealment of the truth is their game, and so far it has worked for them. They were able to secure a conviction without even providing a preponderance of evidence, but they destroyed the evidence I could have used to prove my innocence. As I heard Judge Archer read the verdict, it was clear to me that the presumption of guilt was too difficult a burden for us to overcome. Don’t be fooled by platitudes that imply otherwise.

      Defendents are presumed guilty, and I don’t think proof beyond a reasonable doubt of my innocence would have made a damn bit of difference in that court room. Trials are for show.

  • dv727

    Better police…….for a better Police State

    • There are good police out there. Many actually want to protect us from thugs, but unfortunately some are thugs. Case in point, Olivia Moss-Fort.

      So who protects us from our “protectors?” Certainly not the courts… at least not the one I was in. I only hope the appellate Judge looks at facts and logic instead of just being a prejudiced accomplice to my assailants.


    Should have took the plea deal and went on with his life… F. the BS…

  • Scotty is my Libertarian brother from another mother. That said, that shirt/tie/jacket combo is an affront to God and decent society.

    Full disclosure, I’ve never actually met him, but I have voted for him in multiple elections.

    • Rap Stallion

      MY EYES!

      • Looking at that three year old picture with fresh eyes… I have to agree with you. I have prayed for forgiveness.

  • bebow

    We have a political prisoner in Third World Detroit. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Who’s the judge?

    • Roberta Archer. She found me guilty in spite of the fact that the law I was accused of breaking was intended for K-12 institutions, The behavior described by my accusers didn’t match the conduct described in the law, and we were able to prove that the prosecutions chief witness (Olivia Moss-Fort) perjured herself on the stand and falsified a document.

      We are appealing this and the sentencing date is in June.