Three charged in brutal murder of Detroit firefighter at his home

Detroit firefighter David Madrigal was found murdered in his house.
Detroit firefighter David Madrigal was found murdered in his house.

By Steve Neavling
Motor City Muckraker

Three people were charged Friday in connection with the brutal murder of Detroit firefighter David Madrigal.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said Madrigal, 59, was beaten and robbed at his west-side Detroit home on the 7600 block of Vaughn on Dec. 19.

Worthy filed murder charges against Timmy Lynn Soto, 32, of Detroit; Nicole Oneill, 33, of Detroit; and Christian Rasnick, 19, of Trenton. They also were charged with armed robbery, larceny in a building and arson.

Shortly after Madrigal was murdered, his car was set on fire in an alley near 3800 Bangor at 6:58 p.m.

A family member found Madrigal dead on a chair on Dec. 21.

He died of blunt force trauma to the head.

“It is very sad that a 26-year veteran of the Detroit Fire Department was murdered,” Worthy said. “We are glad to report that because of the tireless work of DPD homicide officers we are able to issue charges today.

Madrigal was planning to retire this year to enjoy his life as a grandfather. He frequently helped struggling families and homeless people.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Tom

    It looks as if the victim probably knew the perpetrators.
    I’m relieved I’ve got a house a block away and was concerned that it was random.

  • Tim Burke


    • Third World Detroit

      If we had a death penalty, it wouldn’t be applied equally. This fireman’s neighborhood was decimated by the diversion of law enforcement and absence of a police response between 2006 – 2015. It’s now a place where the city allows rampant lawlessness to fester unchecked. There would be an abundance of death penalty resources for places like Fireman Madrigal’s “unselected” Detroit neighborhood, but little or nothing more. We do that kind of thing here. That’s who we are.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Noooooo. Lots of places the nearest cop is 25 miles away and they do not burn then entire county down, rape, murder, sell drugs, do drivebys etc. I agree they underserved the area, but thats sorta a product of detroit being more violent than allot of other big cities by as much as 8-10 times. Its more violent than nice secluded upscale communities by sometimes as much as 100 times. And thats just the reported stuff, we all know if you get roughed up at the gas station, but not stabbed in birmingham you call the cops and they show up in 3 minutes, in detroit you know its a waste. The real world crime differnce in violence is hundreds of times from the nicest places in the country compared to detroits worst zip codes.

        With modern era dna testing, people caught on camera, people that admit to it, we should not be paying millions of dollars per inmate to keep them alive. It can easy cost 60k per year, not including all their appeals, surgeries, lawsuits, and trouble they make.

        We have kept up with the times, it would be terrible to execute a guy who sorta looked like the guy we wanted in the old days. WE KNOW THESE people did this 100 %.

        You cannot turn these people around, they have no souls, how can you kill anyone, much less a 59 year old guy working hard, minding his own business chilling at his house. What did they even get from him, a couple hundred bucks, even if they got 10 grand its still crazy.

        You can MAYBE turn around a 14-16 year old, when people are in their 30s and think this shit is how you live, this is cool, they are done. There is no fixing them.

      • Tim Burke

        i have no idea what your talking about
        i am not here to debate so this will be my last comment i do not go back and forth on here other than this. so i was making a statement about how i felt after this heartbreaking story, period. done.

    • Klann Killa

      Indirectly we do. Thanx to OTIS (Offender Tracking Information System), you can find out where the perp is housed. If you have friends “in low places”, which I do, “for the price of a cup of coffee” you can have a man “wacked”, and at the very least, have the lining “knocked out of his starfish”. I promise those punks are going to have a rough ride. Dave was a GOOD friend of mine. We owe him that much. Stay tuned. Peace ✌?️

      • Tim Burke

        Sorry for the loss of your friend this is fucking heart breaking and just fuckin sensless