Racial tensions flare at meeting over Belle Isle lease: “White whores can’t save us.”

A public hearing over leasing Belle Isle to the state turned ugly today when opponents heckled supporters and suggested the deal was a racist takeover.

“White whores can’t save us,” one resident said during a boisterous, two-hour period of public comments.

At issue is whether the city should lease the island park to the state for 30 years.

Supporters say the island has been neglected because the city can’t afford to maintain it. Opponents counter the state can’t be trusted with the unique gem, which has a rich history of racial integration.

Rowdy council meetings have been routine since the state announced last year that it would begin intervening in the city’s budget decisions. But not before today have supporters of some state intervention – in this case, Belle Isle – spoke out at council meetings.

And many in the crowd were not pleased.

“Get out of here,” one Detroiter yelled at supporters, most of whom were white and lived in the suburbs.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, telling us what to do,” another cried out.

Another exclaimed: “We have too many people outside of the city in our city’s business.”

Police officers stepped in when speakers got out of control or refused to sit down.

“We’re having a good conversation,” Councilman James Tate tried to remind the audience, but to no avail.

Here’s a sampling of today’s comments to the council:

“Get rid of the invaders!”

“You’re selling us out.”

“You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.”

“Power to the people.”

“I am ashamed to be white because … it’s a racist takeover.”

“This would never have happened before the city became black.”

To be fair, many in the audience were respectful.

Council members may vote on the issue as early as Tuesday.

The deal would save the cash-strapped city $6 million a year. If it’s rejected, the state likely would appoint an emergency manager, sources told me today.

“I don’t deal with guns to my head,” Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said .

The council is split on the issue but they may have five of the required nine votes.

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Steve Neavling is an investigative journalist and former city hall reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Living on the city’s east side, Neavling explores corruption, civil liberties and the underbelly of an oft-misunderstood city.    

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

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  • trickdaddyflash

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  • mcaplanov

    Does not a single one of you realize that our country is NOT a meritocracy? There are systems in place test make it extremely difficult to experience upward mobility, particularly when prejudice is involved. P. s. good news- I’m right! You guys aren’t so sharp. being racist means you have a low iq! Link to follow. Since he basic intellectual part of not being racist is probably beyond you maybe try to dig a little deeper for something more primal- just basic human compassion

  • mcaplanov

    Woah. These are some of the most blatantly racist comments I’ve ver read (coming from white people). Oh, that’s right- you’re all from the Midwest- aka not cultured, poorly educated, not so much money. In places that actually matter (NYC, DC, Boston) people are respectful of other cultures and don’t make everything about race. But why am I telling you this you couldn’t afford to live there anyway. You’re right our country will clean itself up… As you die and your ill informed and downright hateful ideas go with you

    • trickdaddyflash

      Go practice your guilt initiated gag reflex..you’ll probably need it you silly central Park West/Hamptons liberal….the price of protection for those like you will involve a depressed gaga reflex…remember that….PS Take a walking tour of Harlem and it “RICH CULTURE” and see if your ludicrous and vacuous opinions moderate appreciably…. Also don’t presume that we, in “flyover country” are any less educated, intelligent of well bred that you…Furthermore you are infinitely and unequivocally unqualified to question my genetics, cultural, educational. familial moral or ethical origins.
      I am descended from European Royalty ; Britons, Scots, Saxons, Plantaganets, Capets, Flanders, Italia, Normans et al with a little bit of wild eyed blue face-painted Celt as well. and YES…I have the DNA.AND I remain a man with deep roots in the great fields and forests of “everyman” ( not having been taught to somehow dwell on pinnacle or pedestal of self righteousness or inanely opine publicly in a manner certain to make me appears as a self important/absorbed nitwit being told what is correct ( or PC Nilary Antichrist inspired monument to liberals “helping those who are unhelpable yet doing so with other’s money…… ALWAYS!) and what is not correct by a subterfuge laden media de-evolving into cheap monopoly of sensationalism, fabrication and parroting of whatever “iliterati” based prevarications pronounced to the lame fresh faced “NEWS” creature standing on a street where they would never venture to help the “poor people”….. masquerading as news while the most august pioneers of the free press such as Edward R. Murrow, Ol’ Ed Herlihy ( google it) , Walter Winchell and yes. “G’night David”…..”G’night Chet” of Huntley and Brinkley spin at approximately 45,000 rpm in the graves .
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  • Dust Buster

    i find it strange when begging for, demanding or taking handouts from non detroiters…. they have no problems. not to proud to beg and take handouts. when you can run a city and take care of yourself then you can make demands

  • Rod

    Funny how the destroyers of detoit are chimping out at these meetings. They know Whites are taking detroit over, it’s so easy now. All Whites have to do is buy tracts of land neglected for decades by the deprived minority, and land blacks felt they never had to pay tax on. Yes our black do nothing malcontents, WE’RE BAAACK. Go ahead and utilize your violent terroristic 60’s mentality, the New Order Detroit Police Agency will sort you out. Get out, move to Atlanta or New Orleans and see how welcome you are there. You are now the interlopers.

  • malcom

    Do you people realize that White traitorous liberals like ted kennedy looked at America in the 60’s and said it was “too White” so they changed the immigration law to stop Whites from migrating to America in favor of africans, asians and south America. And that was the beginning of the end for White America. Sadly Whites said nothing and watched their race be ethnically cleansed from the country. All because they were afraid to be called racist. so they will eventually die off or be slaughtered.NO other race would do this.

    • Rod

      The catholics and kennedys are through, the social engineering “diversity” garbage is being tossed out by aggressive aware Whites and Asians. Mexicans are doing alot to rebuild detroit and should be acknowledged for it. But expediting illegals here should be stopped, or it WILL be stopped

  • Malcom

    ever notice that black conservatives are never so hostile but yet are hated by black and white liberal?. But savages have always hated the civilized people

  • Mike Harlan

    its a Lease Agreement, not a Takeover. Some People can’t tell the Difference. As far Detroit is Concerned, the only People who tear up Neighborhoods are the People who live there.

  • BiteMe


  • NameAmanda Brand

    The biggest racists are blacks. It’s getting really very old now.

    • trickdaddyflash


  • whites built the city, blacks destroyed it.

  • Ben Ruggierio

    White people make the kind of remarks that were made at this racist council meeting and we would be publicly “lynched”.The comments made at this meeting, were by racist PIGS can keep this city that THEY personally ran into the dirt. Keep up the blight and shooting, you’ll clean your city up! Birth control would help too! Massa! Keep it RAGGETY!

    • Ben Ruggierio

      Wonder if the loser who made the white whore comment receive gubbament assistance (from white whores)?

    • cavmedic

      I wonder about the identity of the loser who made this comment,
      “I am ashamed to be white because … it’s a racist takeover.”

      • trickdaddyflash


  • Alexander Thomas

    It’s absurd to even try and help these people. Apparently they enjoy living in their own filth. So let them. If they don’t want anything from the white whores. Instead of saving money on Belle Isle, maybe we should cut there government handouts off instead. That way everyone’s happy.

    • Rod

      There was a report last year on a local station where about 5 or 6 black kids were standing in a bunch of trash up and down their skreet. The little rats said “Someone needs to clean this up”. They continued riding their bikes through the trash and waste all over their skreet. The thought of doing something for themselfses never entered their skulls of mush. Generations of useless carbon life forms have reached their pinnacle in detroit.

  • Chicongo Blues

    Welcome to New Liberia, USA

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  • Sounds like a threat from the state. “Do this, or else!” That, in itself, is BS!

    • The State–aka the governor, who slithered into office as some moderate nerd businessguy–has become a sickening cancer of hard-right politics. He’s been making threats and cuts since he’s been in. He’s a pin-head whose agenda is based on CEO-mindedness, which means he cuts his way to get in the black (economically, not racially…necessarily). He’s not a politician so much as a bully. This state made a mistake sticking him in there, but that’s what happens when people are too stupid to either study up on candidates, or leave them alone when you don’t understand what you see. Detroit has a CEO mayor, in a CEO governed state. We’re screwed. Privatization is not the answer. But it may be too late now.

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  • Eric

    Detroit is an island within the state

  • My goodness… It makes you laugh out loud reading the comments, but before I could finish laughing the gut wrenching reality hits you like a brick. These are real people who actually feel this way… My mind is blown to say the least. This deal is a no brainer for the city: a 30 year lease is nothing in the grand scheme of things and in return you save nearly $200Million and get a well maintained, beautified park in return. Like I said – no brainer!

    • S Jackson

      it’s a 90 year lease in 30 year increments. i read nothing in the lease that guarantees improvements in the park.

    • j d

      Its actually a 30 year lease in 10 year increments! The city has the right to take it back in 10 years, but of course they wouldn’t cause the white whores would make it that much better and they wouldn’t have to even worry about it.

    • Let’s use some common sense here. Is the state going to take over this land and allow it to remain a dump? Probably not.

    • Thomas Katt

      Well, yeah. It’s like leasing the fire hydrant in front of your house – basically, the state is trying to *give* the city bailout money, no strings, no questions … and the city’s citizens are refusing to take it.

      No wonder the city is broke.

    • Rod

      Did you see the DNR cutting down tree after rotted tree the first day of State control? The DNR did in one day what the malcontented lazy blacks haven’t done in 40 years. The trees literally shattered as they hit the ground. State Troopers patroling Belle Island will be a great deterrent to the “local aborigonies” who lurk and do their freaknik crap. Strap your Glocks on and show the “locals”, yeah we’re back now

  • Peter

    Is it possible that the person who said “white whores” actually said “white horse”? That makes more sense.

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, maybe that was it. It’s hard to understand these people when they talk about gubbamit and bidnid and are referring to government and business.

  • I never thought of the fact that I’m a whore had anything to do with my race.

  • t

    I’m amazed at the incredible amount of prejudice still in Detroit, and a great deal of it is by blacks toward whites. Black people feel that the ‘white whores’ are trying to take over ‘their’ land, and have all kinds of reasons for opposition to this, when in fact it was not ‘their’ land at all, it belonged to the Indians if you want to get technical about it. And the fact that the state is trying to gain control is not to diminish anything African American related, it is to TRY DESPERATELY TO SAVE A CITY THAT HAS BEEN IN IT’S DEMISE FOR MANY YEARS. The comment one person made “They’re saying we’re too incompetent to run our own land”….well, if the shoe fits!! I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. Look at the mess Detroit is in! Open your eyes people! It’s been corrupted by corrupt people for far too long. It’s time to shape up or ship out folks! I’m angered by seeing my city withering away into the abyss and damn tired of it! Stop with all the hating, with all the chips on shoulders, and all the crying ‘poor me’ and allow the much needed help to be dispersed!

    • Rod

      I don’t pay attention to the coloreds’ hatred towards US. I know where my people came from, what they help build, what they stood up for, who they knew would destroy the country. Waiting the blacks out is so easy, as they chase businesses out, sabatoge the infrastructure, allow the municipal services to decompose and implode,.all WE have to do is watch them eradicate themselves. They follow greedy whore chasing ministers that preach black racism and violence. White and Chaldean developers are striking while the blacks are in confusion. Black churches will never SPEND a dime to bolster the infrastrucure, only steal from it with their minions of soldier thieves. BOB violence, it’s a unique phenomenon that will enrich White investors’ LTI’s. Keep on paroling violent offenders to help with the BOB violence, it really culls the herd of the weak. The stronger will survive. Chance favors the prepared mind, graves favor the narrow gibs me dats mind.

      • trickdaddyflash

        If they’re high…don’t lead them as much….

  • Michael Kruger

    Once again the people of Detroit are proving to be their own worst enemy on these financial issues. There hus tis not the tax revenue to keep the city going and eventually the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan…bankruptcy and lots of unnecessary suffering on the part of employees, retirees, citizens and the entire metropolitan area. People need to work together but the cries of racism stop all that in its tracks…again. These same folks should ask Kwame, his dad, Bernard, and buddy Bobby Ferguson to foot some of the bill since they have clearly ripped off the city for hundreds of thousands of dollars….

  • Larry D’mongo

    Governor please file Chapter something bankruptcy and put a end to the MADNESS!

  • Belle Isle Island was here long before the Blacks moved to Detroit.!!! So the land is for everyone and speaking from personal experience my father used to take us to Belle Isle every summer until the 1967 roits and it was a beautiful park that has gone to hell ever since. The city of Detroit has never been able to recover from that devastating roit of 1967.

    • Toka313

      Belle Isle was the site of the 1943 riots. It was the ’43 riots that the city wasn’t able to recover from. And also a huge reason why this is going to highlight racial tensions.

  • bebow

    To be fair, black whores won’t save us, either. The city and state should be listening with both ears to the rising heat in the tone and content of those messages.