Driver viciously beaten after accidentally hitting child in Detroit; he may not survive

Chief Craig
Police Chief James Craig

A man is clinging to life today after he was violently beaten in Detroit for accidentally hitting an 11-year-old boy with his car at a low rate of speed.

Police said the 54-old-year driver got out of the car to check on the victim when a large group of men viciously attacked him, beating him to within inches of his life at 4:10 p.m. Wednesday near Morang and Balfour street on the east side.

The boy, who also was taken to St. John Hospital, suffered less severe injuries.

The driver remains in critical condition and may not survive, police said.

The attack is one reason some drivers are afraid to stop in Detroit after an accident.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • Dexter Randall

    This site just reminds me why I had to move from Michigan. The ignorance of white people, of which I am one, is stifling.

    Muckraker is the appropriate title for a online publication that stirs up the worst characteristics of a whiny ass group of white jingostic, racist so called Americans.

  • Dexter Randall

    This is shit journalism!!!

    First,who has confirmed that it was an accident?!!

    Second, who might not survive?!?

    Hell I saw in a tweet that the driver was speeding! He hits a kid and then all hell breaks loose.

    I know what I would do in my neighborhood, if something like that happened.

    It may not be right, but he hit a kid.

    To me it is not about black or white.

    As a white person, I understand that everybody loves their kids.

  • Sky J Logan

    It is amazing that these attacker attend church on Sunday and call themselves Christian. They should love their neighbor like themselves and not beat people who are white, or do the right thing. The race war is over, I don’t why these attacker are trying to resurrect a wall between races when so many people are trying to tear it down.

  • bebow

    The media is growing as bold as the neighborhood criminals with the “selection process” and “two Detroits” thing. It’s astonishing. Here’s a tip: What’s festering in the neighborhoods isn’t going to remain confined to the neighborhoods. It might be smart to drop the smug. Summer’s coming.

    • Dexter Randall

      Great point!

  • dirtydog1776

    Where be my best buddies Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? I thought they would be prominent, taking a strong stand on such a sensitive issue. Probably no money to be made.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      The people who love Al and Jesse are hateful blacks, and self loathing whites and to a lesser extent Jews. The whites and jews in the media agree with him (whites are terrible) and give him a soap box. Their hateful black followers do not really want racial justice, or harmony, or fairness. They want white people to be afraid to speak, to be ashamed, to hate themselves for things maybe their great great great grandparents did. Most of the white people i know (and the 1/4 white part of my family) no one was even here in the US till about 1890-1920. Everyone was in the north, no one was a racist that i know of.

      You are right, no money to be made, it only upsets his black followers. The narrative can only be blacks are victims, whites are terrible.

      Possibly, just maybe he could spin this into racism made the black dudes do this, but even then, only the most hateful people could latch onto that. This was an honest, caring white guy, who did the right thing. He works, he is not a criminal, he is not in a gang, he is not holding blacks down etc. His job does not even give him health insurance, he is not old money white heir to a fortune. He has allot in common with allot of working lower middle class black people. I would suggest about 10% of blacks could be convinced by jesse and al to shrug and say, hey, thats whay you get for treating us like that. Even though the guy did nothing.

      Probably not worth the blowback.

  • dirtydog1776

    The family was afraid that they would lose a welfare dependent. How tragic that would be. ; > )

    • Sky J Logan

      Yes, it ashamed these people cannot follow the law, cannot improve themselves. However. it alright for them to break the law, and beat a person who took responsibility for his action, and do the right thing. Blaming other for the lack of responsibility, and forcing other to take responsibility for one action is not the action. Yes, I believe the family wants the money they almost lost. what they should do is taking the responsible to educated the boy and create an empower future, and not chain him to a life of dependent .

    • Dexter Randall

      A child was hurt and you type garbage like this!

  • madelefant

    There is a lot of indication this is a racial hate crime but no one in the mass media is covering that angle. Quite a contrast to some of the highly sensationalize cases where the assailants have been white and the victim black.

    • Rick Wearing

      God help us white folks still here and financially stuck.The neighborhood I once loved scares the hell out of me now.From the gunshots and groups of youth walking the streets at night,to the smug ,arrogance as they commandeer the middle of the streets by day, and don’t get on the sidewalks.

      • bebow

        God help all decent residents living in the neighborhoods.

    • javierjuanmanuel

      there are something like 3-4 public beatings where people (black people) attacked innocent white people and yelled this is for trayvon! It was only covered in the towns papers it happened, and small corners of the net. No national or big town papers have any desire to report this happening.

  • Tim Burke

    If you don’t stop and latter get caught your going to jail. if you do stop you may get killed. wow some choice hey. so which one ya gonna do?

    • Dust Buster

      where do you find 20 some adults that are able to assemble a lynch mob in less than a minute during a weekday when most adults are working? i also heard the guy they almost/may have murdered had his wallet taken. my hope is one of the savants that did it will post a video on their facebook page showing off his wallet and bragging how they kicked his head in like a soccer ball.