Love & Hope: 20 inspiring murals in Detroit’s neighborhoods

mural east side_3719
“Respect, Love It, Live It, Show it.”

Among the blight and poverty in many of Detroit’s neighborhoods are colorful reminders of perseverance and pride.

Most of the murals were painted by residents who see hope and promise in a city that refuses to give up.

Here are 20 murals in Detroit neighborhoods captured over the past year. All photos by Steve Neavling.

mural west_4827
“#West Detroit”
“Keep It Clean Detroit” on the east side.
mural brightmoor_6140
“Brightmoor Ultimate Frisbee”
mural god love you_6789
“God Love U.”
Mural Beaubien and milwaukee_6944
“Welcome to the Grandmont Rosedale Communities”
mural west_7127
“We shall overcome” on the west side.
mural east_7775
“Hip Hop Forever” on the east side.
mural Love will hold us together_8288
“Love will hold us together.”
mural church wes_8406
Church on the west side.
mural east_7667
“Black Women Lives Matter”
Detroit mural.
mural Grand River area_7175
Mural off of W. Grand River.
mural jefferson east_6055
Mural at Jefferson East.
Storefront murals
Storefront mural on the west side.
Obama mural.
Obama – “Never Stop Dreaming.”
Detroit lives!
“Detroit lives!”
Detroit – City of the Future.
Detroit – City of the Future.
Underpass at Beaubien and Milwaukee.
Underpass at Beaubien and Milwaukee.
"8 Mile Wall" that once divided black and white homes.
“8 Mile Wall” that once divided black and white homes.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Sara Constantakis

    Does anyone know exactly where the 8 Mile wall is located? I would like to see it in person!

    • frozeninthesnow

      The wall runs north/south from below 8-Mile to Pembroke Ave., 8-Mile and Wyoming area. The best place to see it is in the Alfonso Wells Memorial Park between Norfolk and Chippewa.

  • Alana Maureen Hoey Moore

    The one on Livernois and John Kronk would be good on this list too!

  • Nice collection of murals! It’s good to see some of the less commonly publicized ones.

  • Donald E. Hodge

    The Mural of Malice Green is what I remember the most about City painting In Detroit. When I had first seen his face on a wall near the place of this death he became more of a person. some ones brother; son; friend. The painting made me feel something newsprint could not do. Pictures have a way of touching us more so than lettering. I love to see Art work in Detroit. These Murals remind me of the type of Art work my brother Paul use to paint. He would use paint, pen and ink, clay, anything to show us or perhaps even being us out of our metropolitan slumber to see things as they really are. That is what I miss about him the most is what he could do with his art. Paul Died of a heroin overdose in 1992.
    What I miss the most is his powerful and soul wrenching art work. most of it was a lot like this work shown here. Thanks Steve, you truly are a brother.