Exclusive: Grosse Pointe police film, humiliate black man

At least one Grosse Pointe Park police officer is capturing humiliating photos and videos of a black man with disabilities and texting them to co-workers, friends and family, the Motor City Muckraker has found.

Most of the videos are shot from squad cars while at least one African American man is told to sing and dance. Some of the subjects are even in the back of police cars.

Grosse Pointe Park Capt. David Loch said the department is launching an investigation.

“If you are in possession of something, we will meet with you,” Loch offered.

We are not revealing the source of the texts and videos but were able to verify they were sent from the cell phones of police officers. Many of the photos and videos have been forwarded numerous times. The videos appear to depict at least two different men.



“It’s disgusting,” the source of the messages said. “It’s part of the culture in Grosse Pointe.”

Because of the humiliating nature of some of the videos, we aren’t publishing most of them.

On the border of Detroit, Grosse Pointe is emblematic of the racial divide. In 1960, a civil case revealed the community used a screening process to effectively make it impossible for black people and “Orientals” to buy property. Grosse Pointe remains an area of wealth and privilege – and critics say it has done little to ease fears of racism.

“I won’t even go there anymore,” Anthony Baker, who is black, told me. “Last three times I went, I got pulled over every single time. Never got a ticket, just lots of questions.”

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Christian

    Savvy commentary ! I am thankful for the insight – Does someone know where my company would be able to acquire a blank IRS 2290 form to fill in ?

  • Common sense

    Love the arguments made by people stating they are not responsible for slavery 150 years ago, but while your ancestors came here thru Ellis Island to start their life and make yours better, they also allowed blacks to come here chained in the hull of trade ships for the same reason.. to make your life better. Here’s a little history.. The Columbus bros. started the slave trade after pretty much wiping out the Arawaks in the Caribbean and they needed more slave to find gold for them. How many of you who say “i’m not responsible” are Catholic? Did you know that Pope Alexander VI of the Catholic Church is directly responsible for the Papal Bulls that started the slave trade and authorized Columbus to make slaves of the indigenous peoples of America and Africa? Did you also know that those laws are still in effect? If this is your religion, then you are just a guilty as the original people who wrote them.

  • RoseMarie Green

    Listen its all these people have left going for themselves. Their racism is the only thing they have to make them feel relevant. Not all white people are racists because they know the world we live in today it gets them nothing. But those who are we have to stop entertaining their bigotry if we don’t entertain it they become irrelevant. We got the music industry, we are more successful now than ever and more importantly we got the white house. They know they will soon be the minority and they can’t handle it. what else do they have going for them? There is nothing about white people that people of other races don’t have except hate and racism. all them “YES SIR MASTER SIR” days are long gone never coming back. GET OVER IT!

    • Ol’ Cracker

      Scamper back up the coconut tree

  • jhmdeuce

    Steve, why don’t you take a look at what’s going on in real estate and development in Grosse Pointe Park? More restaurants than you can count but no more party stores or markets. Rent subsidies to college students driving the rents sky high to get rid of “you know who.”
    An ice cream parlor was denied a permit for lack of parking. But they ok an upscale brewery and restaurants galore with the same parking. Oh. I see. “You know who” would go to the ice cream parlor, but they can’t afford fine dining and designer beer.
    Some single mothers use the rentals in the “cabbage patch” area of Grosse Pointe Park to desperately try to give their kids a chance at an education, and a better life. Retirees like it for the safety and convenience.
    The city has sold out to health care moguls so everyone can make a quick buck…and get rid of “you know who.”

  • AOS

    This cops might have been wrong for what they did in this particular instance however people from Grosse Pointers (as I am one of them and have been my whole life) have experienced heightened crime in recent years. Grosse Pointe is not surrounded by the nicest of areas and Detroit gets bigger and bigger every year. The police need to continue questioning and watching out for the residents. I have not experienced any outright racism in the public areas- there are often blacks and white comingling together in the city so to say that Grosse Pointe has done little to ease fears of racism is moronic…

  • jdw

    If anyone’s still wondering why all the kids are getting the f*ck out of Michigan, look no farther than stories like this. The kids don’t want to live in the racist 1950s. And good luck to a state trying to attract new residents when the google results for “michigan” and “detroit” are full of crap like this.

  • Guess

    I live across the street from gp from alter road right on Jefferson and let me tell u I see alot of whites but also I love them very nice ones. So to see what’s really going on that side of the street because I’m on Detroit side it saddens me and enrages me to my heart by now they should know we aren’t putting up with this behavior I’m black so I stick with black people whites have beat raped killed striped us of our intelligence(refuse to let us learn) and done everything but take our pride and still we arose enough is just enough I firmly believe we all can co-exist!!!!!!

  • Guess

    If it were me and my family in any of these videos I wonuldnt be writing a comment just imagine if the whites want war we can give it to them we can b just as revengeful just as rich and just as smart we’ve been trying to live in peace but any of those black can stand up and when u humiliate one u humiliate us all just let us know what u want to do we ate waiting.

  • Rodney S

    Steve Neavling should go hangout in Flint. There’s no cops there and the natives would love to show him around.



  • Blackofficer

    Typical….I am Black and 54 and have been college educated since 21 and beaten by white MP’s in the army and Beaten by white police in the street by both for speaking up for my rights as a human being and as an officer in army and a gentlemen in the streets. I looked at as less then human due to images like these…to dehumanize a person makes it easier for the mistreatment of that thing that is not human. If allowed it will explode and the ideal will be accepted. Thanks Steve!

  • Jackie Willis

    well we need more journalist like you because the journalist of today suck!!!!!

  • Lori Johnson

    I am very sad to say I have witnessed some of this crude behavior. I work in a business office on Kercheval and I’ve seen children of certain color told go play somewhere else. What a disgrace in this day and age. I am sick to my stomach over this.

  • Jack Ramsey

    Shit happens in GP. Goose Poop Shores, Goose Poop Farms, Goose Poop Park–the po po is pooping on peeps there.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    At least when they’re “chimping out” they’re not doing drive-by shootings or dealing crack…

  • HpPavilion22

    them dumb cops are going to cause race riots when they keep thier jobs and get off with no punishments

  • rolandclark

    Surpreme Court.. still think racism is the thing of the past?

  • JoeShawler

    WOW!!! Following this thread really shows how racism has permeated our
    society… on all sides: white, black, tan, red and yellow. Stop and read
    what we are all posting. Racism is a disgusting trait, and we all tend to
    harbor racist views to some point. As Americans: not African Americans,
    not German Americans, not Asian Americans, not Mexican Americans, BUT AS AMERICANS, we need to unite, not divide. We all need to stand up against injustice, regardless of the race, color or creed of the victim.

    I realize I am a lone voice, and my opinion is mine and mine alone, but we
    have to STOP this insanity. As Martin Luther King Jr. often said, we need
    to judge each person by the content of their character, not by the color of
    their skin. Admit it… there are good and bad in EVERY race on
    earth. Are we ever going to eradicate that hate??? NO. People are
    people, we all will have to deal with that hate, some more than others.
    But DAMN it, if you see an injustice done to your fellow man, stand up and say “NO!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!

    Sorry for my rant, but I deeply believe that America can become great again
    if we all just use a little common sense…

  • Raye B

    They need to be sued big time and maybe the loss of money from the lawsuits to come will make them think twice about doing this type of profiling. I am happy this went national so these ignorant azz cops will learn that the Sh t will have to stop now.

    • Fascist Slayer

      Is suing actually changed anything they would have banned it a long time ago.

  • blackspeak

    The social material system of white supremacy is insidious and pervasive across the planet…

    • Ven Lapp

      Of course! Ahmed Sekou Toure, Idi Amin Dada, Jean Bedel Bokassa and countless others were actually white and wore blackface! And, in the history of man on this planet, “whites” only conquered/enslaved blacks!

  • amerikagulag

    This is the new “protect and serve”. All trained by Israeli companies!

  • popsqualli

    There will be NO outcry from so called ‘good cops’ who do not condone such behavior because there are none. These BASTARDS don’t have to wonder why they are so hated…they EARNED it and own it. BASTARDS

  • Junebug Actual

    Those racist Southerners! Just what you’d expect in the Deep South.

    Oh, no! Wait a minute! This allegedly happened in the holy land of the North? Never mind. It’s okay. These must be fake.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Were the coloreds forced to behave this way? No? then move along! Whoops! did I just use the word “colored”? Well when many blacks consider themselves “persons of color”, correct English usage is to refer to them as “colored”. Time for the liberal race pimps to give it a rest!

    • You may not consider “colored” a racial slur, but I do. Please refrain from using such language or I will ban you.

      • Thomas J.Stratford

        Ban your fucking ass ya shit skinned idiot!

  • FTN

    Our entire nation is being sold into (debt) slavery and *this* is important? Yawn…

  • Sharon Lynn

    Steve Neavling you must be a communist liberal, you write like one

  • Sharon Lynn

    okay FIRST OFF, from these very tiny clips you can’t tell anything. There are blacks who are acting nutty. The cops are filming them.
    I did not hear any cop demand they dance or sing. One cop is heard saying ‘sing YOUR song’

    But if you go to Detroit and see some of these drunk/high black men, you will find they are dancing in the streets, yelling, often naked [not in winter unless they are on pcp] so the cops filmed it. okay. I have seen decent cops try and connect with blacks in the inner city and they often chat and mess around. I don’t see them being mean or anything. That one guy you claim is asked to be a ‘chimp’ I did not hear a cop DEMAND he do that. you did not offer us good clips to judge this accusation

    as for the cop tweeting about the black guy in the back = that’s funny! come on now =- how many times do we see stupid people on the back of the truck? it happens often, many times these guys end up in the morgue or hospital. I did not see the cop use derogatory language, he said, coloreds, so what?

    • “Coloreds” is indeed derogatory language.

      • Rodney S

        Then quit saying “people of color”. As though white people are colorless and boring.

        • Maravia Blount

          I thought white people deplored being associated with color.. now your offended to not be considered colored.. ???

          • Rodney S

            You don’t get it. If black people don’t like being called colored, then why do they keep referring to themselves as “people of color”?

          • Maravia Blount

            I think the media keeps making that distinction..

        • I’m white. I’m fine being boring.

        • Well………

  • Grannie4news

    I am white and I get sick of everything that happens to some black people it is always because they are black. Nonsense, take responsibility for your actions. This, however, is a pure case of not only racism but also sadism. How dare one human being treat another human being like this. God made us all different to test us on how we would treat one another, with love or with hate. Every race has it’s bad apples but we should never lump everyone together and judge them. My ancestors had no slaves and even if they did, they will be judged by God on the other side of the veil someday. It is NOT our job to judge anyone. Unless you have walked in their shoes, don’t pretend to know what makes them tick. I hope they fire every last Officer that has either done it or laughed about it.

    • neverlickthehand

      I think if a cop in or by motor city does this he’s dum-ba or its a setup to push the whole racist WHITE cops cause black community outrage causing vicious attacks, to deflect the bad press on the black on white crime described as the knock out game.

  • Killer Social Media

    Obama’s attempt to initiate a race war. False Flag.

  • motown momma

    I scarcely know where to begin. I am a Black woman. I live in GP. I began school here in 1967. Since that time, I have been associated with or, lived in, GP. My children have all attended school here as well. Thus, I have has a very long history here.
    It is entirely true that GP is a VERY race aware community. There are many kind, generous people in GP. There are also very many racist, elitist people here. It is true, based on my long experience, that there is a “driving while black” problem in GP. If you are driving in GP and you are Black, there is an assumption that you are a criminal and need to be investigated. This is racist. In fact, this assumption is true for Blacks, no matter what you are doing in GP. For instance, my gardener was in my yard, with all his garden equipment; the police arrived and handcuffed him while trying to find a reason to arrest him. In later years, I had a white gardener, who has NEVER been questioned about being in my yard. In another instance, my daughter and her boyfriend were sitting in a car outside MY house (which I owned)talking and breaking no laws; the police came, interrogated them and made the young man “go back to Detroit”. I could go on and on.
    Granted, this is anecdotal but, nonetheless instructive. I remain in GP, enduring these racial slights, because it is very safe here and the school district is exceptional. But understand, GP is this way not because it is majority white, but rather because it is WEALTHY. If a community has a rich enough tax base, it can provide for sufficient police and good schools. We make a historical and intellectual mistake when we link race and economic class. White people can be poor and Black people can be wealthy. Community quality in the U.S. is almost completely based on class.
    Additionally, any assumption that being Black means being criminal, dirty, uneducated, violent or any other negative adjective is so biased, racist and ignorant as to almost not warrant discussion. However, I will say that any person who believes such is completely unaware of the history and achievement of Black people. There are many pervasive, institutional reasons for poverty, especially Black poverty and its associated ills. In spite of this, millions of Black people have achieved great success. I am not speaking of athletes or entertainers, I mean ordinary, hard-working African-Americans. And moreover, Detroit is filled with people just like this. There are Black doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners in Detroit, just like in white communities. Detroit is in its present condition because of many long-standing, complex reasons. The fact that it is majority Black is the least of these.
    Finally, the behavior of these officers discussed here is reprehensible. Public employees, like police, are called to SERVE. They are to serve the PUBLIC, not just local residents. This is not service, by any meaning of the word. It is dangerous for any person not to obey the police today. So, to say that this man had any choice whether to do as instructed by the police is disingenuous.

  • EyeSeeYou

    What do you call a booger on a toothpick? Grosse Pointe.

  • linda barnett

    There ard lots of racists in all color groups. Duhhh. Now let’s get back
    To busting terrorists. Everyone is a terrorist! Omg! Lock your doors
    and windows and live in fear. Haylp! Haylp! I need the government! ;*)

  • MikeOchenbolls

    Another fine example of LBJ’s great society.

  • Della Thorne

    In peoria AZ they just beat up single white women in front of their children b/c they felt like it (have the witnesses) and cause permanent physical damage and “get away with it”.. Why do they get away with it? Because the women are white, zero tolerance in the State of AZ, and…no one will take on the Wall of Blue in Peoria..
    This is unconscionable but I know for certain it doesn’t just happen to black people..I’ve seen it done to Amer Indians, white people, etc. Police idiocy, brutality and insanity must stop and they must stop being protected…period!


    i think, they have good reason to keep the trash out of a nice community.

  • Kiel

    These are private videos – not published for public viewing. These officers have to vent somehow with all the crazy f’d up nonsense they have to deal with in the hood all day. This story has me interested in two things that the writer doesn’t tackle: 1) Steve Neavling’s need to call black people “African- American” before he refers to them as “black”. and 2) Have we reached the point where we need to completely cut off communication with PC lib family members and “friends”??

    • WiserWords2

      Are you suggesting there aren’t any other options they have to vent?

      • Kiel

        No. They could vent by becoming raging alcoholics like the people they recorded, I suppose. But I think their approach of “turning the frown upside down” and being able to laugh at the insanity that surrounds them every day is pretty harmless. Really, the only thing that makes me mad about their actions is that they were recording drunks acting like fools instead of arresting drug dealers and violent criminals.

  • jakespoon

    So, they let the prisoner in back of the police car keep his cell phone and record them making racist taunts. Smells like a setup.

  • Cape Coral

    I wonder what the crime rate is in GP compared to surrounding towns? And the headline, totaly misleading. I watched the video and nothing close to the headline is depicted or resembles the headline. However, these officers should be doing more proactive legitimate Police work if they have the time to do this. Where is the supervision?

  • Johnbraavo

    If you use stats to help you police your area, I can see why you would profile the black community. But making the black man dance like a chimp is a little over the top.

  • Brian Cox

    Really! This is the shocking evidence? Give me a break. In this case there truly is NOTHING TO SEE HERE! As they would say.

  • Kelly

    Thanks Steve for reporting this and all the work you di. I hope you’ll follow up on this soon so it doesn’t get buried in their internal investigation.

  • liberaltraitors

    Who cares? Get over it. Stop whining. Clean up your neighborhoods. Stop screwing everyone. Stop the crime. Stop wearing house shoes out in public. Stop having kids at 16. Stop the dope. Stop the idiotic hairdos. Talk with some semblance of literacy. Pull up your pants. Stop making up ignorant-sounding names, or naming kids “Li’quor.” Pick up your feet when you walk.

    Then demand people stop thinking you are clowns or a lesser race. Until then, your ignorance will always bring out their ignorance, and people like me are sick of both of you.

    • Greg Thrasher

      Yawn… Empty myopic rants chatter class noise

      • liberaltraitors

        Yawn. Empty, do-nothing-give-ups from the leech class.

  • hoistthatrag

    This is garbage…nothing here. Don’t bother with it.

  • John Thomas

    What’s the problem?

  • Quantummechanic720

    Fuck did that dumb cop film with, a refrigerator?

  • GP For Life

    Yes, that must be it.

    • Duhneegrius Sharpton III

      fa sho wit it GP!

  • James Courtney

    I will say something else, seems the media cant help but serve up racial anger and motivated news.

    Detroit (metro) you need to fucking grow up

  • James Courtney

    Neavling makes a point in the argument that GP people support this. (Some of my best friends are Gpers…lol) I cant agree with that but after seeing many of the comments by GPers in the comment section…well anecdotal evidence says

  • jimmyjaw breakr

    this is not real “us blacks” make this kind up stuff up! smh

  • JK1

    Well conservatives keep telling us “racism is dead, it’s a Liberal lie supported by blacks who use the race card.” mmmm, yeahh…

  • motorfingaz


  • davidfGuest

    Oink, pigs, oink.

  • tom

    Maybe I am missing something. What it looks like is they have certain people they see every day who they just find completely hilarious. Who want to mug for the camera, singing songs, doing bird calls or whatever.

    I didn’t see any coercion here. It looks like the people wanted to do their bird calls for fun.

  • robin silverest

    OMG…this scares me to think about the horrible people doing this who more than likely lead seemingly (but deceitful) normal lives. Indeed this is some of the most reprehensible behavior I have ever witnessed! GASP!

  • javierjuanmanuel

    Muck raker you used the word men, did a man make a chimp noise maybe on his own, or did cops make MEN plural do this. How did they make them do this ?

    To some of the other mistakes i have seen, GP is not 30k, Grosse Pointe woods alone is almost 30k, GPP where this happened is almost 12,000 people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosse_Pointe_Park,_Michigan

    About people being pulled over on mack, there is a number of explanations for what people may be seeing. One is called confirmation bias, you see what you want to see. In this case self loathing whites, middle class and upper middle class white people with white guilt. The more likely reality is people DO GET PULLED OVER LIKE CRAZY ON MACK. All races. Middle ages GP residents in luxury cars get pulled over if their tag is one day expired. If you have a car that is a hooptie, and have jacked wheels, shimmiieing wheel that looks unsafe, no bumper, tail light out, head light out, speakers to loud, busted muffler, open headers on a muscle car or truck, debris falling out of trailer, no fenders on your trailer, and on and on. All state and city laws are enforced. This is viewed as strange to people in detroit that are used to not buying a tag every year. I know people that have driver for two years in detroit with out a legit current tag. I have been pulled over on mack in GPW literally driving back from SOS with my tag in hand. I just did not put it on because my plate was dirty and i wanted to clean it so it would stick nice.

    You may or may not know 40% of the people in detroit do not have insurance, tons of young people from detroit have tons of outstanding warrants. The cops on make do not have to fight graffiti artists, or gangs, or street racing. Depending on which pointe we are talking about, it can be ten – twenty years between murders. They have the time and resources to drive behind people and run plates.

    Some people like this. If you are honest tax payer, and you drive a car that is road legal, and you pay tickets, do not have warrants etc, you can drive with confidence.

    Things are different here. In GP you can call the cops and they will be at your house in 2 minutes flat in an emergency. I called when i found two stray dogs, and cops came casually and made it to my house in about 7 minutes. In detroit you can say a gunmen is on your lawn and the cops show up the next day. There is a real policy now, in detroit, if your home is not actively being broken into, you are not a priority. Do not expect things in detroit to carry into all the burbs. Many people do not want that.

    I encourage anyone who says the cops stop them for NO REASON, to have their phone on their dash with camera aimed up at the window the cops will be in. Please post to youtube. I do not believe these claims. You are leaving out the expired tag, tail light out, plate light out, etc. Granted that is nothing in detroit, it is not nothing in reality.

    • catmando1980

      Well Said!

    • James Courtney

      are you saying racial profiling does not exist?

    • L Paul Beck

      What in the name of sanity does ANY of what you said have to do with the POINT!!! Police officers are forcing US Citizens to act like monkeys and sing and otherwise debase themselves!

      • forcing? Maybe I missed something because I didnt see any use of force, physical or otherwise./

        • donotfollowme

          The mere fact that it involves police officers is a means of using force. How many people are willing to challenge a police officer? Add in the number of incidents in which officers have harassed blacks and you now have implied force.

          • inspectorudy

            When was the last time a cop allowed a perp to keep his cell phone with a camera in it and shoot pictures of the arresting cop doing humiliating things to him? This looks like a group of cops cutting up and not coercion like is repeated over and over again.

          • donotfollowme

            That looks like an abuse of power by the police. It looks like a bunch of pigs who are using the fact that there is a certain amount of fear in our community for them to get these people to “perform” for their amusement. During slavery, it was nothing for Massa to call in the slaves to do a jig. If you cannot see the parallel (or as I strongly suspect, refuse to acknowledge because you are not that obtuse), there is nothing further to say.

        • L Paul Beck

          Winston if you were that stupid you wouldn’t be able to type. You know full well that someone with a firearm and the power to arrest/shoot you orders to do something they are forcing you to do it by virtue of their power and authority.

      • WiserWords2

        It’s called deflection.

  • Steffy93

    I can’t understand what these people are saying these videos. There is no context.
    What is the point here?

  • GeoJustice

    Was that GROSS point. It’s a pity that the cities officers have to act in a two bit fashion. They’re not rich. It points to the hiring process at city hall, and the lifestyle of the people living there have. Makes you think that the wealth the city has achieved was gained in a non-inclusive and racist way.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      It was achieved in running small business, and getting in on the ground floor 100 years ago starting business, and getting in on the ground floor of big auto, big steel, big lumber.

      You might be surprised to know, that any black person that wanted to start a business has been able to do so for hundreds of years.

      • James Courtney

        your kidding right? it was on the books in all the points up until the 60’s that blacks, jews and “orientals” could not purchase property in the points

      • L Paul Beck

        Not in this country. A few have, and people that say things like you do come along and burn down their business and hang them from a tree if they should object.

      • WiserWords2

        Were all of these small businesses legal?

        • Maravia Blount

          Are you being serious… do you really think Blacks have had the same opportunities as you and decided to just what be lazy? AND yes the USA.. where blacks have made it possible for whites to prosper in business without actually having to work at it.. so blacks have always had the no how BUT the opportunity to use it for themselves was never equally present..sure you have very successful blacks however the vast majority have been and forever will be bound and not afforded the chance to rise.. if all blacks were allowed to own businesses whites wouldn’t have customers!

  • Chucky Cee

    After the Miami Dolphins’ Martin bully story, and this stroy, I can see why passive colored men are such popular politicians, while real African American males are in decline.

  • Nadine Gizak

    The Pointes have a combined population of 30,816. African Americans represent 7.43 percent of the population (or 2,290 people). In comparison, Lathrup Village has a similar median income to Grosse Pointe Woods (about $80,000) and the African American population is 60.9 percent. IMO the xenophobic, racists remarks here are delusional and ignorant.

    • Thanks for the stats!

      • javierjuanmanuel

        they are wrong. 12,000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosse_Pointe_Park,_Michigan almost

        gpw 16k http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosse_Pointe_Woods,_Michigan

        gpf 10k http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosse_Pointe_Farms,_Michigan

        gpc 5,500 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grosse_Pointe,_Michigan

        gps 3,000

        thats 48,500.

        GPW is the poor GP, this happened in GPP. Nadine might be onto something, but she never tied the loose ends together. What is the point, that not all blacks are poor? Did someone say that, i think you can disprove that by the 10% black population in GPP where this happened. TONS of black people in the city of detroit make 100k, they work for the city, and the UAW. Median total compensation for GM floor worker almost 7 years ago was over 140k. Thats tons of black dudes with three days training making 140k with their stock options, pension, healthcare and pay.

        I do not think anyone said all blacks are poor, but that seems to be what she was arguing against.

        • There have been many comments over the course of the day that have asserted as much. They may have been casualties of their authors getting banned for various other offensive things.

        • James Courtney

          Thats tons of black dudes with three days training making 140k with their stock options, pension, healthcare and pay.

          Thats what you are upset about.

          I think thats what is always been about at least for the past 70 years

  • bebow

    Some of the comments here exceed belief. It’s one thing for police to enforce the law aggressively and another to sadistically abuse random black people. How can anyone defend this practice and simultaneously cop a superior attitude? Is a thin veneer of decency good enough to pass? Is that how Bashara passed the sniff test for so long?

    • Montely Wilson

      Non-human beings can defend this. It portrays who they are exactly! kma

  • James Courtney

    I think this comment sums it up quite well. From DetroitYes Forums

    “This is something we’ve discussed before: Institutional racism. It’s ugly and it’s stubborn and it’s a reality. It doesn’t matter if the individual homeowners are not racists. If the police department they fund is racist, then the residents are all funding an institution of white power. It doesn’t matter if individual homeowners are even opposed to this sort of misbehavior, the institution will do its work and cover its own ass.” — Detroitnerd

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Thats great james. First you can’t even for sure show this was for sure this cop saying this stuff, and not doctored by the ex as claimed. Maybe wait a day before you throw 30 other cops not involved under the bus.

      Can you show that the guy was made to act like a chimp, it was not in the video.

      Laslty, there is no proof this is institutional. This was not some memo filled with slurs from the chief, the mayor, and the fire chief. They did not have some drunking racist black face party at the mayor house.

      If anything it was one guy. So please share how its institutional.

      Also do you think things one black guy in detroit reflects on the whole city? Or one black cop doing something wrong, does that mean its institutional. I know your type. It does not. People you like and identify with are individuals, with complex personalities.

      People you hate, they are all the same, even if you have them wrong. You might be the bigot here.

  • snakeguy

    Cops doing what they do.

  • Miggoty Moss

    Neither of those videos really show/prove any kind of wrongdoing; have you ever seen Youtube? It’s chockfull of all kinds of people being recorded doing stupid and ridiculous things–black or white. They were not pulled over and then made to act like that–I am familiar with both as street wanderers–it’s just how they are, and it’s not the first time their silliness has been recorded. I’m sure you’ve seen the distinct border along Alter Road, and what Grosse Pointe Park police are up against to keep the city from turning into the rubble and garbage one street away.

  • James Courtney

    these people are disgusting. abuse of power is an understatement

  • Eric Douglas

    GPP isn’t any different than any other first ring suburbs, specifically Dearborn and Redford, but I feel the same way as a white person driving down any street outside of downtown and know for a fact that whites are profiled by city police as many white suburban drug users come barely into the city for their fix then leave. We’re all outsiders somewhere, but what the cop did was clearly racist and he should be fired but he’ll probably just get a week paid off.


    Its very obvious They DO NOT want black people in their city. If I lived there, I wouldn’t want them there either, driving up and down LakeShore drive playing ghetto monkey music, hauling couches on top of their escorts, etc… GTFO…

    • Eric Douglas

      The school system is the best example, they have rentals along Vernier and they expect to socially engineer even those.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      I know 2 black who live on lakeshore, on the nice side of lake shore. Not looking across over the road at the water … they have the water in their back yard, one lives 2-3 houses from art van in GPS. The other has lived on windmill point since the mid 1970s. Both are professionals, neither is light skinned. One is even an immigrant.

  • Cassandra InDetroit

    I’m not hearing what proceeded the chimp sounds. This could be mistaken for voluntary on the Black man’s part. I’d hope you released more or more of this video and its full content. I hope this worker does not lose his job. He should be encouraged to sue GPD

    • The individual videos have not been edited, what you see is the entirety of what was forwarded around the department. I certainly hope no one assumes that the behavior was voluntary because they don’t hear the officer speaking.

      • Steffy93

        How can you make the assumption of whether it is voluntary or involuntary with no context provided?
        That’s irresponsible journalism.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          because the like the conclusion it paints.

          They are saying its impossible for black people to be crazy or manipulative. It was not a video sent around of a black guy acting crazy, thats impossible! It could not be saved to video because no one would believe the cop, and there is no editorial comment, just hey, look at this crazy guy in my car. Ohh hey, he happens to be black also.

          Nahh. Can’t be that.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        but isnt it wrong to suggest he was made to act like a chimp, and was not doing it to look crazy, get a reaction, make people feel awkward.

        Believe it or not, i have heard perfectly sane black people make all sorts of animal noises, albeit being silly. But it was in public, and i did once see a young black guy get ripped a new one for doing this infront of white people, by an old black man who was not related to the young man. He told him he set the movement back 40 years clown’ing like that in front of white people.

        It is actually racist to assume if a black guy makes a chimp noise, the ONLY reason he could do it is because someone made him do it.

        Black people can be crazy, or pretend to be crazy if they think it will aid their cause.

  • Guest

    I’m not hearing what proceeded the chimp sounds. This could be mistaken for voluntary on the Black man’s part. I’d hope you released more or more of this video and its full content. I hope this Office Depot worker does not lose his job.

  • Alex

    Not surprised. Grosse Pointe and St. Clare Shores are terrible places. I was driving back home with my mother from Kroger and GP police were just following us eventually my mom got sick of it, got out of the car, walked to the officer and politely asked for directions. He was shocked but tried to play it off by being overly sweet. Disgusting. It’s not like blacks do not know their treated like shit or followed like we’re animals. My mom is in Novi and I live in Ann Arbor and even though these places are problematic I can deal with it, I will never take another step in GP, St. Clare Shores, Brighton, or Howel. Never.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      that does not explain how its horrible. So they were running your plates to see if there was warrants, or if your plate matched the car. Example you stole the plate off a white honda accord, and you are in a blue ford fusion. They do that to TONS of people, all races. It happens to my white friends who are third and 4th generation GP.

      “Disgusting. It’s not like blacks do not know their treated like shit or followed like we’re animals”
      -aaaaahh haaa haaa haaa haaa. Thats treated like shit. Man he sure is a racist, he was overly sweet. What an asshole. And he followed you, and DID NOT stop you. Your mom approached him.

      I hear thats what the secret police did to people under saddam. If you voted wrong, or spoke against him, he sent agents to be super nice to you, and give you extra polite directions … well normal directions, you were just not used to nice cops, so you thought it was FAKE extra nice.

      You know, that way of being so nice, it crosses over into being mean?

    • John Thomas

      Good, you got the hint.

  • catmando1980

    Should the GP police just stand aside and let a tidal wave of crime pour into their city from detroit,or do something about it?. If I were the police, I’d stop EVERY car entering from Detroit, just to check for insurance.

    • You do know that the vast majority of Detroiters don’t commit any crimes, right?

      • catmando1980

        Really? the vast majority? get serious.

        • Get serious, look at yourself in the mirror, and confront your prejudices. You have a mental problem.

          • catmando1980

            You look around yourself at the city you live in-why would anyone in GP,or anywhere else want their city to become the next Detroit? Wherever the Detroit Diaspora goes, crime,trouble, and decay follow. No place they inhabit is better for their presence. All of us out here moved out here to make a nice place for ourselves, and truthfully, we’d be happier if you would just stay away. We don’t want the robberies, rapes,break-ins, carjackings, and murders that follow in your wake.

          • Greg Thrasher

            The majority of residents in the city are no different than you and share the same dreams and concerns..

          • catmando1980

            So why is the city in the state it’s in? Why are there 300+ murders, and twice as many shootings each year? Why are there 500+ carjackings each year? No,they are NOT the same as me.

          • Greg Thrasher

            I can list other venues with similar numbers. The salient point is that these numbers are not reflective of the population and the over whelming majority of residents ni Detroit and other venues are not engaged in crime or criminal activities. of course this truth is not functional for those selling fear and making a living doing just that from private and public corporations to public police departments and other agencies in the criminal justice system
            This fear mongering is simply nuking the very essence of life in the city. We must stop the marketing and fiction of crime it is lethal just ask the family of the young woman who was shot in the fuckin face for being a stereotype image of the fiction of crime in Detroit. Enough Already!!!!!
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Exclusive: Grosse Pointe cops film, humiliate black people

          • This comment makes me want to cry. You shouldn’t have to say that, but apparently you do.

          • For real.

          • Greg Thrasher


        • Greg Thrasher

          Yes the overwhelming majority!!! Please spend an once of effort to research the stats both from DPD and FBI ( flawed but they reveal majority of residents in Detroit and othe urban venues are not criminals nor engaged in crime)

      • Greg Thrasher


      • javierjuanmanuel

        just look up the stats for the convicted young black males 18-30 something. It is a stat that is often used for sympathy, in this case it shows pervasive crime culture. Look up the number of black males who are in jail, on parole, its something like 20-60 % depending on the system.

        go to page 8, figure 4 look at maryland. This came up first on google. http://www.justicepolicy.org/images/upload/05-03_REP_MDTippingPoint_AC-MD.pdf

        18-35 alone, 56% are in jail, on parole, in prison, out on bond, warranted on warrant. Just the young males. The older guys did the same shit, 30 years earlier.

        Thats just stuff that gets people in jail. People in detroit for example know to not even report small property crimes.

        You are wrong, i would say close to half or more of detroit, commits crimes enough to get caught and go to jail. Factor in all the people defrauding welfare system, and on drugs and the number of people committing crimes gets you close to the 60-75% rate. Everyone is on weed in detroit. EVERYONE!

        • L Paul Beck

          And none of that has anything to do with the police not behaving in a professional manor and I’m guessing that if that town is THAT white and rich they are well paid police officers that should more than know better. You arrest criminals, you don’t toy with them like cats with a mouse.

          • Nanners

            You don’t know Grosse Pointe Park if you think everyone who lives there is white and rich. Far from it.

          • L Paul Beck

            What does that have to do with anything?

          • Nanners

            What you said. It’s not THAT white and rich. Don’t you read what you write?

    • L Paul Beck

      Then you arrest the criminals, you don’t force them to debase themselves.

  • James Courtney

    The scandal will be was it.tolerated by leadership. Shouldn’t suprise anyone this behaviour exists. Lets see if gp pd can do whats right. If they dont then it is the culture.of the department which by definition would be racism.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      Mr. Courtney, do you support unions? I think you do. Guess what, you can’t fire a vetern cop, teacher, or government employee for lying, stealing, cheating, etc. Standard is 2 weeks to a couple months paid vacation. They call it administrative leave. Its punishment to them, even though working people call that a reward.

      So do you support unions? If so, their is nothing the captain can do for the most part.

      Also please share what is right.

      • James Courtney

        I think abuse of power is a breach of contract. and we arnt talking about unions.

        What is right is for an investigation and possible termination if found they did wrong.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Great reporting Steve!! The scope of cities where Negrophobia is the culture is troublesome .. WTF

  • Natalie Loren

    *massive eye roll*

  • GP For Life

    Unnamed sources and hearsay. All anecdotal nonsense. You produce the rantings of a disturb individual and paint an entire community with a broad brush. All while a city was robbed into bankruptcy by those elected to lead it. Good job.

    • sean o’connor

      Meanwhile, Snyder APPOINTS city leaders who award no bid contracts to their own friends and political hack cronys and its revered as reimagining Detroit. Seems as if there
      is enough hypocrisy all around.

      • GP For Life

        Maybe your potato-brained head can’t grasp the concept that the emergency financial manager’s job is to get the city through bankruptcy in an emergency. He’s not a city leader, he’s a consultant brought it to make the decisions the “leaders” and the electorate wouldn’t make.

        Take a lap and then come back here when you sober up.

        • Guest

          It’s pretty simple, an unelected leader takes all the power away from elected leaders. And it’s only possible because Snyder reenacted a law that Michiganders voted down. Oh and he also made it referendum proof. So unless you think elected leaders insulting the voters is a good thing, I’d put your opinion through the wash again to wash the stupid out of it.

          • GP For Life

            Snyder signed a law that the elected representatives of the state passed, you mean.

            We live in a republic, appointments to power are part of the process.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            jenny from the block appointed i think three emergency managers, did she not?

        • Please refrain from personal attacks. I don’t want to have to ban you.

    • James Courtney

      Gp for life.to u think this behaviour is acceptable

      • GP For Life

        False, it’s clearly not acceptable and I find it perfectly repugnant. I just don’t think it’s systemic and/or indicative of a community as a whole.

        • James Courtney

          perfectly is an odd choice of word, but if the Department does nothing then I think that does allude to a systemic problem in the department and those chose the leadership. meaning the Council and or Mayor/City manager are picking the wrong folks to run the department. I think we can agree on that?

        • I don’t believe it’s meant to be.

    • Ryan Healy

      How are videos “hearsay?”

      • GP For Life

        They’re not a primary source, as you can see the videos are videos of filming some unknown person’s phone, but really I wasn’t referring to the videos with the hearsay portion of my comment.

        That’s really not a question a good critical thinker would ask, though.

        • Ryan Healy

          A “primary source” is raw information or evidence, making the videos “primary.” What in the article is hearsay other than the facts stipulated?

          • GP For Life

            They are a facsimile of a primary source.

          • But isn’t a photocopy of a primary source still the primary source?

          • Steffy93

            A copy can be modified.

          • Kimberly Sanders

            GP for life, legally a facsimile of an original is considered an original. I like that you seem to enjoy your verbose, but impress us with logic, not eloquently worded bias.

          • GP For Life

            I wasn’t really referring to the video as non-primary source. I conceded that point off of the bat.

            The author indicts all Grosse Pointe police in the very first sentence but names only one. Then the author goes on to paint a lopsided picture of the community and offers no opposing views. So while I appreciate your legal opinion on the “reasonable facsimile thereof” doctrine (I am not even a lawyer!), I would be more impressed if you addressed the blatant shortcomings and one-sided nature of the article with your efficient word use.

      • Stop being a bad critical thinker, Ryan! 😉

    • Dee

      That’s this whole damn country!!! The government STAY robbing the country and most of the government is lily white!! The denial phase of white people is over!!! Yall just better hope it’s not pay back time. Because if what was done to us (by yall azz) is now time to be done to yall, yall in a world of trouble and that’s what your afraid of right now!

    • Brett Wicks

      That is as good a hole as any to bury your head in.

    • davidfGuest

      Troll, STFU

  • BobNB

    Heads should roll. Racist. Immature. Not someone that any community should trust with its safety.

    I urge you not to take the bait and turn this around on the residents of the cops’ jurisdiction. Though it feels oh-so-easy, it’s really not right to indulge the quote that this says this is indicative of GP culture. It’s not, and moreover, if this (and particularly any of the more damning videos) get publicity, I predict the outrage will sound. It is also not okay to connect this to pre-1960 discrimination (which was widespread all across America, anyway); this obscures the reality that GP has some notable liberal tendencies of late, not to mention diversity exceeding many comparable communities. Racism in law enforcement– a profession tending to attract racists, misogynists and pervs in a special way (among a majority of big hearted heroes)– is widespread and hardly a reason to damn thousands of residents. Thanks for your great muckraking, but do yourself a favor by focusing on the reprehensible cop(s) and whether their leadership tolerated this behavior, rather than suggesting that the average GP’er would even tolerate this shit. The former is productive, the latter is not.

    • Bob Sanders

      you are a dummy

    • As a long-time GPer I know and everybody knows that gatekeeping and enforcing a cultural norm are a big part of what GP police do. Anyone that looks “out of place” has a high chance of getting pulled over or questioned, and that includes black Michiganders. It’s not possible to say if it’s a minority or majority of GPers that support that view, but we all know a good amount call the police based on prejudiced suspicions and that sets a precedent.

      If this officer isn’t fired and the department doesn’t strongly denounce this kind of bigoted policing then it won’t be easy to say that GP isn’t a bigoted community. Actions speak louder than words.

      • BigGP

        But it is, and most residents have no problem with it. Of course many don’t have the balls to admit it, and are ‘afraid’ to say how they really feel for fear of being un-PC.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        The cops are hyper hyper vigilant. Large groups of white teens are asked what they are doing, because teenagers are troublemakers.

        As an example, many local born and bred GP kids get curfew violations. You can be in a car, 16-17, and out past curfew which is something crazy like 9 or 10 pm, and get a ticket. And its not something that is on the books and does not happen, they do it.

  • Ryan Healy

    Racial profiling in Grosse Pointe is alive and well. The frequency with which I saw two or more cop cars pulling over a single black motorist was appalling versus the rate they did for whites.

    • free_kwame

      Appalling? I love reading this because it’s telling me the word is out on the streets of Detroit that you better not even try to cross that boarder. Fantastic work GP PD! Daley Sr and Jr did the same thing in Chicago — ruled the North/South boarder with an iron fist to much success.

      • Ryan Healy

        By your reasoning, black motorists who may work in Grosse Pointe are unwelcome in the city. Your comment is tacit endorsement for wholesale profiling even at a time the Grosse Pointes are becoming more racially diverse. I don’t understand your line of thinking.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      why would the number of cops matter? I have been in minor fender benders where nothing more then a chip of paint came off a bumper and 4 cop cars showed up. I have been in minor fender benders where it was just that, a bent fender, wheel lip etc, 6 FRICKING CARS SHOW UP.

      So what. What is your point. Is that racist if everyone is white, or light skin hispanic and can pass for white as a passenger and the cops did not know my race ?

      • Ryan Healy

        Because in routine traffic stops in Grosse Pointe (that I have been involved in as a motorist or passenger), there has never been more than one cop car involved.

        Anecdotally, however, there are almost always more cop cars involved in routine traffic stops for African-Americans (along border roads like Mack Avenue).

        You’re right, of course–these aggregate eyewitness accounts are dangerously imprecise metrics and are probably biased by the preconceived notion that Grosse Pointe has a paranoia about perceived African-American Detroiters. I guess that, as an image problem, what I’ve seen personally has reinforced profiling stereotypes along border roads.

        I would add–don’t 4 or 6 cop cars seem like an undue waste of resources to you?

        • Nanners

          Anecdotally don’t mean squat. Give me stats.

    • Nanners

      Speed down Mack or Lakeshore, and you’ll get picked up no matter what color you are. Trust, my friends and I are proof.

  • shermdip

    I use to live in gp. Almost every time you saw someone pulled over they were black, even though grosse pointe is mostly white. Racial profiling at it’s finest, but it keeps the locals happy i guess.

    • free_kwame

      Racial profiling keeps GP safe. If you don’t own a house or have friends in GP you have no business in GP. If you want to pretend to be rich, go shop at Troy or go eat in Birmingham. GP doesn’t want or need outsiders. Thanks.

      • What if you want to do business in GP? What if you are driving through? What if you want to drive down Lakeshore on a Sunday morning? What if you go to church in GP? What if you are interested in purchasing property. I’m from GP and I don’t share your views. Neither do almost all of the Grosse Pointers I know.

        • free_kwame

          Sorry, but the odds of a black Detroit resident in 2013 doing any legitimate business in GP is nearly 0, so they will all have to be profiled. 🙂

          You want to drive by the lake, go out to Belle Isle, or walk the river front. We won’t let your people ruin GP. 🙂

          • James Courtney

            you will get yours.

          • liberaltraitors

            Ooooooohhhh, a tough guy! Wow, tough guy, I am so impressed with you.

          • Hey dude. Gonna ban you.

          • Nadine Gizak

            Over 2,000 African Americans who live in the Pointes don’t do legitimate buisness in their home town?

          • Apparently not! News to me.

          • BigGP

            That is most unfortunate.

          • Dee

            Well all those pedophiles and child molesters, all those unibombers and theater killers, school killers living,etc., they arell living there, so what you gonna do about them? You moving them out too or are you one of them? Please that white skin ain’t nothing but the devil in a blue dress! No matter what crimes black people have commited in this country, it will NEVER MEASURE up to what yo ancestors have alreday done!

          • BigGP

            HAHAHAH Get over it already. Read some history, your OWN people sold you into slavery!

          • Drake Fletcher

            Hi. I am white. My ancestors were from Russia. They were poor. No slave ownership in my gene’s. I am sorry you have been wronged by some white people. I will continue to not be racist and stick up for the rights of my fellow humans. God Bless you.

          • Marc Lanzon

            Same thing Drake said…Maltese here 🙂

          • Derrick W. Fowlkes

            http://youtu.be/9r_WXKto268 – (reflect on this tidbit)

          • simplej

            Surely you must understand the meaning of White Privilege? Doesn’t matter whether or not your descendants were slaves or servants back in Russia, whether your great great grandfather was native american, or (the horrors!) if your great great great great grandmother was an AfricanAmerican slave who procreate with whites. If you are white, you inherently have white privilege. Not your fault- you didn’t ask for it. But it is the reality.

          • CakeinBedWithYou

            You need to google White Male Privilege Checklist ASAP. You benefit Daily from the system that actively oppresses others.

          • JoeShawler

            Dee, while I can understand being upset with racists. I deplore racism myself. However, with your post, you prove that you too are racist. You need to remember that many times it was African Chiefs that sold the slaves to the slave traders. Your ancestors were not innocent.

          • Dee

            And you know what I agree with your statement to an extent! And I live in America where we all harbor some racists views! That’s what we’ve been taught in this country from birth! Sorry I didn’t make the rules but being a black woman in America where we are insulted and put down every single day unfortunately I have to live by those rules until further notice! But I thank you for coming to me with respect!

          • JoeShawler

            Again Dee, I agree. Every race has some racism, unfortunately you just can’t fix stupid. Over the years, i have learned that people are people, some are great to be around, others are just idiots. I am sorry that folks put you down because you are a black women. No one deserves that, but like I say, even duct tape can’t fix stupid. Hang in there and every time someone tries to put you down, just remember, opinions are like a@@holes, everyone has one and they usually stink…

          • WiserWords2

            Was Jim Crow named after an African chief?

          • JoeShawler

            The origin of the phrase “Jim Crow” has often been attributed to “Jump Jim Crow”, a song-and-dance caricature of blacks performed by white actor Thomas D. Rice in blackface, which first surfaced in 1832 and was used to satirize Andrew Jackson’s populist policies.

          • abiyk

            “it was African Chiefs that sold the slaves…” u r confident that’s the truth told on whose side of the story??? Don’t forget divide and conquer, I am not saying there is not corruption but you people manipulated the Africa there was once upon a time and your wrote your own history… Don’t make statement that’s not accurate.

          • JoeShawler

            Yes. I am Confident. the Oyo Empire (Yoruba), the Ashanti Empire, the Kingdom of Dahomey and the Aro Confederacy were the main supplier of slaves in the 18th century. They estimate that 12 million African slaves arrived in the Americas between the 16th and 19th century. Of the 12 Million, an estimated 645,000 were brought to the United States. I usually try and read history to make sure I am accurate.
            And by the way, the Europeans did not enter the interior of Africa due to fierce African Tribal resistance.

          • Montely Wilson

            That depends on whose account you think is more accurate. There are varying accounts, and that is only meant to confuse. If your account is true then explain Denmark and the atrocities, or better put, genocide that happened in the 18th century. Congo! Last I checked has a huge interior.

          • JoeShawler

            Montley, like I told the young person earlier…read the book “A History of Indigenous Slavery in Ghana”
            written by by Akosua Adoma Perbi. Ms. Perbi was born, raised and educated in Ghana. It may open our eyes. I do not rely on just one account of history, I look for the views of all people

          • Guest

            Once the captives reached what we know call America, explain what happen to this race of people from that day forth. Open my eyes.

          • JoeShawler

            there is no good explanation. never said there was.

          • jb

            You may read history, but you do not seem to understand it. Actions of the Oyo (Yaruba), Ashanti, Dahomi, etc. against other groups and individuals who do not belong to their group do not IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER justify or ameliorate the immorality of the white Europeans who knew very well that it was a serious matter of moral debate whether their own actions and the actions they were deliberately and enthusiastically encouraging among Africans were wrong. There was copious contemporaneous rhetoric arguing that slavery was immoral. They chose to ignore it in favor of the convenient justifications that ensured money in their pocket.

          • abiyk

            The same thing it’s happening in Ethiopia right now or any other African country… The west supply all the money and weapons to the minority ruled countries to oppress and terrorize it’s own people.

          • Ven Lapp

            Wait, Ethiopia is a minority ruled country???

          • abiyk

            Once again — who wrote the history that you are reading? I guess u believe everything you read then…

          • African Queen

            Even their justice system says, “just us”. Everything in America has been tainted for the white man’s gain.

          • Greg Lang

            “You people?”

          • abiyk

            correction — “your people”

          • Guest

            Most white people say this to ease their guilt! All of those people WERE NOT SOLD , BUT STOLEN! Remember the Europeans had guns and CANONS and went in by FORCE. And what did the AFRICANS HAVE? Maybe a couple of SPEARS! WOW! You REALLY think your forefathers were THAT KIND TO US to ask others “CAN I BUY YOUR PEOPLE FOR SLAVES”? YEAH, RIGHT! I don’t buy ALL THE LIES that have been told in HIS STORY NOT history, meaning it is your uncle’s or your dad lying stories and NOT the TRUE story!

          • JoeShawler

            I do not condone slavery, not do make any excuses for it. I almost forgot, the tribes did not sell their OWN people, they sold the people of the tribes they defeated…Have you ever watched a movie called ZULU? The British were decimated by the Zulu Tribe in 1878. They (the British) did come back and win that war, but as an example, the Tribes were fierce. Moving cannons through the jungle terrain is not as simple as you seem to think, and without repeating rifles or pistols, the bow was an extremely effective weapon as were spears. I am simply telling you, slaves were traded and sold to slave-traders by African Tribes. I know it is inconvenient for you to believe, but those are the facts.
            Oh, and by the way, my Dad and uncles, nor did any of my ancestors, own any slaves.

          • Montely Wilson

            That is true, but what it lacks is the incentive given to those tribes by the Trans Atlantic slave traders that used those tribes to the very end you describe.

          • JoeShawler

            Montely, I am not arguing that point, throughout history, greed has rules mankind, white, black, tan, red, yellow. I was merely responding to a gentleman that claimed that I was spreading lies. It is atrocious
            no matter how you look at it.
            And let me make this perfectly clear, the officers in Detroit that did this should be fired. Period. There is no room in our society for this kind of behavior

          • African Queen

            You mean GP, but any officer that mistreat a citizen should be fired and made a public humility.
            OAN, you are trying to soften the facts Joe. For hundreds of years white people held black people in slaved and even killed the ones for trying to escape. That was very inhumane and no good excuse for it. Nothing in this world is free, but whites have built America on the blood, sweat and tears of blacks. We were not allowed to even read, they kept us in poverty and in fear so as bad as it may hurt you to know from which you have come, don’t try to minimize the crime just to feel better about your race.

          • jb

            Now it is you who needs to be encouraged to make a closer study of history. There were, at that time, MANY who did not accept the slave trade and the ownership of slaves as “acceptable.” A simple study of the debates of the constitutional convention that produce the Constitution (and the 3/5th compromise) will demonstrate that, beyond any argument. You are making excuses for inexcusable past immoral acts in order to blunt criticism of immoral acts today. Is that the side you want to be on?

          • African Queen

            Weather they were sold or stolen, what decent human being would treat another human being like whites have blacks? 95% of them were mean, they raped the young black girls, they killed the black man for rape when the white woman actually made him have sex with her, they never investigated the lies and hung black people for every little thing. You can make black people look bad when the true is, white people have demonstrated themselves to be the most mean, murderous, greedy, evil, lying, rapist, thieves of all mankind. That is why they are the “seniority” and all other races are minorities, Regardless of who we were or are, we could never be as tainted as racist white people. I can’t wait until we are all standing before God and He judge us all, Hell will have the white man’s stintch for eternity.

          • JoeShawler

            I do not disagree that the slaves were mistreated. as I said earlier, slavery was a deplorable thing. What you may have missed was earlier conversations. I am not and never would defend slavery for ANY reason.

            You seem to be saying Hell is for white people… and I agree to a point, it is also for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Europeans, etc. I am sorry that you feel all white people are racists, and when you do stand before God, I hope He understands, just as when I stand before God, I hope He forgives me of my transgressions.

          • Greg Lang

            Not all whites are racist, nor is it fair to assign blame or responsibility for the actions of people 150 years before they were born. Otherwise, you are simply promulgating stereotypes yourself.

          • Ven Lapp

            Apparently Greg, it’s ok to group all Caucasians from Europe together. Just as it’s ok to assign guilt from color. My family was still in Europe at the turn of the last century… yet I am to blame for slavery and must pay.

          • jb

            White WASP cops beat and arrested white WASP hippies merely for engaging in political speech protected by the constitution. Does that mean the hippies can’t justifiably claim their constitutional rights were violated and the actions of the cops weren’t abjectly immoral merely because the people who violated their rights came from the same general ethno-geographical background? Same argument. And it’s total ad hominem BS. Used in this context (i.e., blacks being pulled over from DWB), it justifies and/or excuses racism here and now by excusing clearly immoral actions from the past. That’s not the side you want to be on, is it?

          • JoeShawler

            I suggest you read the book “A History of Indigenous Slavery in Ghana” written by by Akosua Adoma Perbi. Ms. Perbi was born, raised and educated in Ghana. It may open our eyes.

          • 2sents

            The black guy did it.

          • Matt Barrett

            You are all pretty stupid but you in particular are really stupid bringing up cannons and spears hahaa this guys innocent and actions will happen I go to school in Grosse Pointe and I can tell you that the kids aren’t racist so the future of our city will show American values and know their rights

          • Montely Wilson

            Joe, when does defending against the attack that Della posited constitute being racist? If Della didn’t go there first there would not have been a response. That’s how reverse racism is operationalized. You cannot incorporate a victim in a crime that is perpetrated against them simply because they speak against it. That’s nothing more than a propaganda method of a racist system. Buy and large, more Africans we stole into slavery than were sold into slavery. The greatest atrocity in that tragedy was coastal Africans guiding the thieves inland to steal from their rival tribes.

          • 2sents

            Defend 400 + years of brutality and oppression. Right here, no handful of African Chiefs involved.

          • JoeShawler

            2sents, I am not trying to defend what happened. I have stated several times, Slavery was a horrible thing, but at the time, it was an acceptable way of life. Slavery started with the start of mankind. One group fought another and the winner took slaves. We can’t change history. We CAN, however, look back at history and make sure things like that never happen again. I treat people like I want to be treated, I don’t look at their skin and decide whether I like them or not.

          • cinesimonj

            Bizarre. Your understanding of the term ‘racist’ is clearly the same as that which white supremacists use.

          • jb

            By that logic, white unionists of the 1800s (for instance, in the coal mines of Pennsylvania and West Virginia) who were harassed, beaten and murdered by white capitalists and their thugs can’t claim to be innocent, because the people who oppressed and killed them were also whites of European descent. Totally awesome logic, dude. Slavery is patently wrong, and there were plenty of people back then saying it was wrong (look up Quakers and abolitionism, for an introduction), in contrast to all the people who offered flimsy excuses and justifications for why it was okay, excuses and justifications very much like the one you offer now. There were plenty of people back then who said slavery was wrong, just as there were plenty of people later who said segregation was wrong, just as there are plenty of people now who say racial profiling is wrong. Wrong is wrong, and does not become less wrong with the passage of time; just as excuses are excuses, and do not become more valid merely by sounding justified based on current conditions. .There. .is. .no. .neighborhood. .in. .this. .country. .where. .merely. .Driving. .While. .Black. .constitutes. .probable. .cause. .to. .stop. .and. .question. Say you hate racism all you want. If you do not agree with that, you do not believe in the very idea of America.

          • It doesn’t matter if they were sold or not … it was white people who BOUGHT them.

          • DuBois

            Joe, presumably Dee’s ancestors didn’t sell themselves into slavery, so your comment makes no sense.

          • Della Thorne

            Get off your high horse. Are you a slave? If so, who owns you and give us their names and why in a free country would you allow yourself to be so? Do I own a black person? No, but then again I am not white…but I still do not have slaves but my people keep enslaving themselves with such attitudes like your’s. You make yourselves bitter, enslaved, and beholden. “Yo” ancestors were the first to own each other and it would behoove you to own your own history before spouting off about all history. You have an opportunity just like everyone else and even *I* got off the reservation and we have done very well after having our land taken from us as you people so aptly like to suck butt about. You want something? Earn it…You have life liberty and the pursuit of happiness just like the rest of us, but what makes you happy it appears is to take what yo haven’t earned and live back in the day so you can’t move on.

          • liberaltraitors

            The first slave owner in the colonies was a black man named Anthony Johnson.
            Blacks will wake up one day and cast off the chains the statists and liberals have put on them. Until then, they will wallow in the same old pit of ignorance, violence and victim status that liberals and 90% of black “men of God” conspired together to cast them into so that they could grow rich.
            Modern slavery is horrible, so many are too mentally and emotionally crippled to escape the plantation their Masters have had them on for generations.

          • just4dahellofit

            Della, god bless you.

          • Dee

            I have nothing for you Mr reservation cuz no one has seen your people in ages! You let them take your land and put you on the reservation in the first place! You didn’t do shit about it then and you not doing nothing about it now! Your words mean nothing cuz there’s no action behind it!

          • Dee

            How have y’all done well? When’s the last time anyone has seen a real Indian? We were slaves in this country but we were strong enough to fight our way out of it and demand equal treatment and we still fighting for it while most of your people are still on reservations living in poverty! So save the big talk and i have a husband and children as well! Just cuz I’m defending my race don’t take away from my success but I don’t expect you to understand that after all your people are in their own country living on what? Exactly

          • Montely Wilson

            It sounds to me you have brought the American historical lie, hook, line and sinker. I suggest you do some independent research on what you think was yours. You can start with the development of the Magna Carta. How did they know this land was here, and their study of whose history revealed it to them? Your trials and tribulations aren’t special, and the story isn’t about your people being profiled and abused. Now if you want to be relevant and espoused the issues of your people, do find the appropriate forum for that.

          • Diane Thompson

            Della, we have “earned” our Rights to live as humans beings on this planet, since the beginning of time. It’s those of you who would “take the Rights of a planet to be inhabited by people of spiritual peace” that have gotten lost!

          • liberaltraitors

            The Democrats love you. You are the perfect slave … so conditioned, so beaten, so blind, that you can’t see the chains are on your ankles and around your neck. It is sad to me that all you do is beg them to pull them tighter. They always oblige …

          • Dee

            And ole massa loves you! Your the one he uses to beat the other slaves into submission! Your the one that sees the master sick and ask “we sickmassa”? Let’s refer to you as Tom Uncle or uncle Tom whichever you prefer! Your so blinded by that white skin that you covet you can’t see that your ass is black and behind your back they call you the same n-word they call us all!

        • LaMar Lemmons

          Do Grosse Pointers own Wayne county’s portion of Lake St. Clair? Maybe. No Lakes Shore drive for you Negroes.

        • LMB84

          Well put.

        • CakeinBedWithYou

          Well most of the people you say feel like you are completely oblivious as to what Your police officers are even Up to. Enjoy that oblivion with a tasty helping of white privilege.

      • nitrodrip

        Idiot you can go anywhere you want in this country. I might not live in MI but I do travel for business and were do you get off saying were people can go. If it is not a gated community anyone can travel to that community.

        • radams377

          But can you travel without being harassed

        • Tboltdon

          Go anywhere, but go armed. That’s the future.

        • Robert177

          Not to gated communities, you can’t. Think again, dumba***s

        • kid_you_not

          Non-Jews can’t really go to Kiryas Joel.

          • Common sense

            not true. Been there and have never had a problem.. it’s all about perception..

        • LaMar Lemmons

          In theory you correct but, the reality is something different as this article illustrates.

          • RVZ77

            The reality is, you are able to travel pretty much anywhere you want in this country. Also, the reality is that you may be harassed because of the way one looks. Doesn’t make it right but that’s the reality.

      • Nadine Gizak

        Tell your neighbors to quit their lucrative jobs in Detroit.

        • liberaltraitors

          There are lucrative jobs in Detroit?

        • Montely Wilson

          Someone needs to drop a box of carpenter nails on the roads they drive into the city everyday until they stop driving there. Let the locals know to stay away from such-n-such street between such-n-such and . . . you get the idea.

      • who what huh

        If by “GP doesn’t want or need outsiders”, you mean “I don’t respect or consider human minorities”.

        • liberaltraitors

          Who does consider human minorities? Learn to punctuate, and proof what you write.

          • who what huh

            Is it really that hard to understand that I meant “respect minorities or consider them human?” Oh well, I could care less what you think. The pathetic argument comparing black people voting for Democrats to modern day slavery is condescending, racist, and intellectually bankrupt. I prefer occasionally wording a sentence wrong to the trite garbage you spout.

      • runnerin1

        And if you’re a coward, hide behind your keyboard. Post your real name after making comments like that. Do you realize this is a free country? Do you own the roads or just your house? The 21st century and we still have neanderthals like you.

        • dopey

          its a free country with free speech. he doesn’t have to post his name.

          • lifeisgreat46

            Just like people can go anywhere, as long as they are not causing trouble

          • Molly

            I don’t think being black means you’re trouble…of course I’m a good person.

          • williswinning

            That makes him a coward.

          • liberaltraitors

            And that makes you a coward, and a hypocritical moron.

        • Johnbraavo

          You post your real name.

      • Smartest OneHere

        I don’t own a house or have friends in GP, but I’ll drive the PUBLIC streets any goddam time I want.

        • liberaltraitors

          I think if you keep on driving, nobody will care.

      • justhere

        Your such an AHole. People can go wherever they please, it’s a free country. Maybe you should go live under a rock so that you can’t be bothered. “Racial profiling keep GP safe.” That has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

        • kid_you_not

          You should prove your point – go to Kiryas Joel just to piss them off.

      • Axekick

        We just go to make white people nervous. You’re welcome.

      • I have a right to travel anywhere I want in this country. It’s mine as it is yours.

        • Della Thorne

          Then act like it and stop boo hooing about ancestors. Want to talk ancestors? Mine were the ghost dancers….boo hoo hooo and I haven’t made anything of my life except have 2 wonderful kids, a terrific husband and own 4 business that are all…well, not making me rich, but we do just fine….
          I didn’t let my heritage get in my way, why is everyone else letting their’s get in their’s?

          • liberaltraitors

            They have been conditioned. Generations of brainwashing by “Reverends” and “ministers,” and elected officials who are voted for based on skin color instead of merit.
            That’s how it gets in the way …

          • allen

            Della, I love your attitude. Be well.

          • WiserWords2

            Isn’t it possible one can talk about their heritage in this country AND be successful?

          • Styng

            Della…..Your success does not spell the success of a people. All of your people did not have the success you had but more importantly, a very small percentage of your people had the opportunity you did. Inequality has gone on for so long that even reparation cannot fix it. It’s imbedded so deep into our culture that you can’t even understand that your success is not a significant argument against inequality.

      • Drake Fletcher

        I live in Chevy Chase, MD. We are the wealthiest city in the country. You are not welcome in our town with your racist views. You can not buy class and morals.

        • Get Real

          Wish you could move Chevy Chase, MD next to Detroit or Flint, MI then you can talk. It’s so much easier to cry racism than actually experiencing. HOW CAN YOU EVEN COMMENT WHEN YOUR COMMUNITY HAS A LITERAL 1.0% BLACK RATIO. This man has exactly 27 Black folk in his area, which I’m sure are well educated and exemplary citizens. We have no problem with them, it’s the rest of the culture we are talking about here.

      • Annie

        Is GP in USA? And I assume you NEVER leave GP and travel anywhere you don’t ‘own property’? What arrogance!

      • sjburkhardt

        Quit trolling

      • Get Real

        Sorry, I agree with this man, I may not be perfectly safe being away from the ghetto/cities (black/gangbanging), but shit, the crime is so much less significant the further away I am. Sorry you people don’t look at statistics and numbers… Black folk need to fix their culture before they complain, their generation is shit for morals, and it’s not my fault. Why should I be called a racist for facts.

        • WiserWords2

          The crime rate in Detroit is lower than it was back in the 1920s and 1930s. One of the few differences between today’s criminals and the gang-bangers in the past is complexion.

          So this is only a “black folk” problem to a racist with a short memory.

          • Get Real

            How can you compare crime rates a century ago. First of all you had a greater population at that period of time 500,000+, not including the overwhelming increase in the job market and income.

            NOT ONLY THIS but when we come to reality, and do a comparison of statistical crime rates now, in 2012, Detroit had the highest rate of violent crime of any city over 200,000 AND the population has the LARGEST percentage of Blacks in the city within the US. (82.7%) Cited – http://www.fbi.gov –&– 2010 Census.

            Please consider all the facts before making your self look pathetic. I mean really, it took me 5 mins to verify the information.

          • Styng

            Get Real…..Your stats are wrong….so very wrong. Please go back and check the 2010 census…..or learn to read statistics.

          • Get Real

            Styng, what statistics are you looking at. I can post a DIRECT LINK TO THE GOVERNMENT’S REPORTING… LOL!!! (CrimeRate)[http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/preliminary-annual-ucr-jan-dec-2011/data-tables/table-4/table-4-illinois-missouri] – (Ethnic tally)[http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-06.pdf]

          • Montely Wilson

            Did you compare that with rural Kentucky that has the highest murder per capita rate than anywhere in the Continental US? Same database (DOJ/FBI).

          • Get Real

            Also, regarding the Kentucky murder rate, this was also 20 years ago. I am talking current times, I do not Live decades in the past.

          • Montely Wilson

            Now, I am glad you made that statement. Now, have you considered the infrastructure of Detroit and the socioeconomic conditions that perpetuate lifestyles that lead to crime. People are not born criminal, just like people are not born racist. In both cases it is a matter of choice. Both are making poor choices.

        • Montely Wilson

          First of all, no one is complain. The responses are to the jackass comment that “racial profiling keeps GP safe.” The culture doesn’t get fix because rather than be example setters and stay close to the community, most affluent blacks move to where they are seldom wanted. I, on the other hand, having aspired and attain the status of college professor still live in my community. I advocate and am active in my community, and as such I don’t have crime problems. Matter of fact, gangbangers keep my house safe when I am away because they know I work on behalf of the community. Fear drives people away and doesn’t change anything. Courage to be an example and talk to people who are lost to help them understand there is a better way is the best crime deterrent I know. Damn sure isn’t the police, which, is what the story is about and the abuse of black people by some GP police officer. Racial profiling is one thing, abusing the mentally ill is something entirely different. I too look at statistic, however, not to understand effect but to rationalize cause supporting it with statistical effect. That’s what data is for and can be used pro and con.

          • Get Real

            You speak of giving love and enlightenment to the criminals to calm the beast. I see this happen everywhere yet to no or little progression. Going into Inglewood Illinois, I see community activists standing on every corner to protect children walking home from school, yet witness 2 robberies happening in a home and a store with such a community presence there. The only thing you do when you befriend the ones committing such acts is preventing them from leeching off you to another prospect.

      • Montely Wilson

        You’re no more welcome in other peoples communities then they are in yours, but you still go there don’t you? Yeah! That’s what hypocrites do! To bad I don’t live in the are because I have the financial wherewithal to loot your community through civil suits against you police department and city. Really show that your police officer are cowards like you targeting mentally ill people. kma

      • Raye B

        I think you might be the only one in GP not wanting outsiders, because the outsiders that do business in Grosse Pointe are spending their dollars. It’s a known fact that Black people spend money. I live in Grosse Pointe and I am black.

      • Molly

        I suppose we probably should have left slavery in the South as well? Maybe we should allow children to work in sweat shops, too? And hate crimes–do we really need to stop those? After all, I’m sure people have a right to hate people based on race/religion/class, right? Or you’re an awful, disgusting person….

      • AZDem9933

        Perhaps everyone should take your advice and stay out of Grosse Point if they don’t live there or aren’t visiting residents. And that would include all the peons who work in the stores and restaurants and clean your houses too. Do your own scut work, Grosse Pointe bigots!

      • Jen Johnson

        So GP is prepped to give up federal funding? Cuz last time I checked, a lot of the state infrastructure that supports it gets fed funding. If I’m not good enough to walk or ride your streets, my money sure as he11 ain’t good enough to pave ’em.

      • gpointewife

        You’re an asshole. Many of us who live in GPP don’t need people like you. Please move.

      • backell

        This is wrong on so many levels I can’t even count them. What’s even more wrong is that there are 46 people who gave it a thumbs up.

        Either your mother and father owe you an apology for how they raised you or you owe them an apology for representing them in the way you are.

        You are a morally wrong person.

      • jdw

        If you don’t want or need outsiders then I hope you don’t ever leave. Don’t come to the Red Wings or Tigers game, don’t go to Somerset, don’t leave your little fake paradise. That way we don’t have to deal with your stuck up attitudes anywhere else.

      • Narby1

        All too common an attitude in Grosse Pointe.

      • Gerald Daines

        Under the American constitution, people have the right to travel, tea partier. If you don’t like living under our constitution, go live in some third world country where they will appreciate people like you, tea partier.

      • Copper Stewart

        May God raise the army that will kill every privileged person and burn such neighborhoods to the ground.

      • Nacirema Xer

        Yes, because white people dont commit crime. Youre a POS and honestly, fukk you and GP. Get like farmington hills you wanna be rich losers. Know your place. Youre in the ghetto not the burbs! No one wants to go there. They know trash when they see it………..

      • Magnimus Stryker

        You are the lowest type of life form in this planet, if what you are can even be described as alive. You are a traitor to what America stands for, what I fought for in Iraq, so that douchebags like you could enjoy the fruits of my endeavor, and the sacrifice of my brothers. You are more of a threat to this country than Al Qaeda. Words cannot possibly describe how much I hate you. You have exchanged your freedom for a false sense of security, and in doing so, you have relinquished both. May whatever god or gods you pray to help you when you need MEN to save your life, and your family’s because I WILL NOT!!!

      • Chubby Freen

        Who the hell are you to tell ANYONE to stay out of your shitty little town? Do you speak for EVERYONE who lives there? Maybe it’s time for a little demonstrating there…

      • Ashley Ziemba

        Your lucky it’s not douche-bag profiling,GP and everyone else would reject you. You are not very nice and you should go back to 1960 where you belong. I hope your house is the first one sucked up in the next bad tornado. Thanks.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      confirmation bias? Grosse pointe park is 10 percent black which is almost the same as the national demographics for blacks.

      Its not profiling, if there is something wrong. Just answer me this, if 40% of detroit drives with out insurance, do you think they all keep their cars up? Do you think lots of working poor, and poor people drive cars that are road legal, with tags, insurance, snow off the windows, lit, good tires, no missing bumper, no busted windshield, 2 or their 3 mirrors on the car, use turn signals etc.

      They dont. Detroit is lawless. People get used to not having to do stuff, like even buy a tag, much less use turn signal, or come to a complete stop.

      Go to court in GP, You will see lots of third generation white people there, pulled over and cited for all sorts of stuff.

      • BobNB

        I agree, there is real police work to be done in GP. It is not isolated like statistically comparable Oakland County burbs, it is right there next to a great deal of emptiness and lawlessness. These facts only underscore why racist, immature cops like those sending these videos should be fired and eradicated. If I am a GP’er, as some of my family is, I want serious and mature cops to sift the real crooks from the law abiders, observing people’s actions and not their skin tones.

    • kid_you_not

      How many Blacks are killed by Whites vs Whites killed by Blacks?

      • williswinning

        What does the fact whites kill more blacks have to do with this?

    • leftists are delusional

      6% of the population (black males) commit around half of the homicides in this country.

      • Common sense

        Where’s your source? Anyone can post a graph.. who complied it?

        • leftists are delusional

          Kinda snarky there aren’t ya sport?

          The US Government – Bureau of Justice Statistics is the source

          Homicide trends in the United States
          by James Alan Fox, The Lipman Family Professor
          of Criminal Justice, Northeastern University
          and Marianne W. Zawitz, BJS Statistician


          Page 62 for your convenience.

          • Common sense

            being condescending doesn’t help your credibility. I trust no one.. left or right without sources.. Everyone lies to suit their agenda.

          • leftists are delusional

            I do not rely on credibility I rely on facts. Being stupid however does reflect poorly on your credibility.

          • Common sense

            Just curious but how many blacks are guilty of mass murders in schools and malls? Yeah I thought so..

          • leftists are delusional

            Proportionate to their population in the US blacks are over-represented in mass shootings also. Look it up yourself.

          • Common sense

            Read it and weep.. You’re delusional. “There have been at least 67 in the last three decades. More than half of the cases involved school or workplace shootings (12
            and 20, respectively); the other 30 cases took place in locations
            including shopping malls, restaurants, and religious and government
            buildings. Forty four of the killers were white males. Only one of them
            was a woman. (See Goleta, Calif., in 2006.) ”
            www motherjones com/politics/2012/07/mass-shootings-map

          • leftists are delusional

            Wow you found a delusional leftist site that cherry picked the data to pretend blacks are not over-represented in mass shootings, I AM SHOCKED I tell you SHOCKED!


            45/67 is 67%, which if you were not a delusional ignorant ship dit, you would know is much less than the percentage of Whites in the US population.
            Not to mention the fact that again this pretends that Nadal Hassan is White and that Hispanics are White.

            Your source also failed to include, several black mass killers among them, the DC snipers, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo.
            And has not been updated to include the mass murders Chris Dorner and Aaron Alexis.

            Facts are facts, blacks commit more mass shootings than their percentage of the population, UNLESS you cherry pick the data to come up with the conclusion you want.

            So to recap in terms you might be able to digest, 67% of the mass shootings in your data come from 80 some odd percent of the US population (Caucasians)

            AND that leaves 33% of the mass shootings that come from Mongoloids (Asians) and Negroids (Africants) which are around 5% and 12.5% of the population respectively.

            Obviously either Mongoloids are some mass shooting fiends or blacks do more than their fair share of mass shootings.

            The latter is the correct answer by the way.

            Have a wonderful day ship dit.

          • Common sense

            typical.. fact are poison to assholes like you.. “And has not been updated to include the mass murders Chris Dorner and Aaron Alexis” and doesn’t include the recent shooting in colorado either.. both whom were white. When you gonna pull your head out your ass? You must like the smell of shite.. we are done..
            F off..

          • Common sense

            You have nothing to brag about.. According to this govt site, whites are worse than blacks.. The highlighted list below is all you brother!
            TABLE 7
            Homicide type, by race, 1980–2008
            O enders
            White Black Other
            Total White Black
            All homicides
            50.3% 47.4% 2.3%
            100% 45.3% 52.5% 2.2%
            Victim/o ender relationship
            55.0% 42.7% 2.4%
            100% 54.2% 43.5% 2.3%
            59.2 38.2 2.0
            100% 59.2 38.3
            56.2 41.0 2.8
            100% 55.8 41.6
            69.6 28.6 1.8
            100% 56.3 41.9
            Felony murder
            53.1% 44.1% 2.8%
            100% 38.4% 59.9% 1.7%
            Sex related
            66.8 30.4 2.8
            100% 54.4 43.4

            Drug related
            36.9 62.1 1.0
            100% 33.2 65.6
            Gang related
            56.5 40.0 3.5
            100% 53.3 42.2
            49.5 48.1 2.4
            100% 47.5 50.2
            83.9 12.5 3.6
            100% 70.8 25.8

            Gun homicide
            46.5% 51.4% 2.0%
            100% 41.2% 56.9% 1.9%
            57.9 38.8 3.3
            100% 55.6 41.7
            80.5 16.8 2.8
            100% 80.6 16.8

            Multiple victims or o enders
            Multiple victims
            61.7% 34.7% 3.6%
            100% 53.9% 42.4% 3.6%
            Multiple off enders
            51.5 45.7 2.8
            100% 43.2 54.3
            Detail may not sum to total due to rounding. The percentages of
            victim/off ender relationships are based on the 63.1% of homicides from
            1980 through 2008 for which the victim/off
            ender relationships were known. The percentages of homicides involving
            multiple victims or off enders were known for 69.1% of incidents

          • leftists are delusional

            Not sure what your point is, beside the one on top of your head, but if you understood that table, BLACKS commit more homicide in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY POSSIBLE than their 12.5% of the US population.

            In the LOWEST percentage, blax committed 16.8% of the ‘poison’ homicides.

            Another relevant fact you might want to consider before continuing to make a fool of yourself, the BJS does not separate hispanics and Arabs from Whites in their homicide figures so the actual White homicide offender numbers are much lower.

            Have a nice day, sport.

          • Common sense

            let me break the chart down for your feeble mind. Let’s pick a simple example that you can follow.
            intimate relations.. 55% of victims are white vs 22.7% are black. Am i going too fast for your simple mind? Now for the part you care about.. of the offenders who commit the crime.. 54.2% were white…vs 43.5% were black.. see how it works now? Also.. another stupid assumption you make is trying to distinguish who is in the white category. Just like black is black, white is white.. capish goomah?

          • leftists are delusional

            Bless your heart, you are a special kind of stupid.

            Blacks are roughly 12.5% of the population and commit 43.5% of the “intimate relations” homicides.

            Now try to follow me here, that is 3.48 times their portion of the population.

            Whites commit 54.2% but are over 80% of the population. That ratio is 0.6775 of the White population.

            Putting this in a in a context you can understand because I know you didn’t follow the arithmetic:

            Blacks are over FIVE times as likely as Whites (including Hispanics who skew the actual White number much higher) to commit this category of crime of which you are so proudly ignorant.

            Try again ship dit, or if your are bored we can discuss the scientifically documented fact that the average sub Saharan africant has an IQ 30 points below the average White.

  • detroit365

    I get my oil changed at the Valvoline place on Mack. One time, the guys working there said they had watched the Grosse Pointe cops pull drivers over all day. They told me every pulled-over driver they saw was African American.

    • muckraker_steve

      We’ve been hearing that too. Thanks for the message.

      • GP For Life

        You didn’t exactly paint a very balanced picture, now did you?

        • If you can provide a cogent editorial response, we’d love to publish it.

          We can’t do anything when the police captain and the officer in question didn’t get back to us with comments.

          • GP For Life


            Email me there and I’ll get back to you.

            Please nuke the comment after you read it.

          • Greg Thrasher

            Yes please published some alternative perspectives like these:


            There is no crime wave in Detroit in fact crime has been down in Detroit for many years yet that is not a lucrative media tale to sell papers nor for growth of police budgets. Crime does pay for private industry and those who prosper and exist to promote the the myth of crime especially in venues where the demographics reflect poor people and minorities and hugh sales targets for the business of crime.

            The FBI data is also unreliable and suspect ( do not excuse the pun). The FBI collects this data on a volunteer basis from selected police departments it is not a accurate nor a a reliable crime metric. Quite often when arrests are made the charges are inflated and later dismissed . Most criminal justice experts report the same core group of criminals are responsible for bulk of crime in our nation. FBI stats at their core are guesstimates not an actual or reliable protrait of the the state of crime in our nation.

            The most important crime factoid is the ratio of RR to actual victims =Remote & Random . For example an RR of 1 means high incident of a crime against a victim . In Detroit and most urban venues 98% of population are not criminals nor victims of crimes as such Detroit has 8.0 RR metric. Most crimevictims know their assailant as such stranger danger is quite remote.

            In summary most victims know their perp, the majority of all crimes are property types crimes not violent criminal acts. Crime is down all over America. Even in urban venues crime is down by 75%.


            Greg Thrasher
            PLANE IDEAS
            Alternative Think Tank
            Washington DC

          • Thanks for the comment, Greg. That’s very interesting. We would *love* to have more voices on the site and welcome submissions.

          • Greg Thrasher
          • Greg Thrasher
          • javierjuanmanuel

            Noooooo. Thats is not true, have you not heard detroit begging for money, on the basis how terrible things are the last couple years. Did you not know cops were handing out flyers saying detroit is a hell hole, and do not come here unless you have to?

            How did that escape you? The cops, literally were handing out flyers saying the city is a lawless hellhole.

          • Greg Thrasher

            Politics of the union…

          • James Courtney

            that was a political move over pensions. But still policing in detorit in more than a concern

          • James Courtney

            crime is down across the country, detroit is no different. our problem is that crime is decreasing at a slow rate, while places like DC and NYC crime has fallen tremendously very quickly

          • Greg Thrasher

            True but there is a downward trend and the more critical metric is that the bulk of residents are not engaged on criminal activity .. The variable that is scary is the percentage of new criminals if that number increases then I would start packing to leave or defend …

          • Nadine Gizak

            Detroit’s data is digitally centrally organized and all of the statistcs are uploaded to the uniform crime report. It is a very accurate measure of reported offenses and arrests. Please don’t spread bad information.

          • Greg Thrasher

            No you are quite wrong .. Please review the FBI protocols for collection of criminal data from police departments which volunteer the data the FBI complies .. It is flawed data that is not vetted by the FBI .. Your post is about the DPD’s methodology of data collection.. Please learn more before being a cheerleader of criminal data propaganda http://callandpost.com/news/2013/aug/16/white-white-crime-more-prevalent-black-black/
            Greg Thrasher
            Plane Ideas
            ‘Alternative Think Tan
            Washington DC

          • WiserWords2

            Who is responsible for entering the stats?

    • BigGP

      They’re just trying to keep our community safe and disease-free. I applaud their efforts!

      • Eric Douglas

        Maybe they should police your own residents better, Bashar.

        • John

          Their residents aren’t the ones committing crimes.

          • Eric Douglas

            I don’t know what that means.

      • Nadine Gizak

        Low IQ + social conservatism = racist.
        Too bad liquid and capital assets cannot be traded for intelligence.

        • BigGP

          Hey, I used to be open minded too when I was younger too. I’ve just seen too much degradation and decay of once nice suburban streets after the mortgage crisis. You can take someone out of the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out of someone. They trash neighborhoods with property neglect, poor attitude, crime, thugs and drugs. Don’t even get me started on school of choice bullcrap! 696 used to be the new 8 mile. Now it is M-59.

    • misterelrick

      please don’t think i’m defending any kind of discriminatory conduct, but i live in detroit just around the block from that oil change place and i’ve been ticketed by the GPP PD. i am white and i’ve seen other white folks pulled over and ticketed.

      • detroit365

        Admittedly, what I passed along was hearsay. But it might have been true on that day, in that place.

      • sarahgray

        “They pull over every black driver they see” does not exclude them pulling white folks over, too.
        It’s still racist bullshit; sadly, I’m not surprised.

        • bdcanuck

          But that’s not what he said… he said “They told me every pulled-over driver they saw was African American.”

        • javierjuanmanuel

          No, no they do not. I know a number of very successful black businessmen, and doctors, and surgeons. Same with lawyers. These people have resources, middle class whites, and teenagers do not have. Particularly the lawyers. These people are NOT being pulled over all the time, they live here, and go years and years with out ever being pulled over.

          There are allot of black cops, both federal LE, and detroit cops that live in GP these days also.

          This rampant backwoods 1940s deep south racist sheriff shit is NOT going on here. Its just not. The numbers would not allow it to happen before a cop pulls over a supervisor at FBI, surpervisor at marshalls a colonel at selfridge ANGB, management at border control, detroit police sargent, people connected to the media.

          Do you think if they pulled over any number of black media personalities friends or family it would not make tv news ?

          This is self loathing white shit. Its not 1927, this is not back woods in arkansas. The cop is not kicking out the black dudes head lights, then throwing him in jail.

          • williswinning

            No, making men act like a monkey is totally 2012. You my friend are an asshat.

  • bebow

    Oh, shut up! Incredible. Captain David Loch’s statement reveals more about him and his department than he apparently realizes. “If you are in possession of something, we will meet with you.” The deviants seem to have fallen into the abyss and are content to wallow there in their own filth right up to the point at which video/audio evidence is produced for public consumption.