Detroit man loses hands, feet after being attacked by pack of dogs

The dogs were living at this house on the 4500 block of Pennsylvania in Detroit.
The dogs were living at this house on the 4500 block of Pennsylvania in Detroit.

A Detroit man is in critical condition after a pack of dogs mauled him on the east side Thursday evening.

Police said the attack was so vicious that the man lost his hands and feet, the Free Press reports.

The man, age 40 to 50, was attacked after at least five pit bulls escaped a house on the 4500 block of Pennsylvania. When police arrived, the man was naked and pinned on his back as the dogs mauled him.

Police shot at the dogs and killed one of them. The rest of the dogs were lured into their home.

Police returned this morning and found about 13 dogs, including puppies. All appeared to be pit bulls, police said.

The mauling remains under investigation, and the owner has been questioned.

The victim is being treated at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • starshiplazyboy

    When a person makes the commitment to own any dog, large or small, pit bull or chihuahua they have taken on a responsibility to understand that dog as an individual and realize what it is capable of.

    Some dogs are easy to handle and offer the owner a bit more leeway. Sort of like cars with automatic transmissions and cruise control are easier to drive than others while eating bowls of cereal or putting on mascara.

    Owning any working breed is more like riding a sport bike. You really can’t text or drink coffee or change your shirt while riding because there is a much higher percentage chance that you’ll get yourself or someone else seriously hurt. There is nothing inherently evil or dangerous about a motorcycle they just require a greater sense of responsibility to operate.

    So the owner of these animals is an irresponsible douche and should be prosecuted for negligence just as if he had driven into the victim with his car. The troubling thing for me is that, similar to shootings, people have a tendency to blame the instrument of the attack (in this case the dogs) and not the human who is truly responsible.

  • maggiemay

    If the people in the hood actually cared about their pets, things like this wouldn’t happen. Blame the owners, not the dogs.

  • maggiemay

    Why is this the dog’s fault and not the owners? Put the blame where it belongs. No matter what the breed, dogs are animals and if untrained and in a pack this is normal behavior. Even a pack of Poodles would act the same.

  • Lisa Jo Jackson

    The statement that the owner has been “questioned”… how about arrested on the spot for endangering the public with his uncontrollable dogs…. that proved by almost killing this man were a danger….and don’t blast me but the dogs also are now a victim of this person who should not have even one animal in my estimation… Prayers for the victim.

  • Tom

    Breed Fads; 50’s into the 60’s German Shepard .. 60’s into the 70’s Doberman Pinscher with Rottweiler later 70’s, Staffordshire Terrier (pit bull) about 1978 and never waned. Everywhere you go pit bull and pit bull mixed. Every breed was developed over hundreds if not thousands of years for a particular purpose. The jobs breeds were developed for are mostly gone.

    Pit Bulls can and will kill it is genetic. Terriers are a tenacious to the death strain of breed. I lost the best dog I ever had 3 years ago a Rottweiler – Great Dane mix that showed up emaciated. I had him for 9 years. When I visited the humane society it was overwhelmingly pit bull and pit bull mixed dogs. I hope their popularity fades soon.

    I don’t think this country has ever seen such an era of vicious brutal dog attacks and fatalities. The stories occur regularly across the country and more likely that pit bulls are involved. I faced one down one time but had there been more I would not have survived. Most people can’t outrun them.

    I would strongly support legislation to abate the breed through attrition and mandatory breeding regulations that would require owners to adhere to if their pit bull is not spayed or neutered.

    • Lisa MacKenzie

      My Pit bull and I weep for this person being so wrongfully harmed. My 90lb pure bred n I were attacked, by mixed non-pit….. My dog never moved or fought, as he was brought up… as a lover NOT A FIGHTER… I HAVE 7 lnch scar on my right hand. OWNERS MUST BE CHARGED. Just as a child, BORN INNOCENT…. they only learn from their ‘TEACHERS’ MY heart breaks for all the innocent involved, VICTIM foremost and for the furbabies who were taught by ignorant two legged animals, Peace n Love Lisa and Draco.

  • Ronald Diebel

    This is a travesty, that does not seem to be generating the level of outrage it warrants.

    • bebow

      The man is an “unselected” resident of Third World Detroit. That means his loss of hands and feet to a criminal’s vicious pack of pit bulls is of no consequence. The police even seemed to apologize for having to shoot one or two of the animals they found eating the man alive.

      • Tom

        “The police even seemed to apologize for having to shoot one or two of the animals”

        This is a problem that has been overlooked throughout the State’s takeover of Detroit, one issue I would venture to say many residents would have welcomed. This is no different than surviving in a forest teeming with wolves.

        • bebow

          In my neighborhood, the DPD has been called repeatedly to address narcotics-trafficking occupants of a slumlord’s tax delinquent rental shack, who allow their large, aggressive pit bull to roam. No action. The dog will eventually inflict serious injury on someone.

          • codfilet

            You could make up a nice hamburger “snack” for that dog-just sayin’