Police: Son of billionaire Mike Ilitch arrested with crack cocaine, prostitute

Detroit Police

Ronald Ilitch, the son of billionaire Mike Ilitch, was arrested Wednesday after police said they found him with crack cocaine and a prostitute on Detroit’s west side.

Ronald Ilitch booking photoPolice pulled over the 57-year-old and found him in possession of crack, and a prostitute was in the passenger seat near the Riviera Motel at McNichols and Grand River. Ilitch was taken to the Detroit Jail and is expected to face formal charges Thursday.

The news comes as his dad, Mike Ilitch, embarks on a $650 million project to build a new Red Wings arena and entertainment district. Ilitch owns the Red Wings, the Tigers and Little Caesars.

This wasn’t Ronald Ilitch’s first brush with the law. In 2004, Ilitch pleaded no contest to two counts of domestic violence after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend twice in Troy.

A year later, he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • angel grimes

    If she was a jig, hooker, now THAT would be embarrassing to this Italian family!

  • Lisa Havelock

    This is classic dog bites man. What’s next, Steve? Construction on Woodward disrupts downtown traffic? Who would’ve thunk it!?

  • maggiemay

    I feel sorry for his family. Addiction is a devastating disease.

  • Billy Blake

    I wonder if they put him in the special V.I.P. cell. You know the one they put billionaire Matty Moroun in. Also he could have his meal caterer from the athletic club.

  • falseprophet

    I bet he beats the case…

    • mr

      Let me just say that I’m lower middle. I’ve had no silver spoon, barely plastic. I’ve had my brushes with the law and drugs. I hope that Ron Ilitch can overcome his demons and in the future be smarter with his addictions.
      Ron, get yourself a man Friday. someone that will do your dirty work for you. Your lucky that you can afford it. I’m am formally applying for the job.
      Good luck and please learn from your mistake.

      • bebow

        You’d like to be his paid enabler?

  • Teresita

    Steve Neavling, I presume you’re on this and have an exclusive interview lined up with the hooker? Inquiring minds want to know: 1) Was he a regular; 2) Was he cheap; 3) Fetishes; 4) Extensive drug use; 5) Did he ever pop for a hotel; and 6) Did he take his socks off? That should get you started.

  • BT Shelton

    So the guy had a women in his car near a motel, and he was in possession of drugs.
    I get the drug thing, the police obviously have the evidence, but why mention the women’s day job, or the fact they were “near” a motel?
    Did she admit that they made a financial agreement for sex? Were they in the parking lot of the motel?
    Maybe she was his girlfriend, and they were on the way to the nearby White Castle?
    If I may quote Gov. George Wallace on the Lou Gorden show around 1970, “you sir… are a muckraker!”

    • NurseRatched

      MORON ^^^^

    • bebow

      Maybe Ronald should do his drug and prostitution thing in his own suburban neighborhood. Maybe the DPD should squeeze Ilitch-the-Younger for the unselected neighborhood location where he bought the crack and met his “girlfriend.” Maybe that drug and prostitution infested, tax delinquent, slumlord rental shack should be raided before the occupants grow bold enough to spray people with bullets from an AK-47.

    • Teresita

      Maybe she is what they call a “known” prostitute?