Man masturbates, barks like dog as historic club burns

University Club1As firefighters battled an enormous blaze at the historic University Club in Detroit this weekend, a wild-eyed man wearing only a black polo shirt emerged from the dark brush and began masturbating and barking like a dog.

After frenziedly satisfying himself in front of firefighters and onlookers at 4:30 a.m. Saturday, the lurker crawled on his hands and knees, with his tongue out, and gazed at flames that tore through the three-story Collegiate Gothic building at 1411 E. Jefferson. By the time police arrived, the bearded stranger had disappeared in the brush.

University Club Fire

Video of the disturbing scene was posted on YouTube briefly Thursday before moderators removed it.

Authorities believe the two-alarm fire, which destroyed the abandoned University Club, was intentionally set.

The University Club served as a social gathering place for educated men, and eventually women.

The architecturally significant building, however, rapidly deteriorated under the current owner, who bought the building for $600,000 in April 2010 and left it open to scrappers, vandals and extreme weather.

He plans to replace the building with a liquor store or fast food joint. Click here for more on that story.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • TaxPayer

    Steve, what quote of Charles Pugh did you publish that got you fired?

  • Pingback: Man Masturbates, Barks Like Dog As Historic Club Burns | Motor City Muckraker | ,Vancouver Island, Canada()

  • fenderguy

    Just A guy, you are an ass. Go unplug from you computer, smart phone, refrigerator and everything else that smart people who work hard for a living has provided. I’ll take the 1% over dumb asses like you any day. It is the 1% who make the world work for leaches like you to suck off.

    • Rocket


    • jmr012

      fender, it’s sycophants like you that help keep the 99% at the bottom and the 1% at the top. You are probably some dips#!t right-winger who thinks you’ll make it to the top one day. There’s a name for people who think the way you do: Suckers.

  • Eastsider

    The Amoris should be investigated for this fire, and, hopefully, go to jail for arson and insurance fraud.

  • john

    What a beautiful building! There aren’t many left that haven’t been damaged. Such a shame

  • Debbie

    The real story here is not about the crazy
    person barking and masturbating in front of the fire but yet another
    building intentionally burned to make room for a liquor store. It is
    cheaper than properly doing it, right? Of course, just my opinion. I
    was in this building many times when it was a business and it was a
    beautiful part of our history. It just breaks my heart on my levels.

    • just a guy

      The U club was a place for 1%ers and master of the universe slappies to rub elbows and screw us over. Let it burn. then move on to the Yon, the DAC, the DYC etc.

      The people want and need liquor stores….not private clubs. f em.

    • muckraker_steve

      It was a beautiful building. It was not easy to peer into the remains and imagine what used to be there.

  • John T. Feret

    Hey, sometimes you just gotta take care of business.

  • bebow

    Remember the pit bull rapist? The crack supply is tainted.

    • Tracey

      Pit bull rapist? Please, please, please tell me you’re making that up. We can’t be that damaged here in the city.

      • TiggyTiger

        I don’t think he raped a pit bull. If I’m thinking of the same person, he bit someone’s face.

        • bebow

          Recently, students took cell phone video of a naked man in an alley having sexual relations with a pit bull. Police were called, and the man was found at the location in the raw with the dog. I assume the dog didn’t consent.

          • TiggyTiger

            Ah, different case then. Surprised the pit bull didn’t turn on him. And if it’s his own pit bull, he could have done it at home.

          • Tracey

            The thought that popped in my head was that a rapist used a pit bull to hold his victim at bay, but the reality is much more disturbing. We HAVE become that damaged here in the city….

          • Tracey

            The thought that popped in my head was that a rapist used a pit bull to hold his victim at bay, but the reality is much more disturbing. We HAVE become that damaged here in the city….