3 transgender people shot in Detroit in past week, investigated as hate crimes


Three transgender people have been shot in the same area of Detroit in the past week, and police are investigating to determine whether the crimes are connected.

A transgender person was killed Friday in Palmer Park, which has long been home to an LGBT community. Police said the shooting appeared to be a hate crime, according to WXYZ. .

On Sunday and last week, two transgender people were shot in the same area.

Police recovered a gun in the fatal shooting.

Attacks on transgender people along Woodward between McNichols and Seven Mile are nothing new, but the public rarely hears about it because police have been unusually tight-lipped about the attacks. Like in past cases, police have declined to identify the latest victims.

Equality Michigan, a gay rights group, called for an investigation last year into the disturbing murder of a transgender woman in Detroit after her body was discovered in a trash can behind a bar on Woodward near McNichols in November.

Police have not identified the victim and declined to discuss the case.

Reports of hate crimes can attract the FBI and other federal attention.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Miles666

    Are there any updates to this story?

  • Irked

    I really, really appreciate the obvious effort put forth to correctly “label” these folks. So many news sources referring to them as transgender men. To take the time to say that they are transgender, but then point out that they are men seems like an intentional slap in the face.
    Also, kudos for staying away from the sensationalist “area’s history of sex workers” angle. I haven’t seen any reports stating that this actually had anything to do with prostitution, just a bunch of reporters implying that they were probably hookers. Also reenforcing the idea that they were “asking for it”

  • Guest

    Why do you not say “transgender men?”

    • Becuse they are trans people, some who have not had their gender made public. Steve did not attach a gender he could not confim out of respect for the victims and their famlies.

  • bebow

    Here we are with a variation on a recurring theme: No awareness and appreciation for boundaries among the poorly socialized. “I’m gonna do whatever I want, destroying anything and anyone I don’t like.”

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like Steve Neavling