23 images of downtown Detroit’s mural-splashed parking garage

Entrance and exit to the garage.
Entrance and exit to “The Z” garage in downtown Detroit.

This isn’t your typical parking garage.

“The Z” is a behemoth, mural-splashed, 10-floor parking garage that can accommodate 1,300 vehicles in downtown Detroit.

Graffiti artists from around the world were hired to paint colorful murals on the white building at 1234 Liberty Street. The building zigzags from corner of Library and Gratiot and Broadway and East Grand River.

The result is breathtaking.

The garage, which opened earlier this year and replaced a parking lot, was created by Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert’s real estate company, Bedrock Estate Services.

Parking garage_2149

Parking garage_2057

Parking garage_2053

Parking garage_2064

Parking garage_2066

Parking garage_2070

Parking garage_2052

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Parking garage_2110

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Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Tammy Barbour

    Defacing a mailbox is a Federal crime. It is also a felony.

  • Willy

    That disgusting scar on downtown started as 2 surface parking lots softened by trees and a small greenbelt. It was replaced with a garish architectural fu**up right out of some kid’s nightmare that is hostile to its surroundings and hostile to the street. It is a garishly white, garishly lit brutalist-abstract architectural hellhole that is too prominent to the street.

    Not attempting to discourage replacing surface lots with structures, but this diabolical sh**hole is an offense to the eyes. Gilbert should be embarrassed.

    • disqus_BqPBUCLlU3

      Who’s eyes? I happen to think this is absolutely fantastic and have walked every floor to take a look. It’s a stunning piece of work compared to the fu##up sh**hole that used to surround it ..

      • Willy

        The pretty little murals inside do nothing for the streetscape that this hideous nightmare destroyed. Frankly, I’d rather see the art on the outside of this abomination, and the thought of visiting a f’ing parking garage for the art is absurd.

  • bebow

    Very nice.

  • Willy

    Isn’t that lovely?! Does nothing to address the exterior of the most abominable, disgraceful building constructed in the midwest in the last 50 years that destroyed the character of that block.

    • Gary

      Oh yeah, what was there before that?

      • muckraker_steve

        A parking lot was there before that.

        • Gary

          I see. Willy is just being silly