Drug mule sentenced to 3 years in prison on 90th birthday

Leo Sharp

The mutton-chopped drug mule who turned 90 years old today was sentenced to three years in prison after state police found 104 kilograms of cocaine in his Michigan-bound pickup truck.

Leo Sharp, who was hoping his age and dementia would keep him out of prison, turned to prosecutors and uttered, “death sentence.”

Prosecutors asked federal Judge Nancy Edmunds to impose a 5-year sentence on the Indiana man and World War II vet, who police said worked as a drug mule since 2009, selling nearly 1,500 pounds of cocaine. He made more than $1 million by working with a Mexican drug ring and used some of the profits for his world-famous plant hybridization work in Indiana, authorities said.

“I’m really heartbroken (about) what I did,” Sharp told the judge. 

Sharp’s lawyer urged the judge to order the drug courier to home confinement instead of prison.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Bruce Channell

    In his case crime does pay!$1 Million for 5 years of transporting cocaine comes out to $200K a year!And to have to do 3 years in prison goes to show you how white collar crime works.There are guys who are caught selling less than 50 grams of cocaine doing just as much,if not more,time than this guy will.Granted the guy is 90 years old and might not live out his sentence but look at the money he made in his twilight years.

    • Gunnut2600

      Remember though…you gotta be white.

      • Bruce Channell

        Or have enough money for a good attorney…

      • bigmama1127

        I dont think being white has anything to do with it….someone always has to use the race card. Its 2014 time to grow up

        • Nya

          Look at the statistics and then after you see the differences in jail times for such crimes you tell us why the sentencing is so different….

        • Gunnut2600

          You forgot to say that you can’t be racist cause you got a black friend.