Grosse Pointe officer admits to taking humiliating videos of mentally ill man

A Grosse Pointe Park police officer has confessed to capturing humiliating videos of a black, mentally ill man, sources told us this evening.

The officer has been taken off duty and is expected to face discipline next week.

Our source said police handled the matter immediately and plan to restructure the department to reduce the chance of future misconduct. Officers also were told there will be no tolerance for cell phone videos unrelated to work while they are on duty.

The city plans to determine the officer’s discipline over the next week.

City officials declined to comment on the officer until the investigation is complete.

Greg Bowens, a media relations expert who was hired to handle the fallout, wouldn’t comment for this story but said Thursday that city officials and residents were embarrassed and hurt by the videos.

“My friends, my neighbors and residents are all appalled by what has occurred,” Bowens said on Fox 2’s Let It Rip on Thursday. “This is not a true representation of who we are in Grosse Pointe Park. We are working very hard at getting to the bottom of it.”

The Motor City Muckraker broke the story last week and uncovered videos that showed police telling a man with developmental disabilities to dance and sing. We obtained the videos from our source’s cell phone, and they appeared to show at least one other African American man as a target.

But the blurry nature of the videos makes it impossible to know for certain. We will be forwarding all videos and texts to the victim’s legal team.

Grosse Pointe Park officials are asking anyone with information about new videos to come forward.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Howdy_dowdy

    Cops are usually promoted for acting this way. They are looked up to by other cops as being able to get over on citizens.

  • Mary Pensyl Martin

    I am a resident of the Park and I am outraged that this officer has not been fired already! If I did this to an employee, customer or vendor at work, I would be terminated (rightfully so) immediately, no sensitivity training could possibly fix how broken I would have to be to do something like this. However, I am disgusted with the press for making this more than one officer, more than one video – when they never had such evidence in their possession. Likewise, I believe that we, the residents of Grosse Pointe, should be the people demanding investigation and proper action, not people from all over who have an agenda. This is not our culture here, plain and simple. Appropriate journalistic fact checking is in order at the Huffington Post! Likewise, I will be petitioning to have this officer removed permanently from his position.

  • tom shimko

    North American Pavement Ape….LOL

  • StretchRun

    Anybody else notice that further fuel was added to the fire by the pronouncement that this video was not a single incident but representative of a pattern of behavior, and that the subsequent videos would be released shortly.
    Surprise, they never did exist. It was a single video and an relatively innocuous single picture with a caption. Had it been identified as a single video at the outset, it wouldn’t have caused as much of a furor. I guess that’s what is called literary license in the business. I call it lying.

  • gpointewife

    wait…these videos were taken a year ago and sent to fellow officers, yes? Yet, a “source” from GPPPD says they handled the situation immediately?

    Well, I guess if by immediately, they meant immediately when they were outed.

    • GP For Life

      The department wasn’t made aware of it a year ago. I can see your MRS degree didn’t cover “comprehending what you’re reading”.

  • Mirose777

    Keep up the great posts Steve!

    When you write an article about a white person being treated inhumanely, I will GUARANTEE you won’t get every other post saying, oh that’s ok. No big deal. Who cares. Why is this even in the media.

    It never happens because black people don’t have hatred for whites and won’t dismiss their tragedies or injustices. Wrong is wrong. They might not all support whites, but they don’t hate them enough to support and deny wrong doings.

    No one of any race is stupid enough to support a black murderer. But you will find white people who will support a white murderer if they killed a black person. It happens because they hate them.

    You could write a story about a raped a black child and you’ll find at least a handful of white people who will leave a racist comment, laugh about it, and are actually glad it happened because the hate black people that much. You won’t see that when a white child is raped. The same hatred isn’t there…

    This is the world we live in. And this state is one of the worst!

    • Dust Buster

      go to the website whitegirlbleedalot dot com. lets see how much you blacks arent racist theory stacks up

  • Mirose777

    StretchRun, I would have to say you’re just as racist as the cops. You couldn’t possibly be that stupid not to get this. “Wow, the police made a video and watched it. No biggie. DUUUUH!”

    SO WHAT WAS ACHIEVED? A racist scum bag is being suspended and maybe these cops might treat human beings with some dignity in the future. I guess that’s not important to you because you’re white!

    Do you understand why a kindergarten teacher with child porn on their computer gets fired? Why would they? They didn’t distribute it to ANYONE, they watched it themselves. Let me explain. Being a child pornographer is a lifestyle that obstructs the ability of someone to be a good kindergarten teacher. Its a conflict of interest. Its not a good field for them and could cause harm to a child.

    Ok, laughing and making fun of retarded people, laughing and making fun of elderly people, telling black people to dance and make monkey noises, then recording this and distributing it as a joke is not a good quality for a police officer who “has a gun” and is supposed to be serving the public and upholding the law. It’s a conflict of interest. Not to mention this guys a JAGOFF. Obviously, there are certain types of people he thinks are a joke and will not be able to properly serve them.

    What adult man is making several racist videos while he’s working? What adult/father in any profession does this??? This guy’s a JAGOFF and is in the wrong profession. How old is he? 12 years old? And captioning his pictures with “look at the coloreds.” I see white people every week riding in the back of a pickup. Should they be hated and laughed at for this?

    And I’m sure this guy is a great upstanding officer when he pulls over any minorities. After he video tapes them and laughs at them, he treats them with the utmost respect. HA! stupid!

    But of course StretchRun doesnt care. He’s white, he’s not that old, and he’s not retarted. Doesn’t pertain to him so F**** everyone that it does. That’s my white brother-in-laws opinion too, until someone does something wrong to him. Then he won’t stop complaining, because it was done to HIM.

    One day you’ll get yours. Post it up here when you do so we can all say, “Duh, I don’t get what the big deal is.” Stupid…

    • Bush_Did_9/11

      StretchRun is the embodiment of white male privilege. He makes me sick.

      • StretchRun

        I read the rest of your posts. Every single one is angry. Clearly your life is very unsatisfying to you. Do you take any responsibility for that or is that everyone else’s fault?

        • Bush_Did_9/11

          Of course you’re blind to your privilege, that’s how white privilege works, sparky. Wow, your parents had jobs? Sounds like you had it pretty rough I guess! A real bootstrapper!

          You should brag about your 3 degrees more often; it really makes you seem smart, you limey turd.

          • StretchRun

            If your parents didn’t have a job in that era, then I understand why you are such a screw-up.

          • Bush_Did_9/11

            … apparently you never got a Uni degree in sarcasm, haha

          • StretchRun

            Do you even know what a limey is? You are wasting your time insulting me. I’m too secure in myself to let an online loser like you have any effect. Seriously, try writing a comment where you have a cogent thought and you put that thought into words.

            People who rage at the world full time like you are clearly struggling mentally. Striking out makes you feel powerful compared to the world you live in where you are a door mat. Prove you are more than that by actually expressing a point of view about something that doesn’t involve attempting to repair your crippled self image by insulting others.

          • Dust Buster

            another angry crybaby black male. greg thrasher called, he wants to take you out for drinks and a movie

    • StretchRun

      No, the police didn’t make a video, A single police officer did and sent it to his wife. Nothing more than that is known. There is no indication that the rest of the department needed to learn a lesson. Comparing it to child porn is beyond ridiculous.

      Given that you talk about your ‘ white brothers-in-law,’ I assume you are black. It is clear the videos make you very angry. Multiply your anger across a million black people in metro Detroit and that is what Steve has achieved, and you have made my point.

      One video and one picture sent to a wife by one cop meant little until Steve multiplied the hate across the region. And that achieves exactly what ?

  • Truth Squad

    So the most sensational videos are actually blurry and corrupted? “The blurry nature of the videos makes it impossible to know for certain, and some of the recordings have been corrupted” (Steve Neavling). Those are the ones with the racial slurs, correct? You should pay for Fox 2’s Christmas Party for giving your story relevance. Way to out your source also. Everyone knew it was the disgruntled ex-wife (of a GPP cop) with an ax to grind more than a week ago.

    • Mirose777

      The videos are blurry. Yeah, throw them out. You’re a stupid ass!

      What if there’s a video of your child getting shot in a parking lot or someone raping your wife? But the video is very dark and blurry, as they usually are. I’m sure you’ll defend the video and say not to use it as evidence. Stupid. You’re just a racist ass, you make fun of retarded people and blacks yourself. You’re sticking up for other who do the same and defending their actions. But if something wrong was done to your family, you’d be the first one asking for the blurry tape. Stupid… Is there really that much hate in Michigan or do the people there drink too much and abuse drugs???

      • Truth Squad

        I won’t go into the gutter with name calling with innuendo like you did. My problem is that major portions of this story was sensationalized (big word, so please try and keep up). Overall, the major media in town was parroting a lot of Neavling’s claims which are unsubstantiated, i.e., that GPP was “apprehending” black men and making them perform (Local 4); that the tapes contained “racial slurs” (Local 4), GPP cops were “ordering” black men to sing and dance like “chimps” ( The tapes were ill-advised and immature to be made. I don’t believe it’s evidence of overall racist culture within the GPP force as the whole reporting has implied since day one. On the other hand, known racist copes routinely buy down on their luck (and mentally ill) black men food, take them to the hospital, and or give them rides home without fanfare.

        • Mirose777

          Police officers video taping and making fun of retarded people. For MONTHS! We know this as fact. I agree maybe someone added a minor detail, but who cares.

          The minor details shouldn’t bother you either. What someone is doing to a human being should and it doesn’t. Your whole point is how unfairly the cops are being treated which is stupid. the guys a grown man and can do what he wants.

          What adult man working for the public is making videos of retarded people, laughing at them and distributing them, while working? And the guy has a gun too!

          That’s all I need to know! The guy is a Jagoff and should not be on that job.

          Do you know how this doesn’t get blown up in the media. DON’T DO IT!! Don’t blame the media! It’s this racist fools fault!

        • Mirose777

          Like I said, if it happened to you, you would not be defending the person committing the offense. But it didn’t, so F*** em. I see 1,000’s of posts from people with this attitude, DAILY. THOUSANDS!!!

        • Mirose777

          It is what it is. Every time a minority gets killed, raped, fired, demeaned, etc. by a white person, you always see a pocket of white who are happy and will post their joy and defense of the “white guy” on all of these bulletin boards. Lots of white scum out there. MOST white people wont. MOST. But there are many scummy whites out there.

        • Mirose777

          Last one for you. Answer this one! Steve says he has several videos taken over months. Making fun of ALL and ONLY black people, including ones he’s arrested. And this guy is captioning pictures, “Look at these coloreds.” But you don’t “think” this guy is a racist.

          What do you base this thought on? It makes no sense! Because they’re white and you’re white, so you don’t think the guy is racist? this guy IS what a RACIST IS, the definition. The average white person isn’t going out of his way to video black people and call them coloreds. Or do all white people do this and this is normal behavior?

          • Truth Squad

            Let’s see the videos. GPP has asked for them, so Neavling should have no problem handing them over (regardless of their quality). Let GPP determine if the quality is good or not.

        • johnmartin

          I thought you said you weren’t going to go into the gutter and your second sentence questions the intellectual function of your “tormenter” about a case involving a mentally disabled person. You are freaking unbelievable. I can’t even get past your second smarmy sentence. credibility in the garbage.

          • Truth Squad

            My point is major portions of this story were fabricated for effect. Get it?

          • Bush_Did_9/11

            I get that you’re a piece of shit apologist, if not a cop your damn self. Maybe we’ll turn up some videos of you, eh? Throw yourself under a subway train please

          • Truth Squad

            Who’s “we’ll?” Moron.

          • Bush_Did_9/11

            we’ll is a contraction. it means ‘we will’, hope this helps

          • Truth Squad

            I know that, genius. I’ll be around if you want to take videos of me. Not sure why you’d want to.

      • GP For Life

        “What if there’s a video of your child getting shot in a parking lot or someone raping your wife?”

        Yeah, because those are analogous to what happened here.

    • johnmartin

      yeah, so the policeman was put on leave because there was no evidence or do you think the police chief is smarter than you.

      • gpointewife

        Most people are smarter than the police chief in GPP, trust.

  • StretchRun

    So what did Steve achieve? He took a few private videos with very little circulation and created a huge racial issue, successfully dividing the races once again. Was there anything stopped here that was endangering our city in any way? Were the consequences of his supposed solution, to expose one or two voluntary videos of a drunken, mentally ill man circulated among a couple of racist people worse than the actual crime?

    These fledgling newsites like Deadline Detroit and Motor City Muckraker are morphing into full time race baiting venues. The owners see which articles get the most response, and they create racial issues out of nothing to keep the readership up.

    By giving increasingly more and more exposure to poverty pimps and racists like Sam Riddle, Adolph Mongo, racist politicians, activists like Robert Davis, pulpit pimps, and a host of other wannabes, they are in essence fanning the flames of racial discord in our community, and heightening the racial tension that has divided this region for decades for their own personal aggrandizement. In essence, Neavling and Lengel are poverty pimps themselves.

    They are a pox on our community.

    • Ryan Healy

      I respectfully disagree: I don’t believe Steve created a racial issue as much as brought one to light.

      The person who submitted the videos has made statements that they initially brought the videos to the attention of the Grosse Pointe Park Police Department and the Michigan State Police to little effect before submitting them to MCM.

      I know that the publication of the videos can be seen as sensationalizing the subject, but the fact remains that the man was exploited whether the videos were publicized (which was necessary to support the claims in the article) or not. The resultant media attention induced spokesman Greg Bowens to make a public apology on behalf of the department and prompted the department to engage in publicly stated reforms. It’s impossible to say what the response would have been otherwise.

      As for the community response, the reactions elicited by the story weren’t created by Steve. It’s in the nature of investigative journalism to consider uncommon perspectives and develop less well-known stories.

      • StretchRun

        Ryan, while we may disagree on this issue, I do respect you and look forward to more of your articles on life in Detroit.

    • johnmartin

      Are you working for Corrupt Policemen’s Benevolent Society or just a corrupt cop lover

    • kwame_2016

      Steve is just another crab in a bucket stuck in Detroit. Most Detroit residents, hell most Metro Detroit residents, are there [still] because they either don’t have the option to leave or are too scared of the world outside of Michigan. Desperate failures have a certain angst, a terminal irritation with the successful, and they have no limit to the depth they will stoop for attention or recognition. Yes, the deluge of page views will cause a short-term feeling of success, but it will be followed by the cozy depression of knowing he’ll never belong.

      • Bush_Did_9/11

        youre shit and terrible at insults

    • Bush_Did_9/11

      You’re a racist coward son of a bitch, as most anyone is who complains about the ‘race baiters’. Yes, white cops making black people shuck and jive for them are in fact far more racist than the people reporting on it, you blithering idiot. And you cannot call it voluntary when the cops are in custody of someone and can compel them to do pretty much whatever they want. Holy shit…

      • StretchRun

        Nobody uses their own picture then not their own name. Clearly you are a phony. I read your other posts. There is no attempt at edification of others, it is merely spewing of hate in all directions. Typically someone as angry as you did not work hard enough to be successful themselves yet suffers from an acute jealousy of the success of others. I would hate to be you.

        • Bush_Did_9/11

          Just because I choose to waste my time hurling abuse at bigots instead of wasting my time trying to ‘edify’ them (a futile pursuit more often than not) doesn’t mean I’m angry. Keep drawing erroneous assumptions and I’ll keep calling you a pathetic waste of life, deal?

          • StretchRun

            It doesn’t matter what the subject you are commenting on, you hurl abuse. You are a sad, angry little man. I feel sorry for you.

    • Anna Yager Seitz

      ok I have a question for you, StretchRun. If a rape victim comes to a hospital with a police officer for a rape kit. The said officer films the entire examination then sends it to his wife, is that ok in your “book”? I mean it’s the same humiliating degradation as this case. Micheal has had to deal with people screwing with him his entire life, he did not need the one group of people that was supposed to “serve, honor, and protect” to humiliate, and degrade him as a human being.

  • John Golembiewski

    That cop should be let go, plain and simple. No human being should be subjected to that sort of behavior.

    • StretchRun

      I doubt he was forced into that behavior. He was encouraged, and he played along. And I doubt that the mentally challenged individual was shamed by his behavior. He probably forgot it right away. After all, it was just a single individual with a camera phone.
      He won’t forget it now. Now, the entire region has seen the video. The man has been shamed publicly. The pictures of him in front of the Grosse Pointe police station make him look embarrassed and confused. He is being paraded around by the poverty pimps until his utility to these opportunists and usurers is exhausted, then he will be cast aside to privately ponder what happened.
      These people who pretend to care so much about his welfare actually don’t care at all. To them he is a prop in their little show. He brings in readership and advertising dollars to this news site, he brings in contributions and notoriety to the poverty pimps like Malik Shabazz.
      He would have been much better off if the video and picture had been seen by the cops wife, and maybe his best friend then forgotten. We as a community do not need to find small incidents of racism and blow them up so that they divide a region badly in need of healing after decades of racial tension, much of it unnecessary as well.
      But the divisiveness will continue as long as those individuals who profit by it continue to cash in.

      • TheLoweDown

        You want to know how to heal racial strife? Quit excusing racism. There is no such thing as “small incidents of racism,” there is racism plain and simple, institutional and personal. It is all dehumanizing and destructive.

        • StretchRun

          Sorry to prick your idealistic balloon and disperse all that warm, fuzzy gauze that surrounds you but we will never live in a post racial society. There is no such thing as a perfect world, at least on this side of heaven.

          Here, in the most segregated region in America, healing right now is more important than pointing out every little imperfection and treating it like the sky is falling.

          • Meow Mix

            And your point?? So what…. so since we will never live in a post racial society we should just let it happen? Oh please. We will never be rid of murder… but hey let’s just let it go unpunished because people will never stop!

            The man was mentally challenged… The cop should be fired. You don’t even HAVE to be concerned for the mentally challenged man to NOT want a cop like that working on the force.

            What we don’t need is people like you making every excuse in the book for racist people.

          • StretchRun

            Equating a video of a mentally challenged man whose record for public drunkenness is so long that the cops have got into the habit of just driving him home to a homicide is beyond ridiculous.
            Nowhere did I make an excuse for the cop. What I said is that the smallest of incidents was totally blown out of proportion. One cop, one video, one or two recipients of that video, and a man making a fool of himself who would probably never remember this embarrassing incident if it hadn’t been used by this region’s poverty pimps to sell newspaper advertising and solicit contributions for Malik Shabazz’s source of income.
            Not every incident has to become a full blown conflagration, especially in an area where whites and blacks already dislike each other to a greater degree than any other area of the country. Did you see how white people reacted when a beautiful 20 year old white girl was shot point blank in the head after closing a Southfield restaurant and her Detroit gangbanger murderer was released twice due to lone black jurors? They didn’t.
            Those two incidents were as different as night and day, and how the races reacted was just as different. A horrific racial injustice for a brutal murder was met with silence. A relatively harmless video was met with widespread protests and over-the-top remonstrations. One group grits their teeth, sucks it up and moves forward. The other group cries and wails like stuck pigs every chance they get. It is pathetic.

          • Meow Mix

            How exactly is something simply being reported “blown out of proportion”? If it was not reported on, it would have been swept under the rug like it was for a year. Im sure they knew about it, it was brought to their attention before. They did nothing.

            You know why “some” people may make a big deal of this? Its has less to do with the mentally challenged man, and more to do with Police forced are often FILLED with guys like this.. who are pretty much racists… and they hold positions of power, and people are often just sick of it.

            This unprofessional behavior is just unacceptable. And it took someone with a camera to capture it, and then someone else took the effort to shop it around to draw light on it.

            If they did nothing, nothing would have happened. And just because someone does the simple act of blowing the whistle on something, does mean it gets turned into some national tragedy.

            The cop was revealed of duty for what he did… and unless he wins an appeal and keeps his job… everyone will move on.

      • Guest

        God you’re stupid.. the man in question was MENTALLY CHALLENGED, you DUMB ASS!!!!

      • mrReason1

        Be careful; we may do well to avoid side stepping. We want
        young people to recognize racial implications/condescending and what it means
        to all. The trend now is to keep it real. WE ARE ALWAYS BEING OBSEARVED BY A
        YOUNGER-THAN-US GENERATION!!!. Target the real trouble maker and help that
        person or group(s) to recognize the consequences of this behavior. We may do
        well to avoid blaming the victim or placing blame on peculiar events produced
        by this incident. We should lead/display behavior/make statements that will improve
        a matter. WE SHOULD LEARN FROM THIS. Let’s help make the future generations more
        attentive to each other’s feelings and not return to behaviors of yesteryears.

        • StretchRun

          I wholeheartedly agree that we should remember that future generations are watching. But your advice should include both races. In the Southfield Rib Rack Murder where the beautiful young white girl’s bullet to the head murder was not enough to convict the Detroit gangbanger due to the existence of lone black jurors in two trials.

          There was absolutely no recriminations from the black community about this colossal injustice. Sadly, little was said in the white community either.

          Do you remember when O.J. Simpson was considered innocent prior to the trial by 90% of the black community? Yet the smallest of incidents by whites, and this video incident is small because you could count the number of people who viewed the video with the fingers on one hand, is treated like the entire white race is virulently racist.

          I want future generations to be able to look at these issues with equanimity and balance, not the one sided finger pointing that has characterized race relations in this region for decades.

      • Monica Archibald

        He would have been “much better off” if the video was never shot at all! This is the act of an immature public servant who took an oath to ‘protect and serve’, and I don’t see him doing either of those. I do see him dehumanizing one of the unfortunate people he’s PAID to help, not humiliate! Sounds like YOU need some sensitivity training!

        • StretchRun

          Again, no one is defending the cop. What he did was immature. But in typical fashion, this incident was extremely limited in scope but the poverty pimps would not leave it that way.

          The real injury to the mentally challenged man with a drinking problem was that he has been paraded around, having been made a spectacle to a national audience by the people who profess to have his best interests at heart – blacks and white liberals.

          If they really did care about him as anything more than a symbol in their quest for greater readership or more political contributions, they would have adjudicated the incident quietly with the police.

          If you asked him now about the most painful part of this incident, I’m sure he would cite the fact that so many had seen such an embarrassing incident. Who caused that?

  • nitrodrip

    Good job in breaking that story Mr Neavling you just instituted social change. The others that thought there was nothing wrong with the officer debasing a mentally challenged adult you need a moral compass.

    • Howdy_dowdy

      They need a homeless shelter as homeless men have a higher degree of ethics and civility

      • nitrodrip

        They are mentally ill you emotional cripple. What have you done for any community other then make trite statements and complain(rhetoric).