Detroit police arrest 5 more graffiti vandals in continued crackdown

Graffiti mugs arrests

Detroit police arrested five vandals accused of tagging buildings across Detroit in yet the latest crackdown on graffiti.

The alleged vandals belong to a group known as TCK Crew, which has vandalized buildings throughout the city. The suspects, most of whom live outside of the city and are between the ages of 19 and 21, are Ramon Curiel (Detroit), Rickey Steciak (Southgate), JonMichael Hernandez (Lincoln Park), Juan Meza (Romulus) and Cristian Aguinaga (Detroit).

In the graffiti scene, they are known as Riddle, Zuer, Phox, Scab and Fon.

They were charged Monday with malicious destruction of property.

“The new message is, ‘If you do it here in Detroit, you will be arrested and prosecuted,” Police Chief James Craig said of graffiti vandalism.

Police launched a graffiti crackdown this summer following a series of stories we published about the proliferation of vandalism on occupied and historic buildings, churches, houses, road signs, cars, light poles, trees and almost anything else with a surface.

The first charges came last month after three Grosse Pointe teens were caught on surveillance vandalizing downtown buildings.

In the latest arrest, police were called to a report of vandals painting a building at Livernois and Burlingame. After a brief chase, police captured three men and spotted two others defacing the building.

“The department will not tolerate individuals who maliciously deface or vandalize any buildings or structures within our city and we will make every effort to ensure that those laws protecting the beauty of our communities are enforced with the utmost integrity and respect,” police said in a press release.

In May, as police were forming a task force to tackle graffiti, two cops caught a graffiti vandal on Gratiot but let him go.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Shamus Wins

    I lived at 7 and Hayes for some time. I believe graffiti is a part of life anywhere; albeit inglorious to some. Go to the Packard Plant and you will find my own. But a gunshot, in my experience, takes an average of 45 minutes of response time. If at all. I remember biking home one night, when my neighbor’s house was burnt to the ground. The firefighters did respond but I spoke with detectives who were quite honest about NOT solving most violent crimes.
    I have had my entire paycheck taken by Detroit Narcotics, with no evidence of breaking the law. When I called to file a complaint: laughter. Tell that to my former neighbor….

  • OneCanOnlyHope

    I hope they get charged with a FELONY!!! What a bunch of losers; they should be on ‘graffiti’ cleaning detail for the next two years and in jail when they aren’t cleaning up that and if any of them have a drivers license take that away from them for at least 10 years. This generation is going to be in big trouble in another few years. They are wasting their time on foolishness instead of getting their education and life is going to pass them by…..

  • Gary

    All those kids, especially the one on the top right are really jacked-up looking.

  • Why weren’t these miscreants charged with a felony?