Tyree Guyton’s erratic behavior alarms neighbors, visitors of Heidelberg Project

Tyree Guyton, with his polka dot coat
Tyree Guyton, with his polka dot coat

A preacher was forced to cut short a donation drive for the homeless at the Heidelberg Project this weekend because he said the controversial founder of the outdoor art exhibit, Tyree Guyton, angrily approached him and reduced his wife to tears.

Bleach Detroit's fundraiser at the Heidelberg Project.
Bleach Detroit’s fundraiser at the Heidelberg Project.

“Tyree came over to us in an aggressive manner and proceeded to tell us that our game wasn’t tight enough to collect donations for the homeless there,” said Preacher, whose identity is protected because he leads a citywide neighborhood watch group, Bleach Detroit. “We had permission from the office of the Heidelberg Project.”

Preacher’s encounter highlights growing concerns about Guyton after arsons consumed six art-festooned houses at the Heidelberg Project on Detroit’s east side between November and March. Preacher helped patrol the area in the midst of the arson spree.

Head's house was damaged by two fires.
Head’s house was damaged by two fires.

Two of those fires burned the home of 68-year-old Mildred Head, who said Guyton promised to repair the estimated $15,000 in damages to the roof and two sides of her house. Head said Guyton has been dismissive since, and she can’t understand why the nonprofit wouldn’t spend some of its $200,000 budget on making improvements to her charred house and the surrounding neighborhood.

“They feel like they can use all of these donations on anything they want but they aren’t doing anything with the money in the neighborhood,” Head charged. “People are dumping money on him left and right but have no idea what he’s doing. It is pitiful.”

Documentary filmmaker Charles Shaw said he was chased out of the Heidelberg Project in March after trying to interview Guyton.

“He was very rude and forced me to leave,” Shaw said. “He was yelling and erratic.”

Home owned by Guyton’s mother.

What Guyton never said was that the Heidelberg Project owns just four of the 50 parcels in the two-block area because the nonprofit allowed some properties to fall into foreclosure. In other words, Guyton has no authority to remove visitors unless they are on one of his four parcels.

Guyton and his wife, Heidelberg Executive Director Jenenne Whitfield, declined requests to be interviewed for this story.

Polka Dot Rebellion: Heidelberg Project survives on guts, vision of Tyree Guyton

To address growing animosity towards the project and Guyton, supporters held a meeting Sunday with neighbors and encouraged them to embrace the Heidelberg. Among the supporters at the meeting was state Rep. Rashida H. Tlaib.

The Clock House burned down in December.
The Clock House burned down in December.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has declined to discuss the Heidelberg Project, saying he hasn’t yet formed an opinion on the property.

In 1986, when Guyton was 32, he decided he’d had enough with crime and blight and began decorating crack houses, trees and empty lots with toys, hubcaps, shoes, tires, vacuum cleaners, mannequins, old bikes and TVs.

The artwork has been razed by the city several times, but Guyton never quit building.

The ATF and Detroit Fire Department are investigating the arsons.

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Dust Buster

    what a joke. there are probably 879,000 nutty people in this country that tack up, tape, hang and plaster rubbish on walls and it isnt art. the dude is a hoarder that got tagged as some brilliant picasso . all the artsy fartsy rich white folks and others lavish praise and donate to him but they wouldnt tolerate one old shoe or pink tire anywhere near their houses.

    i figured the guy didnt own all that property and homes so what does he want a $20 handshake from some stupid kids from the burbs that go down their to take a picture of his living landfill?

  • scott kraz

    I have reluctantly taken people to see the project only to have Guyton come out of his van yelling at the girls who take pictures of his house or people standing in front of it.He wants you to erase your cameras or he will take them from you. I do not think he should have gotten all the credit the press has given him over the years. from my point of view i think he likes to bully people to make himself feel better.

    • Dee Durham

      Oh really? HE TAKES CAMARAS FROM PEOPLE? I wish he’d try tbat with me.Wouldn’t that be considerd ROBBERY?? Umm makes one think

  • dirtydog1776

    You fight crime and blight by decorating houses with junk? Sounds very effective to me. Let me throw some money at you.

  • Anthony Rubens

    Like everything else in the city that used to be detroit, this fake has his hand out and is on the take. Crooks and liars all.

  • 1Joshua

    Guyton has ALWAYS been nuts. That slum is not art. It is junk.

  • Guest

    Him and his wife are illiterate hucksters. Pure Detroit trash.

  • Alan Goldsmith

    “Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has declined to discuss the Heidelberg Project, saying he hasn’t yet formed an opinion on the property.”
    Typical dickhead politician.

  • Angela WhiteHawk Potter

    Shame on Tyree!!!! He may own some of the burnt property but he does not own the street.The streets belong to all tax payers. He needs to be medicated and let those who are collecting for the homeless alone. He needs to honor his promise to fix Head’s home and then worry about his art work. I used to be a fan and now I believe he deserves what he gets.What a jack wipe.

  • Guest

    They declined requests to be interviewed because you’ve been an incredibly unfair reporter to them. This story cannot be trusted based on the past actions and axe to grind of the author.

    • muckraker_steve

      We supported their fundraisers and have been nothing but fair to the Heidelberg Project. We began asking questions when they failed to properly use the $50,000 they raised from the public to protect the artwork from arsonists. We are asking the same questions that many of the donors are asking.

    • this story is completely true we at Bleach Detroit are totally transparent check our record or our website http://www.bleachdetroit.weebly.com