What houses are left at the Heidelberg Project? Take a look (photos)

The world-famous Heidelberg Project is rebuilding after intentionally set fires destroyed three art-studded houses in less than two months.

The fires devoured the “Penny House,” “House of Soul” and “Obstruction of Justice House.”

The Heidelberg Project was created by Tyree Guyton after he lost three brothers on the streets. He wanted to brighten up the blight and call attention to the poverty and decay that still eat away at Detroit’s neighborhoods.

In the wake of the fires, supporters are holding a fundraiser to help rebuild.

Here are the remaining houses in and around the Heidelberg Project.

Heidelberg Heidelberg_9117 Heidelberg_3669 Heidelberg

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • bebow

    The violence and destruction taking place in the neighborhoods is truly mindless, as is our ongoing failure to end it right now. Yesterday, a preadolescent neighborhood girl slashed away at the trunk of a tree planted by The Greening of Detroit with a large kitchen knife. She did it in front of a property her people, in alliance with two other households of street folk renters, are strongly suspected of stripping. Confronted, she stopped and retreated to the slumlord’s shack. I’m about to take the patient to the couch now: Whenever we are ready, we are free to demand an end to this ridiculous situation. We control what happens here, not Bing, Orr, Snyder, the bankruptcy judge, the business community in downtown and Midtown, or Chief Craig. They are all under us. We deserve better, but we will never see better unless we demand better. I’ll start: REMOVE THE CRIMINAL MENACE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. DO IT NOW.