Warren City Council kills ethics plan to ban nepotism, sexual harassment

Mayor Fouts

Warren City Council narrowly rejected an ethics policy that would have banned nepotism and sexual relationships between city officials and employees on the heels of a hidden video that captured Mayor Fouts in a romantic relationship with his much-younger executive assistant.

The 4-3 vote kills the proposed ordinance, which would have prohibited nepotism, sexual harassment and fraternization among city officials.

Supporters of the ordinance expressed frustration, saying the city missed a golden opportunity to create safeguards against favoritism.  

Last week we first reported about a hidden video that captured Fouts, 71, taking his 25-year-old executive assistant to a hotel in Chicago, where they were seen holding hands on a stroll along Michigan Avenue.

Fouts gave the assistant a 13% raise in December while most employees received cuts in health care benefits.

A second video (below) surfaced earlier this week.

Steve Neavling

Steve Neavling lives and works in Detroit as an investigative journalist. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

  • pat odoyle

    I am thinking no one should be getting raises in public service right now, unless you are very very very special, highly skilled and can save the city, county etc many many times your raise.

    Admin assistants are a dime a dozen. Almost anyone can do that, its entry level work. No raise!

  • Dust Buster

    hey at least the council in warren is honest enough to kill an ethics bill. good to know either they all want the ability to dip their pen in company ink should the need arise. or, they are afraid of mayor skeletor and his wrath should they vote to take away grampas lewinsky doll. he might offer a few grand from his campaign chest to have anyone followed and video taped that had the insane idea to vote for an ethics ordinance. its refreshing to see warren council people standing up in the open vote and saying “we cant be trusted to do the right thing and we will not allow a silly rule to force us to do the right thing”

  • Bob Connely

    Okay, let’s leave hair-weave boy alone for a while. After all, this is simply a matter of math: how many times does 71 go into 25? Remember, the most the Administrative Ass-sistant can charge Hizzoner with is Assault with a dead Weapon.

  • Pay_It_Forward

    Unbelievable, begs the question who is being paid off, sorry , who has received “bonus’s” for exceptional job performances.